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on 16 November 2014
I wasn't allowed to watch these lads when I was a child, something about the total fall of the world as we know it if these boys ever came to town. I did catch up in the 70's and was surprised to hear just how beautiful some of the slow numbers could be. Not sure what I was lead to believe but whatever, I was truly shocked and pleased at what I did find.

So many years later here they are stomping around stage with Martin trying to pin them down to a setlist that they will play and Mick doing a 'Dylan-type-moment' refusing to say. In fact I would have loved a film around that really, it would have been a whole lot of fun.

So here we have a concert, the boys at one of their peaks, (oh to have seen Brussels 72), stomping romping through a fairly diverse set list in the end. I remember in the 1980's, Keith complaining that 'Mick runs around the stage for the first three numbers and tries himself out so much he spends the rest of the concert trying to catch up', well Mick still runs around the stage, and I never noticed a let-up either. They belt out the songs, joke around, have fun, giggle and introduce various 'friends' along the way. Clinton is there, introducing them.

All in all Martin does a great job of putting together a concert that is very enjoyable and more importantly watchable. I remember a producer once saying that one of the hardest things to do is film a live concert and keep it interesting, it just doesn't work. Well here it does. And it works very well indeed.

Sit back and enjoy, it doesn't get much better.
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on 27 July 2013
Always listened to the stones music but wasnt quite sure about purchasing a live dvd until one night i saw this Martain scoresse feature on TV it was already half way through on tv but that didnt matter the absolute power of this show is every second is amazing so no matter which part i'd tuned into it was sold to me. The next day my excited finghers typed onto Amazon and bought this dvd at amazing price and i would tell any rolling stones fan the same buy this now. The stones to watch are like young starter outers and to think they have been at this decades and the energy they bring to this recent show is eletric the guest stars are also amazing no desrespect to christina afuilera or jack white but buddy guy is a legend here he brings his amazing blues tone him and mick are like chocolate and cream one of a all time great purchase worth every £. .
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on 24 September 2011
I like nothing better than I great Rolling Stones gig, but to my ears, this wasn't it by a long shot.

I'm puzzled by the majority of 5 star ratings this is receiving.

Jagger and the rest of the band seem to be performing in two seperate gigs- the singer looks and sounds completely disconected from the band.

There are some odd song choices which don't come off in my opinion.

Generally it comes accross as a lackluster performance. There's no fire.

Its beautifully filmed and the technical quality of the blu ray is great.

Marty muggs for the camera's like a trooper.

But Bigger Bang and Bridges to Babylon represent the modern stones better- both musically sizzling performances, where you can feel immediately that they were "on it".
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on 5 April 2011
As a Stones fan very enjoyable. As you would expect from Scorcese filming of band is excellent especially given Scorcese's difficulties (no set list until last moment etc.). Also majority of songs not the Stones usual concert list, which I liked. Sound quality very good but not up to usual Stones standard although it improves by the time Jack White appears.Jagger's energy very apparent with this intimate filming and as a 67 year old myself, amazing. Charlie must be pushing 70 and puffs out his cheeks after one fast number. Keef must have a constitution like a horse , as usual only Ronnie not up to the rest as a musician ,although to be fair he's not bad , just not as good as Brian Jones or Mick Taylor. Keef seems to have picked up so much off Taylor and Jones and the many others he.s played with he is now quite a star guitarist-could always do without his singing however. Jagger as always is never off pitch, unlike the Beatles occasionally, and most other pop stars on a bad night.
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on 3 March 2014
In a short space of time, it appears that Scorsese gave up trying to make this as a documentary and simply allowed the footage of the specially arranged gig to speak for itself.

Jagger delivers staccato, dispassionate vocals over a tightly rehearsed band. Keef's shambling solo vocal contribution is disguised by the brief return to the documentary style - a bewildering chunk of archive material that bares little relation to the present, more valuable footage of a band straining in different artistic directions.

Can't help thinking this could have been a hard-nosed documentary with some kick-ass live performances, if Scorsese had balanced the piece more evenly.
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on 17 April 2018
The band are great. The endless parade of celebrity hangers on, less so and Scorcese is too practised in his baffling at the band's m/o. Great toons, energetically delivered from their satanic majesties, however.
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on 4 December 2008
A concert of the stones with some guitars a bit "wrong" at times.
But the drums great as drums can be.
The rythm section holds all together leaving some to fool around
Jagger always walking funny...Richards not exactly an opera singer! Only one song dissapear behind comments when Richards sings solo, no wonder...

But when Buddy guy walks on stage you know who's the boss.
It's all worth it then.
Would have loved more of the rehearsals,only a few rushes to be seen,pity..
But in the end I am pleased with it.
Waiting for a documentary a real one...
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on 8 January 2013
Treated myself to this for Xmas. The content, camera work and sound are excellent.
I viewed the disc on a Samsung 55 inch TV with sound provided via an Orbit Sound Bar. Absolutely fantastic.
The music set is varied with classic tracks and a very good mix of rock/blues tracks. The guest artists are good but the Stones quite rightly steal the show. The close up's and inter action between Mick, Ronnie, Charlie, Keith and they with the audience is a joy.
Set in a small theatre, very intimate and at times I felt the concert was taking place in my lounge.
If you like the Stones I cannot recommend this highly enough.
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on 16 December 2010
I bought this concert primarily as a sampler for my new Blu-ray player and as far as visual and sound quality goes, it is absolutely superb! As far as the actual concert is concerned, watching this made me realize yet again why I lost touch with the Rolling Stones so many years ago. Their later-day brand of disco-rock/pop music is such a far cry from the excitement and dynamics of their earlier (circa 1960's-70's) music.The guest appearances are noteworthy, particularly Buddy Guy who gives a stunningly good performance. Four stars out of five. That means that this is a good concert recording but not a great one (any attempt to compare to "The Last Waltz" is completely irrelevant. Two very different kettles of fish).
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on 30 September 2017
As a Rolling Stones fan this footage is a very well put together and superb quality and value, well recommended to a The Stones fan.
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