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on 18 August 2011
This is a quality album of beautifully crafted tracks that encompass a variety of genres and styles, including rock, electronic, ambience and accustic; poetic and beautiful, capturing emotions and taking you to different places. "The Hidden Man" and "Twighlights Last Gleaming" are particularly beautiful. I saw him perform this album live when it first came out and the atmosphere was electric. I also recommend his album "The Garden" and his band Ultravox! when he was the lead vocalist.
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on 16 May 2009
John has been the subject of many re-master reissues and compilations of late, but that does allow occasional fans of his more commercial period to replace their vinyl/cassette with a decent sound quaity CD, made all the more essential with an extra disc that acts like a complete second album! When this originally came out I loved "Endlessly" (the album mix and the original 12" mix) and "Tigers". A lot of the other tracks were growers. The artwork seemed very un-Foxx at the time, all colourful and full-frontal, but the playfullness of some of the tracks was apparent.

This CD double-set includes the standard remaster on disc 1 and a collection of alternatives, b-sides, a lost track and an unknown extended version on the second disc (the one for completists, and the disc I actually prefer). "Tigers" is even longer (:-)) and there are some interesting departures from the style of the main album. As per a previous reviewer, the extended "Endlessly" is nothing like the 12" vinyl I'm glad I hung onto, and not as good (why wasn't that also included, maybe on the end of disc 1?). This was never my favourite Foxx album, but this reissue does offer a greater insight into the creativity surrounding it, and plays like two separate albums, which makes it excellent value for money!
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on 27 September 2008
Weird. We had to make do with vinyl only copies of John's finest 80's solo album until Edsel released the expanded version a few years back.

Now, we're treated to a double-CD deluxe edition which seems to be all the rage.

CD one is "as is", the original album, chock full of great singles: Endlessly, Like A Miracle and my personal favourite from this album "Your Dress", which is a sort of synthpop power ballad with a little of Ron Grainers (or is it Delia Darbyshire's) Dr Who theme thrown in for good measure.

Disc Two is where this album really shines; nice inclusions of b-sides such as the Beatlesque "Annexe" and "The Lifting Sky" and extended versions such as "Endlessly" and (never heard this) "Running Across Thin Ice". Shame there wasn't room for the inclusion of the extended "Like A Miracle", one of John's best 80's singles.

I would say this shows John at the peak of his early-solo powers, tempered slightly on his next (and last) 80's solo effort, "In Mysterious Ways".

Buy it!
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on 3 October 2011
TGS sees Foxx develop his sound further from the thrilling coldness of Metamatic and the beautiful pastoral textures of The Garden. Though not an unqualified success, there is a great deal to enjoy here.

The album boasts a trio of Foxx's greatest songs, 'Your Dress', 'Like a Miracle' and 'Endlessly', each a superb example of the sophisticated love song that few musicians or bands in the 80s could master. There is a real warmth to these songs, and their power remains undiminished after some thirty years.

There is a little too much Beatles-fixation here for my taste (not being a fan of the Fab Four perhaps leaves me at a disadvantage). 'Sitting on the Edge of the World' is about as McCartney as you can get (particularly the harmonies), and it doesn't really feel right given the uniqueness of Foxx's talent to see him so slavishly ape what has gone before.

Elsewhere sees Foxx show Duran Duran how it's really done on 'Running Across Thin Ice With Tigers' and deliver his trademark atmospherics in spades.

The second CD offers a glimpse of how Foxx's aborted album In the Glow might have sounded, but it lacks the 12" mixes of Endlessly and Like A Miracle. The latter in particular builds wonderfully well; both would have been essential additions as further evidence of Foxx's impeccable songcraft.
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on 17 May 2017
This his third solo albumn and yes it's excellent different sound but superb with a psychedelic influence quality stuff this
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on 1 May 2011
Although The Golden Section wasn't as good as Foxx's first 2 solo albums, Metamatic, or The Garden, ideas still flowed thick and fast. Twilight's Last Gleaming is one of his finest songs and Annexe is a brilliant B-side now included in this 2 cd edition. Ghosts On Water, Endlessly, Someone, A Woman On A Stairway, Sitting At The Edge Of The World - all great tracks. Intelligent, ambitious, melodic and with a nod to a future that would eventually include The Stone Roses and The Chemical Brothers, this is a flawed but enjoyable album, strengthened by an impressive second Cd of B-sides, out-takes and previously unreleased songs.
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on 10 October 2008
I've always rated this album highly - not as remote & dispassionate as "Metamatic" or as lush in texture as "The Garden" but demonstrating Foxx's avowed love of Psychedelia and surrealism with maybe some of his best vocal performances ever.
The extras are, in the main, worth having and maybe (I suspect) some of the "early versions" were recorded for the legendary "lost" album (was going to be called "In The Glow" I believe). The only totally "new" track on here ("Shine on Me") is a bit of a mess and therefore disappointing. The extended mix of "Endlessly" on here isn't as good as the one released on the original 12" single.
Overall well worth having for the hardcore Foxx fan but maybe not for the more casual buyer so only four stars.
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on 21 January 2010
I haven't been following John since Ultravox days and was excited to see what he's been up to lately. I found the album interesting and I'm glad I got it, but it was not what I was expecting (or I guess hoping for). I found many of the songs a bit too much like standard pop. There are a few tracks that I really like however and it may yet grow on me.
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on 25 January 2015
Great album
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