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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Hate Crew Deathroll
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 28 April 2017
Killer album my personal favourite and for my money the best moment of their career .
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on 18 September 2003
Children Of Bodom have surpassed themselves with this album. This is melodic death metal, not black metal as they are sometimes tagged, at it's very best. Even better than In Flames recent releases, the guitar work is nothing short of stunning. The vocals are amazing as well, but it is the music that stands out. The riffs and solos are some of the best I have ever heard. No single track stands out on it's own, every track in a stunner. There are no fillers here, every track is a masterpiece. If you are yet to discover the delights of Bodom and you like metal, you should get this right now. You will not be disapointed. Really stunning.
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on 15 August 2004
The newest release from Childen Of Bodom is probably their strongest to date. It features all the aspects that make CoB such an entertaining and excellent band in the first place, such as the superb mix of Power Metal, Melodic Death and Black Metal vocals that give them such a unique sound, as well as the over-the-top flashy guitar and keyboard pyrotechnics courtesy of Janne Warman and CoB mainman Alexi Laiho, but it also features a harder edge to their sound than ever before. They've never exactly been the most lightweight of Metal bands but on 'Hate Crew Deathroll' the band sound heavier than they ever have done. There's a distinct Pantera influence to the sound nowadays, especially on the songs 'Sixpounder' and apparently deliberately on the title track, which appears to be a Bodomized version of Pantera's 'Rise'. As well as this, the song titles are as brilliant and off-the-wall as ever, with some gems such as 'Bodom Beach Terror' and my personal favourite 'Triple Corpse Hammerblow'. Their tongues may be in their cheeks, but the music is still of the highest order with some massive riffs tailor-made for headbanging, as well as the requisite keyboard and guitar solo frenzy. A simply fantastic Metal album.
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on 2 December 2004
I've been a fan of C.O.B. for a couple of years now, and i can't say i've ever been disapointed what so ever with any album
of their's! In other words, this is one of the best metal albums in exsistance along with their last two predorcesors.
If you've never heard them before think "Maiden meets In Flames" then sped up slightly!!! Needled 24/7 is like a ten minute epic squeezed into 4mins that will get your arm hairs standing on end, Sixpounder is a pure headbanging song, the many awsome riffs in Angels Don't Kill and Triple Corpse hammerblow, and Bodem Beach Terror will grab you by the balls and make a C.O.B. fan out of you!!! A Band with this much skill don't deserve to have their albums downloaded, so do yourself and them a favour and buy either "Hatecrew Deathroll" Follow The Reaper or Hatebreeder, "Somthing Wild" is also very good but doesn't have much of a leg to stand on compared to the next three. Buy em' luv em'worship the awsome-ness!!!!! TRUST ME OR I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN!!!
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on 17 May 2003
A very hard and heavy bodom rings through clear in this album. Whilst still keeping very melodic they manage to take their sound deeper. Right from the first blazing riff and rise with the keyboards, then jumping into the main riff for needled 24/7 you know your in for something special.
The drums in this album definatly make themselves known, whilst on previous albums they seemed to be more in the background for HCD they have brought Jaska's bashings all the way to the front.
After seeing them live I have to say my favourite track from this album is needled 24/7, previously it was lil' bloodred ridin' hood for the gorgeous guitar/keyboard solo that seems to last forever. The title track also doesn't fail to impress.
Overall I would say this is an album of immense quality. It took me a few listens to get into it as it sounds different to previous offerings. However once I got into it I couldn't stop listening. I don't think there is any way in which I can fault it so 5/5 it is.
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on 28 October 2003
There are few albums to which the word 'amazing' could be applied after a single listen, but this is most definitely one of them. At four seconds shy of forty minutes, Children of Bodom's latest album is a short but emphatically not sweet example of real metal. Forget masks, baseball caps and sequinned tracksuits, this is pure metal free of gimmickry. The intricate fretwork that often errs into the realm of hedonism recall the glory days of 80s metal, but thanks to a stellar production job the bass is levelled out to result in a full head-crushing sound. Unafraid to flirt with melody, the five Finns mix the speed of Slayer, the blast beats of Cradle of Filth (thankfully the Children are nowhere near as cheesy) and the lightning-fast solos of Shadow's Fall to create an album that makes you proud to be a metal head. Hate Crew Deathroll - kills nu-metal dead.
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on 25 April 2003
Children Of Bodom rule.
Now, i've got that out of the way, i just got hatecrew deathroll today, and after listening to it over and over again, i can safely say this album is amazing. The guitaring from alex laiho and the other guitarist is breath-taking, with amazing riffs and really cool solos. Unusual from a death metal band, the vocals are also pretty good, but it may take some getting used to.
Stand-out tracks include needled 24/7 and bodom beach terror, but it is all consisently brilliant.
The only complaint is that it only goes on for less than 40 minutes, but the saying 'quality over quantity' is never more true than this. I can't wait to see these guys live.
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on 4 March 2007
I'm a keen metal fan and love these little quotes where you can review bands, but i'm stunned that this album isn't reviewed.
Put simply, this was the second evolution in the sound of children of bodom. Although many existing fans screamed sell out at the band's change for a more riff based sound, it won them countless more and set the stage for more exposure.

This is my favourite album of their's. Every song is stunning and will make you immediately sit up and take notice. [...], are highlights however. I've always been a fan of catchy metal, but if you like melodic death metal you will adore this band. Don't just buy this, buy them all!!!
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VINE VOICEon 2 April 2003
This is fairly different to the other albums in the sense that the guitars are louder, and chunkyer, and the keyboards arent as dominant in their latest effort. At first listen it sounds a bit different, but you can still tell its Children Of Bodom, they have progressed, although i do hope their next album will be a bit more melodic(i'm not saying this album isn't, but i prefer 'follow the reaper' for its fuller use of keys). The album kicks off in true bodom style with 'Needled 24/7' sounding just like something off 'FTR' only with a Gamma Ray style intro and a catchy chorus, where Alexi sings! ( i have to admit i like his vocals on this album alot, aswell as his solos)'Sixpounder' sounds like something Zakk Wylde would do, if he had a keyboard player and played guitar harmonies (this is the weekest track, but still one of my favorites ;)) 'Chokehold' is really really good, very melodic and a kickin keyboard/guitar harmony middle section. 'Bodom beach terror' is great, drum intro and really melodic chorus, with interesting solos. 'Angels dont kill' is a real highlight, its their slowest song, and its possibly the most melodic song they have ever done, a slow grinding riff begins it, along with some really great keyboards and some Maiden influence, very emotional and VERY melodic. 'Tripple corpse hammerblow' is the most melodic song on the album, quite fast and some good harmonies, good vocals. 'You're better off dead' starts with a slayer type intro with some bitter lyrics and serves up a very melodic chorus, also extremly anthemic. 'Lil' blood red ridin' hood' is my favorite (if i can pick one..) great middle section, loads of guitar harmonies and a cool chorus. The album ends with the title track,after Alexi spits out some clever lyrics there is another anthemic chorus, very good to sing along to and very very melodic, although still very heavy. This is not as good as 'FTR' or the mighty 'Hatebreeder' but its really good, its hard to pick a real fav album by CoB, or even a track, this album has everything it is really varied and still heavy, but still melodic power, with blackend vocals (which are getting better) dont miss out!!
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on 4 September 2006
Children of Bodom are an insanely talented band, and that applies to every single member - a fact this album demonstrates superbly. Sounding like no other band, they deftly meld speed, melodic complexity and sheer rocking weight into a musical style that is very original and in my opinion, among the best of the best.

There is not a single bad track on this album.

Needled 24/7 has perhaps the most catchy riff ever and effortlessly slips from it into an amazing solo and back again, with powerful black-metal delivery of lyrics layering on top.

Sixpounder and Angels Don't Kill demonstrate that the band can write and play just as well - if not better - at a much slower pace, the former being powerful and imposing while the latter is deeply atmospheric and lyrically moving.

Chokehold has a refreshingly airy beginning that builds up gently but effectively into a very fast paced contrasting riff. It also has a complex series of chord pattern changes that lead perfectly into the best keyboard solo I have ever heard.

Bodom Beach Terror, the Bodom-Mystery themed song of which at least one is present on every album, starts off quite heavy but slowly brings in the slightly creepy yet uplifting atmosphere which seems to be present in every song of this kind - and most definately won't disappoint.

Triple Corpse Hammerblow, along with Lil' Bloodred Riding Hood, brings an interesting black-comedy type element into the lyrics. Sense of humour is something that is often overlooked in metal, but these two songs show it off as much as they do sheer talent.

You're Better Off Dead is possibly the heaviest one on the album, and after a series of complicated musical techniques on the other tracks it can take a little while to adjust to - but is worth taking some time over; its weight doesn't make it any less brilliant.

Hate Crew Deathroll, the title track and also the last track, is something of an anthem - reflecting the fact that the band (and their fans) often refer to themselves as "the hate crew". It is faced paced, packed with riffs, and a fantastic final track.

Overall, the album is superb and doesn't let up its high standard for a single track. In comparison to the previous albums, it is also heavier and more raw-sounding, and the complex riffs and melodies move away from the very concise themes of their other work to become a little more wild. The music itself is perhaps faster, more complex and even more skilled than their prior albums, and leads well onto their following album.


As much as I rate this album among the best, I do have one reservation. This music is a very specific style), and as talented as it is, it isn't the most accessible music to listeners from outside the heavier metal genres. If considering buying Children of Bodom for the first time, I strongly recommend getting their newer album "Are You Dead Yet?" before any other album by COB.
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