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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 22 March 2010
Gojira were always one of those bands I'd seen given rave reviews but never checked them out coz I thought it was just hype. To my own detriment and several albums down the line I finally chanced my arm and bought way of the flesh. My God, how amazing is this cd? It's breathtakingly original, the composition of the quite lengthy tracks are awesome. The tracks meander through time changes with ease including an industrial grungy metal sound to cutting edge death metal including blast beats. The slight distortion effect of the vocals and the range from death vocals to almost gentle singing adds to the incredible depth of music to be found from this album. I've been listening to metal for a very long time and these guys were the breath of fresh air that I've been craving. This is not flat-out death metal, this is ultra intelligent song writing and musical structures which transcends its genre. Check this stuff out. Time to buy the back-catalogue
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on 14 April 2011
just thought i'd add my thoughts.....and i want to start by saying this is definitely a five star album.

i read a lot of reviews before buying and i was expecting this to be the heaviest thing since lead was discovered. i'm into a lot of heavy bands, but still like a bit of melody. well truth be told gojira aren't really all that heavy.

great riffs, great intricate guitar work, and great screaming vocals, but most of the time you can still understand the lyrics. fans of decapitated, and other such HEAVY bands may want to look elsewhere.

this album would be right at home with fans of mastodon, and more specifically lamb of god. people into slipknot would also find a lot to like here as well.

very solid album. not too progressive. for my prog metal kicks i'd still turn to opeth or dream theater, (opeth obviously more death and DT more twiddly but both great). the way of all flesh is more lamb of god type progressive, i.e. great guitar work, but no drastic time changes or left-field acoustic breakdowns etc.
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on 5 December 2011
I think the fact that three years after I originally bought, listened to and loved this album, I still love it enough to feel compelled to review it says all you need to know about The Way of All Flesh. The fact is, its an album that stands the test of time, and that you can keep returning to without getting bored.

Whether you are an old or new fan of Gojira, this album is highly imaginative, powerful, raw and charged with anger and emotion from start to finish. It is unmistakably Gojira in style, but continuing to shift and evolve. As you would expect, it is crushingly heavy, almost ridiculously so in places (Adoration for None); but it is also incredibly dark in others (All the Tears, Vacuity), both musically and conceptually clever (Art of Dying) and surprisingly accessible and melodic (for Gojira!) at times (Oroborous). Their sound is exceptionally solid on The Way of all Flesh - it pulls together all the things that were good about each of the previous 3 albums and fleshes it out into a well rounded and well produced fourth album. The Way is characterised by Gojira's trademark esotericism - unusual time signatures, strange rhythmic or percussive passages, often unrelenting heaviness. Where most bands would give you a break from the brutal riffs for a moment, Gojira persist with attacking you aurally and emotionally. That's not to say the album is too heavy - there is more musical variety than in The Link, and its generally more accessible than From Mars to Sirius.

The album is based partially around the main theme from their last album (the destruction of the planet and the environment), as well as exploring the idea of death and the cyclical nature of life and death (Oroborous is a symbol of a repeating life cycle). This produces some pretty powerful songs - Vacuity in particular, but Art of Dying is also incredible. Gojira struggle a little with their lyrics - perhaps because they are not native speakers of English - and they don't really stand up to closer inspection, but the ideas behind them are powerful, and the way they are delivered makes most of the songs very meaningful.

Joseph Duplantier's raw, aggressive vocals are some of the best in metal. There is more variety to his vocal range and more emotion and meaning behind his lyrics than I find in most death metal, and his vocal style is very distinctive. In general, I don't like to think of Gojira as death metal. Perhaps they are, but the rhythmic elements, percussive sections, tempo shifts and unconventional riffs and drumming keep them at arm's length from the conventional death metal scene. In my opinion, Gojira are in a league of their own, and deserve a massive amount more recognition for their very unique style. They are an incredible band in general, but this album stands head and shoulders above their others, and above a large majority of other metal albums. The first three songs are the most accessible and catchy, but the others grow on you and are probably stronger in retrospect. The Art of Dying is perhaps the best, as it shows their distinctive style, and is a very well constructed song, although my favourite is Vacuity for its sheer power.

If you haven't heard Gojira before, do yourself a favour and get this album.
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on 22 March 2016
Their Best album by a country mile I love "From Mars To Sirus" and The Elephant Sabotage but The way of all flesh truly stands head and shoulders about everything else they've put out ! A must have album if you like like their other stuff or just modern metal in general !
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on 7 September 2009
Gojira are one of the most unique bands I have come to know, since the very first song I heard (Ocean Planet) I was blown away and then hooked onto the music. There is not a single song on any of their albums including the demo's which I don't like, I never thought I would be able to find a band and say that about them. I can't say I have a favourite album, that would be too hard. All I can say is, Gojira have pleased me with this album as they have done with each of their previous albums.

They keep the same standards of quality, and enter a new realm of lyrical theme, with the same kind of 'feel' as on their other albums. For me, it seems like their lyrics just talk about life, and the struggles of life, which we, other animals and the world in general face, in a kind of 'sexed up' way. Of course though, there are many ways in which you might interprit the lyrics.

I eagerly await the next Gojira album, and I'll be buying from Amazon no doubt.

Thanks for the great service!
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on 30 October 2008
GOJIRA sounds like a chained animal in agony,like some sort of a angry dragon.great balance of technical metal, death growl,clean singing and super head banging riffs.the music is very unpredictable with lots of tempo changes and great constantly listening to it.
it is for someone who loves a bit of everything and not just one genre.
get itttttttttttttttttt
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on 28 December 2013
As great as ever. Had great expectations for this one, and it met all of them! A band that never fails to surprise me, and that always comes up with new ideas.
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on 15 October 2008
i went out and bought this album the day it was released. considering how mind blowingly awesom "from mars to sirius" was i was expecting big things. Sadly, no. maybe its just me and not wanting to replace their previous album in my car Cd player, but i find it not to contain the full on, ear drum bursting drum beats and spine rattling guitar rifts that mars to sirius had in nearly every song. dont get me wrong, there are some songs i like on the new album, song number 10 actualy blew my car speaker the day i got it!

prospective buyers! do not buy this album if u expect it to be a replica of mars to sirius because you will be disapointed. but buy it and listen to it as if you had never heard them before and appreciate their "constant explosion" style of playing that had made them a great addition to my music collection!
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on 11 November 2008
I'm new to Gojira and can't quite believe how bone crushingly brilliant this album is. Mastodon would appear to be a major influence and that's no bad thing. Fans of Blood Mountain will love this. Gojira are no clone though and stamp their own identity all over your face. From start to finish it's a brutally heavy rib-snapping tour de force.
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on 26 October 2011
An excellent metal album for those who love all things metal. I discovered this band by accident whilst listening to another band on youtube, they are definitely worth checking out
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