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on 6 September 2016
good little tin nice thing to have in the car
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on 3 August 2012
I've been an avid outdoors person for years, long before I found there was a whole bushcraft culture. During this time I've come into contact with several 'kits' like this. Some are better, some are worse- but anything is better than nothing. I find kits like this are a bit overkill here in the UK where the most realistic survival kit is a mobile phone, £20 note and a mylar blanket!

after looking through the contents of this kit, and attempting to use several components I have to say the contents of this kit are very, very low quality. My breakdown of the kit is as follows:

matches in the kit I had popped when struck on the striker, but would not light!

the fire steel came away from the handle, and the striker is a reshaped table knife blade- it's blunt so is incredibly poor as a striker.

the multitool(swiss army knife style) blade bent while trying to sharpen the supplied pencil!

the sewing kit has 'dress shirt' buttons and are too small to be of any use, while the needle and thread is ok, as are the safety pins.

the whistle is flimsy and as it's in 2 parts could easily break, it's not very loud compared to other products of similar quality

the 1st aid items are acceptable for basic cuts and scrapes, the non sterile cotton wool doubles as a tinder source for spark based ignition from the firesteel if you can strike it successfully

the wire saw is a of decent quality, and performs well if used correctly.

the fishing kit is acceptable, and I have used this successfully

the supplied 'snare' wire is technically illegal to use in Wales & England as it has no free running ability with the snares you could make in this current form but it is serviceable and there is enough to make MAYBE 2 single strand snares

the razor blade is not sterile but was acceptable to clean a small Whiting, though I'd stick this down as singe use only it's not worth the hassle of cleaning ect. The razor is also very delicate and would not stand up to much in the way of cutting.

the tealight candle is a very good, 2 hours burn time+ I attempted to use this to boil water in the kit tin itself but this was unsuccessful (see lid)

the pencil and notepaper were good additions, both can be used for kindling as a secondary use, though once the pencil loses it's point you're on your own (see knife)

the match case is good, and I now use mine to store tinder for fire making

the condom works well enough as a water carrier, tried and tested.

the small button compass works well enough as a directional aid

the salt sachet is a bit of a mystery, I spent time as a junior officer in the Merchant Navy. Even in 50 degree + heat of the engineroom, I didn't need to take supplemental salt due to perspiration....

mirror (lid) is a bit badly though out. there is a rubber gasket to help waterproof the tin when closed, it's easily removable to allow for cooking. unfortunately some bright spark has seen fit to glued a plastic mirror or the lid, totally neglegating it's ability to be used for cooking, or as a cover to help speed up the boiling of water.

all in all this is a pricey collection of trinkets you could source from around the house or inexpensively somewhere like dealextreme.com, I could in no way class this as a basic survival kit from the poor quality of components, let alone 'advanced' as advertised.
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on 5 July 2016
Says it all really useful
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on 13 February 2014
just missing water tables, magnifying glass and different size needles it does come with one needle but only a small one apart from that its very good and you wont find any better on unless you was supplied one by the army lol
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on 20 July 2014
I know nothing about survival kits but my husband LOVED this product. Lovely compact box full of cool goodies.
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on 30 August 2013
could have done with a couple of additional bits; water purification tabs, butterfly satures. the match container had to go... unnescesarily heavy. otherwise very happy with product.
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on 29 January 2013
What a rip off!
Cheep tacky and poorly put together, 72 hours is what you need to prep for,not 72 mins.
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on 31 December 2010
Thankfully, i've never been in a situation where i'd need to survive using only a survival kit.
But it's useful to have, just in case. You could end up on Oceanic 815 from 'Lost'.
Bet they wish they had one of these.

It is quite pricey compared to others on the market.
And vastly more expensive than the home made kits on youtube.
But here you have quality equipment that you can rely on.
I can't imagine the wire saw to be very comfy though.

A welcome addition would be one of those military tin openers and maybe a little morse code guide or something similar.
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on 7 May 2010
Have to say was very disapointed with this kit. The tin is poor in that the lid seal detaches easily making it difficult to get a watertight fit. The contents are very low grade. They will probably do a job if you were stuck but I wouldn't have much confidence in any of them. Was seduced by "advanced" in the title, don't be. Wish I had given this a miss.
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on 18 November 2009
You should have one of these in your car, in your briefcase, and under your bed. Who knows what circumstances will befall us in the next few years, and this kit will hit the anachist/escathologist's hot spot.
I'm very impressed with the quality of the components. I used the wire saw to coppice my pear tree and "knife through butter" seems appropriate. No success so far with the fishing kit or snare but I'm confident that cometh the hour I will be able to fill my boots with wild game. The "Water carrier" is an interesting concept, and the salt sachet feels transient but overall, you have to have one. Or three.
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