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on 1 December 2010
There are a lot of arch supports out there to choose from. Some of the features I like best about these particular ones include:

-they're gel, which means they are going to last longer than foam inserts
-they're totally washable
-you can choose the amount of firmness you need (light-medium-firm)
-the gel they're made of "sticks" to the inside of your shoe and stays put! Other brands made of cloth or foam an slip out of place a lot of times

Besides supporting your arch, the gel they're made of also absorbs shock- which can help out your knees too! A great help for a lot of foot ailments, also suggest The 5-Minute Plantar Fasciitis Solution if you suffer from plantar fasciitis.
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on 16 October 2010
3 months ago I missed a stair which resulted in a Lisfranc Fracture to my right foot. Luckily my dislocation was only 2mm and my doctor decided to treat me conservatively (no operation). After 12 weeks of non weight bearing, 6 in a cast I have been told by my doctor that I can gradually start to put weight on my foot again. He suggested getting an arch support. After much research I decided on this product, It arrived this morning. Ive started on the 'medium, blue' insert and have just done 2 laps of my estate with my crutches. Yes it does feel weird at first but at the end I had got use to the sensation. My arch felt totally supported and for the first time since my injury i now believe that I am going to be able to walk again!. I will move up to the 'firm, red' insert soon.
I totally recommend this product and you only need one pair as they can easily transition between shoes/boots etc.
They did not slip when i wore them. I wear a size 7 shoe, bought this larger size and it fits perfectly.

For the money they cost its well worth a try..
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on 28 November 2011
After long hours researching about a number of symptoms including a sore back I began to realise the problem lay at my feet the whole time and that was flat feet I knew my feet were flat but did not realise that this was such a problem.

I am a size 10.5 but used these as they were as big as I could find. They work great and I have seen a massive improvement still using the softest ones but these seem to do the trick definitely feel the difference when you first wear them they help you stand tall and straight. Helped me with posture don't notice it so much now as I wear them so often. At first they can get sore as your feet adjust although it does say in the manual to only wear for 5-10 mins to start with and build up.

Had thought about getting these for years wish I had done so earlier.

Top class don't slide about as very secure in show only problem or rather annoyance is they come out when i take my feet out so need to place them in again and they stick to my insole they lift them to but its worth it.

Dont think twice
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on 26 November 2010
Several reviewers found that the gel sole moves in their shoes, I overcame this by taking the inner sole out of my shoe, fitting the gelsole into place then replace the inner sole on top of it. I now use this method in my golf shoes,it stops the gel moving & is more comfortable too.
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on 27 January 2012
Very good product. I was having physio for a knee problem (patella tendonitis), and as they noticed my foot was a little flat (pronated), they suggested I try some arch supports to correct this and therefore help my knee position too. Having searched through the many different types, the positive reviews on this product lead me to try these ones, and I'm glad I did.

They're well made and the silicon will be a lot tougher and more durable long term than any cloth / fabric ones.

They did take a little getting used to having in your shoes, as they are a little uncomfortable to start with, but it does say to build up from only 10 mins use in the instructions. I'm now wearing them nearly all day on medium firmness (they provide three sets of gel inserts of differing firmness). They can sometimes shift slightly forward in my shoes (around a cm or so), as they are only 3/4 length (to reduce extra thickness at the toes), so this shifts the arch support forward under the foot which can be uncomfortable. I then have to keep reaching into my shoe to pull them back again.

Some reviews said that they can stick to the socks and pull out with your feet, but the instructions say to dust them with talc (only on the top as you want the base to grip inside your shoe), so I didn't find this a problem.

After wearing them for only a few days, I noticed a lot less pain in my knee due to the corrected posture, so am very happy with them and will continue to wear them.
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on 27 June 2010
When I was younger I overpronated very heavily and had many ankle problems as a result. I've now worn orthotic insoles for nearly twenty years and have needed less and less support over time. I started out wearing custom-made orthotics, but now generally wear off-the-shelf insoles. I was having some problems with new running shoes, so tried this product to see if they'd be suitable.

In short, I found them to be verging on useless. The quality of arch support they provide is extremely poor. Rather than cup your heels and arches in a supportive manner, I found undersized bumps in the vicinity of my arches. The softest support is a nice soft bump, the other two are progressively harder and more unpleasant bumps - but none of the three provide anything close to what I'd call support.

I also found the bump to be badly positioned. The distance from heel to bump seemed short when wearing them, so I tried sliding them forward in my shoes. This is hardly ideal, but did improve matters somewhat - I had better positioned bumps in my shoes.

I would not recommend these. A bump does not equate to "arch support".
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on 27 December 2012
I was a little disappointed with these arch supports , the sizes seem a little small .
I ordered a 8-9 being size 8 1/2 ,i should have ordered 10/11.
A good idea with the 3 densities of gel support inserts, but a little difficult to swop being made from silicone.
The problem is holding them in position while you put the shoe on, the tendancy is to push them on into the shoe ,as they grip on to the socks and not the shoe.
I suppose once you had sorted the right size and support you could stick them into the shoe , but your socked foot does not slide over them well ,
I suppose that is why Scholls shops sell and fit the rigid variety.
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on 21 February 2013
I order these in a larger size, as I had read the other bad reviews and thought ok maybe just needed a bigger size. How wrong I was.
My first delivery was of the wrong size anyway which was UK 6-7 and as I suspected too small. So contacted the seller and had them send me the correct size that I originally order but was shock to find they were identical size!!!
This could be another mistake by the seller but I can't see why they would place the wrong size in the wrong packaging so I'm guessing there is no difference in sizes from 6-7 and 8-9 so the product is to fault not the seller.
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on 29 August 2010
They don't seem to fit at all well, and it's more like having a golfball in my shoe than an arch support, and I end up trying to re-adjust them frequently.
Maybe I need to give them one more try to see if there's a way where they work..
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on 7 March 2009
This product gives you option to select betweeen light, medium or firm support. I'm using the firmer support and it's brilliant. I bought other arch supports and the problem is that whenever you step on it, it squashes down due to the gap underneath the arch insole. This one is designed differently and there is no gap at all. should I knew about this one I wouldn't have spent so much money with the other 3 products I bought. Funny about the comment because in my case it doesn't move around...My pain now has drastically decreased because of this support and I am really happy.
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