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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 31 March 2010
This sharpener works extremely well on the standard kitchen knives and scissors that I've used it on. Do not be worried by other reviews saying that large amounts of material are removed from the knife when sharpening it. It's true that the first time you use this sharpener with a knife, a visible amount of material may well be removed if the shape of the knife does not match the shape of the sharpener. However, when using the sharpener again on the knife the amount of material removed is so little that you can hardly see it. On that basis I do not believe that using this sharpener would reduce the lifetime of a knife, and that if the rest of the knife remained in good condition the blade could still remain sharp and usable for many years.

I'm not an expert in knife sharpening, nor somebody who is particularly interested in the business. I find this knife sharpener simple, quick and easy to use -- the result is a sharp knife with minimal effort.
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VINE VOICEon 9 March 2013
Excellent product, keeps the blades you use it on razor sharp, be aware that light pressure gives a better result than heavy pressure when sharpening the blades.
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on 11 March 2009
This added after using the product for a month or more: 13 April 09: I am not saying don't buy this tool; if your knives are really bad it will work fast to get an OK V that seems really sharp. Now you have that V, you need to keep it, that is what a sharpening steel does without grinding or as with this gizzmo cutting loads of metal away. Try this, see how much swarf (metal shavings) are produced with this. It takes little time to loose 1/128th of an inch to a 64th/inch of metal/your blade, that's approx 1mm. Measure your knifes depth. If it is about 1.5 inch you will make it disappear after 64 to 125 sharpenings. Your knife is then knacked. Sharpen your knife every time as one should to keep the edge as the pros do, your knife will be gone pretty soon. lesson, use the right tool for the job at the time. Use this when you haven't kept the edge with a steel, not often if you like your knives. Better still, use a sharpening steel or Taylors Eye Witness Classic Chantry Knife Sharpener on every use and you will have your knives sharp for life and as good as new...original review follows.

I have to agree with the comment others have made that with so many ad like glowing reviews one has to wonder how many are generated by the company marketing this product. Add to that the slagging review for NEW KNIFE SHARPENER [] which is almost certainly the same product, or someone should be getting sued for patent infringement.
OK a product review. I got this today and it uses the same technology that has been around for decades, most likely carbide blades set at an angled `V'. The suction system, again a take from old tech works and is a good redeployment of this idea. This type of product comes into its own when one has a really dull blade when a steel isn't enough and that would require a lot of time using an abrasive system such as ceramic or diamond stones. On the subject of diamonds, they describe the product as having "diamond precision" which without doubt is misleading and an attempt to make the buyer think they are getting a diamond based cutting edge.
This sharpener removes a lot of your blades metal very fast, which if over used will wear your knives out very fast. This system really isn't abrasive, it is a small cutter that cuts a new edge which as any engineer (I am an engineer) will tell you, is by nature rough not razor smooth finish. I found that while it is actually good for resetting the blade angle if used with care, using other sharpeners that are less severe afterwards, resulted in a much better edge that cut rather than tearing; I finished using a V steel system.
If you want to see how to keep knives sharp, watch a pro, a butcher who will sharpen their knife after every cutting session, many times a day. They use a steel, which doesn't remove metal and in effect damage the knife by shortening the knife's life.
Bottom line is use with care and rarely. Best to get something like the Taylors Eye Witness Classic Chantry Knife Sharpener and use it on every use of your knives so that you really never need to use such a drastic method
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on 7 March 2009
Without wanting to just repeat what everyone else has said about this product, it works and more importantly it gets quick results, it has a great little suction-cup attachment feature, and its small and neat. BUT...
I believe this device has its place; when a knife gets so blunt that you can no longer sharpen it with a steel, you can use this gadget to bring the edge back and then hone it with a steel.
Otherwise you will end up with a sharp edge that doesnt last very long.
One minor problem I found with it is that it sometimes tended to make my knives one-sided (sharper on one side than the other), this is not an issue as you can correct it with a steel.
So yes, I would recommend you get this device, but not instead of a sharpening steel, I believe you need both to achieve a perfect result.
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on 4 September 2015
The sharpener is effective at producing a decent edge to your knives, but at a removes so much metal that you will eventually end up with a significantly shallower blade than you started with. I have (stupidly) been using it on my Wusthof Classic Ikon Santoku knife and the blade has been worn down right to the scallops (see photo). If I continue to use this, the Wusthof will be ruined within a few sharpening sessions. I know this would not be an issue for a blade without scallops, but it still butchers your blades micron by micron. If you value your knives there are better solutions on the market.
review image
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on 24 March 2013
Purchased one of these sharpeners and at first the results were brilliant. Knifes stayed sharp for a long time and only needed an occasional blip to keep them tip top. However after a few months all the knife blades are showing signs of a serrated edge where the edge seems to just be poorly sharpened. A year on and I'm buying myself a new set of knives AND sharpener, my knife edge resembles a ploughed field!

Worse off is off the back of my initial impressions of the device I stupidly recommended it to family members, and even got it as a gift for a friend. We are ALL now reporting the same problems. Essentially our knives are ruined!

Now I believe the effects can be limited by lubricating the sharpening stones before each sharpen with say cooking oil. However, my confidence is blighted and I'll be looking to purchase a different sharpener.
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on 9 February 2010
If you value you knives then don't buy this product, it sharpens but each time you pass it over the ceramic tips it takes huge chunks off the blade. It's fine for cheap knives and it does sharpen them but for proper knives get a decent stone and do it properly, the edge will be x10 sharper and last for longer.
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on 30 April 2009
Small and easy to use. I was sick of having blunt kitchen knives so after a bit of research, plumped for this one. I use it more or less every time I use one of my knives now and they have never been sharper. I always used to sharpen my knives on a block, the old fashioned way but i didn't ever get the hang of it and it was too much effort. The only down side for this sharpener is that when sharpening my serrated knives, the unit has come 'unstuck' from the work top and fallen on the floor. The serration seems to cause a bit of instability but that is only a small problem
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on 17 November 2013
I guess I was sucked in by the 1000+ 5 star reviews and bought this as an easy alternative to a a steel. I have to say, hand on heart ... this ruins good knives.

Use it on good quality, ultra sharp knives, and it makes them blunt.

Use it on low quality, cheap steal knives, and it makes them serrated.

Buy a steel, don't get sucked into this POS.
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on 14 January 2009
Brilliant sharpener, best Iv'e ever bought, suction pad keeps it locked on your worktop and sharpens a variety of knives and scissors
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