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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 27 May 2010
Pretty kettle. I was just fed up of buying new electric kettles each year after they konk out!!!! I had a new really sexy black and silver gas hob installed so decided to get a sexy shiny hob kettle, which I figured would way outlast electric kettles. This Alessi hob kettle is sexy, stylish, costs a fair few £££'s but as I spent a fair few £££'s wasted on kettles that die after a year I figured it was a good investment.
It whistles and has the cutest little bird, everyone who visits comments on how wicked this kettle looks.
Descales well with kettle descaler. The only thing I've noticed is after some time the bottom of the kettle, ie where the little dot/bobble details are (see picture) that has gone a little bit tarnished, it's still silver but a bit tarnished and no amount of polishing/buffing gets it back. Maybe I need to use a metal polish? Not too sure.
To clean the outside of the kettle to keep it extremely shiny so it always has the stunning look, I just wipe it over with a hot damp cloth and buff it up with a soft micro fibre cloth, only takes a minute.
If you're frying on your hob, just move the kettle away to avoid it getting splashed, you can of course wipe it off but prevention is better.
When it boils, blow tyhe steam away as you remove the little bird to avoid fingers getting burned by steam.
Don't leave it boiling too long as the handle will get hot to the touch, due to steam, altho it does cool quickly.
Overall I am very happy with my beautiful kettle.
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on 9 June 2014
The Alessi kettle is so far the best kettle I have ever bought. On my new induction hob (1 month old) it boils so fast you can't do another job while you are waiting and the family love the whistle to tell us it is ready. It is very stylish but also delivers on performance.
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on 5 January 2013
Excellent kettle & beautiful design. The wide bottom makes it extremely efficient when boiling on a gas hob. I tend not to use the bird whistle as it is stiff & awkward to remove when the kettle has boiled - hence the 4 star rating. it would be easier if it had a flip-up design.
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on 16 March 2016
I bought this kettle to use on my wood burning stove. At between £83 and £100, it is very expensive for what it is. There is nothing wrong with the kettle itself except a very stiff lid. You could easily scald your hands in the steam. Needs two hands and a pot holder to open it when hot. I had to return two because the bird whistle was so feeble it could not be heard in another room. The second whistle was even more pathetic. I believe Amazon have now withdrawn it for investigation. I could not recommend this kettle because the bird whistle, though a lovely idea, is so disappointing. There is another German brand on Amazon, made of stainless steel, holding 3 Litres of water which looks just as good, performs well and costs only £20 or less which I can recommend.
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on 10 May 2016
This is a really stylish kettle and an iconic design. Like other reviews, I had an issue with the bird whistle but Amazon were great in replacing it. The first one I received as a present and the whistle did not work. Amazon were quick to refund my account so I could get another without the gift-giver knowing about it. The second one worked fine.

With the first one I think the lid was not sealing properly and the steam was escaping through the lid. Make sure the lid is snapped on firmly - you should hear it click. It is not a loud whistle and I think the level of water in the kettle makes a difference to how loud it is. I find it works best it you don't fill it much above the base of the spout. As to the complaints about it in other reviews - Don't leave it boiling for ages or the whistle will melt. Don't try to remove the whistle while the steam is coming out or you will burn yourself. Do remove the label first - it peels off easily, otherwise it will melt onto the kettle.
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on 18 September 2012
Bought this pricey kettle for my new home . Nice to look at but little else. Stupid design ! You burn your hand on the steam while you struggle to pull spout out ! Wish is bought something else !
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on 21 March 2013
Looks lovely when new. Design flaws - handle can get quite hot. It doesn't always boil properly eventhough it whistles. Bird whistle melted on gas hob. Soon lost its shine. Also quite difficult to clean. I would not recommend this kettle!
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on 28 December 2012
Hubbie had hankered after one for a while purchased at reasonable price, whistle replaced by amazon as faulty, second whistle worked when put in! Boiled kettle without whistler and forgot, kettle boiled dry and the metal lid appears to be plastic! Silver has turned to white plastic lid, realise could have been much worse and my own silly mistake!
Had to buy hubby replacement and I always use whistler now!
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The emitomy of Alessi design and a Michael Graves classic. I have the electric version which has some reliability issues - although not mine. For a gas stove this version is a classic. Elegant and classic. Throughly recommended.
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on 5 March 2016
After owning this kettle for a week and having used it several times a day, I am pleased to report that personally I am very happy with the kettle. I did stall from buying one after reading the mixed reviews on this site, but after a bit of research on the reviews posted on the U.S. Amazon site, which left me feeling more upbeat about my chances of being happy with my purchase, I decided to see for myself. Firstly I should say that we had been living with our stove-top camping kettle for a few weeks after another electric kettle gave up, so I already realised that a stove-top kettle and an electric kettle require different approaches. For example, I cannot leave the room whilst it is boiling on the hob, because I WILL get distracted and forget about it. The bird whistle on the Alessi kettle is no quieter than our camping kettle. The only other whistling kettle I have experience of is my great-grandmother's, which to my memory was louder, but was also 40 years ago. The only time the whistle hasn't worked was when the lid wasn't properly fitted on. Stove-top kettles on gas hobs do take longer to boil than an electric kettle, which has led us to measuring out what we need boiling. The instructions with the kettle state that you must let the steam calm down before you attempt to remove the whistle. Also, it can splutter a bit occasionally when pouring, usually because I am rushing, and my engineer husband says this is caused by the already hot water hitting the hot spout (or something). Like I said, a different approach than that to an electric kettle. If the handle has got too hot on one occassion (and I had this with our trusty camping kettle also), it seemed to be because the hob needed turning down a notch. I think the only minor, petty gripe I have is that the handle gets in the way a bit when I am pouring in my measured-out water from my coffee mug into the top... but you can't have everything!
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