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on 28 January 2012
fitted this cable wireless router to the BT outreach modem using BT infinity and it works perfectly on all systems Mac, Linux and Windows very good signal all around the house and about 100m down the street
its best to use the default gateway address of the router to get to the setup page (
once connected it auto updated the firmware the rest was very easy ...
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on 30 November 2013
The signal keeps dropping. It worked fine for a couple of months but now it has to be switched on and off every two hours or so for the signal to reach mobile devices, even if they are in the same room as the router!
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on 18 May 2011
To start registering, the paperwork does not instruct you directly to go onto browser setup page [...] where you setup, register & configure the router. Upon starting up from disc, it is not easy for the info it requests, discovered how to do it simply on browser page & was set up within minutes.
Anyone purchasing this item, please be aware of the setting up procedure & best to use initiative, rather than go by directions included.
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on 26 May 2013
works, but periodically disconnects although that may not be the routers fault - DHCP requires manual configuration to run a local server. wireless is fine.
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on 2 September 2012
Never worked password on the router never matched up with the one on the router itself so lies in my room collecting dust!
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on 30 October 2009
I bought this router having moved house in July 2009 and needed to switch from ADSL to cable. It's worked perfectly since installation. I'm sure other folk who have critisised it in other reviews on this site have been totally frank and honest, and I guess it's all down to personal experience, but mine has been very positive minus one very small niggle...

The good ....

All the following devices, wired (W), wireless (WL), perform faultlessly ...

IBM ThinkCentre S50 (W)
IBM Lenovo T61 (W and WL)
Netgear ReadyNAS Duo (W)
PS3 (WL)
X-BOX 360 (WL)
IBM Thinkpad T40 (WL)
Squeezebox (WL)

My only slight quibble, and certainly the routers ADSL predecessor didn't do this, is that whenever I tweak a setting in the Advanced Wireless Settings, Wirelss Access List options, where you can enable device access by MAC address, the firmware insists on disconnecting and reconnecting. This brings down all devices for a few seconds. The reason I'm in here fairly frequently, is to bump my lazy teenagers off their X-BOX and PS3 and the simplest way when I'm working downstairs and they are upstairs is to slightly change their MAC addresses by one character, and apply the changes, as such, hey presto, they are off! Well from a networked games perspective at least! It would of course be nice to see this issue fixed, or even better, a radio button next to each device to simply enable/disable - and even better still, an option to enable/disable devices via their MAC address at certain times of the day
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on 25 July 2012
i purchased this router so that i can change the stock firmware for third party custom firmware hence improving the performance and coverage by 98% making other routers obsolete and should improve wireless signal by 400-600 feet give or take.

i received the router in two days and was able to modify the firmware everything is now perfect my download speed has now gone up from 5MBPS to 13MBPS and i am now able to watch bbc iplayer without any buffering what so ever. [...]
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on 30 May 2009
I have just bought one of these routers 3 days ago - so admittedly I cannot comment about their longevity.

However I thought that I should write a review as at the time there were only 4 reviews on Amazon about this product - all not very happy with the router & this nearly put me off buying it. However I took a chance thinking that I could return it & I am glad I did! Hence I thought I should even the "review scales" a little...

First off - obviously sorry to hear that it didn't work for others that well but for me it was very useful. I had bought it specifically to get the UPnP feature as I thought that this would help me to get 2 XBOXes with seperate XBOX Live accounts to both have fully OPEN NAT connections. Without this my two boys could not play with their mates online at the same time very well.

Anyway the installation went smoothly - takes a little while but if you follow it to the letter then anyone should be able to do it. Next I connected in a couple of laptops (running Vista) both worked straight away. I also had a desktop with an ethernet connection (XP this time) & that worked no problems as well. Next the two XBOXes - they both connected with a dynamic IP on my LAN & because the UPnP is enabled on the router by default they both immediately worked! This really pleased me & the 2 boys. Finally I have connected in a Playstation 3 with a wireless connection & my work PC can connect to my office using VPN - again no problems.

All of the connections are running WPA2 security (which apparently is very secure - or so they say) & everything is going very well. The router admin page itself is very good - lots of features admittedly - but most of which you do not need to worry about unless you need them for something - as I said all of the above devices worked with no changes to the router configuration. Also for each feature there is the right third of the page that has handy instructions/help - again very useful.

By the way I am a Virgin Media customer - so works well with that ISP.

So for me it really sorted out all my issues - if you look on the web getting 2 XBOXes to work through one router can be a big problem so this is really good.

Hopefully it now works as good as it has for the last 3 days for years to come!

Well I hope that helps some folk...
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on 8 January 2011
I have to start by saying that the original attempt to install this router with the easy to use install disc was a disaster as it said I had a static IP and needed my IP address so I went in through the browser "[...]" and started the set up there where I selected dynamic IP address (basically the router finds the address every time for you).
I then went back with the disc and this time it started and finished the set-up for me after I had given it a push as mentioned above.
Now it works perfectly and is just what the doctor wanted I have created 2 networks via the router because you can also create a Visitor network which only allows access to the net and not your other computers on your network. Meaning that you can change this one after someone visits if you like without effecting your personal set-ups.
You can also make it so that yuor network is not seen by anyone to attach to, until the button on the front of the router is pressed making the network visible for several minutes, this ensure hackers will not spot your network and therefore not "have a go".


NOTE- that with any router it is possible to access the router via a wired connection..This is possible over the net too (not wireless) ([...], etc) so it is important that anyone setting up ANY router of make/model goes into the configuration page and changes the default ADMIN password which depending on your brand is usually PASSWORD and change this as hackers can access this page and create additional networks to your PC. I had a work colleague who was caught this way. Giving them backdoor access to your PC, mail account, etc. Much like default numbers for remote accessing answering machines.
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on 16 May 2010
I bought this to replace an earlier Netgear model which wasn't N rated. Anyway, set up is simple, with full guided instructions. The primary PC is wired, and as such, enjoys the maximum speed. Two other laptops connect to this wireless, and to date, there have been no issues. The router is upstairs, and we have no problems with signal strength. We have the Cable version, not the BT spec model. Security is top notch as well, as I was able to shut out a neighbour who tried to connect. My son also has his iPod Touch connected as well, again with no issues. Making a new connection is simply a case of pressing the "connect" button on the front of the router and allowing your devices to do likewise.
Now I'm no expert at wireless networks, but this was a cinch to set up. As stated, the primary PC is cabled directly into the router, and there are a total of four ports available, plus unlimited wireless connections available. If you truly want to make use of your broadband speed, then connect using the cable option.
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