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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 8 May 2018
Pleasantly surprised at the build quality, all the buttons and scrolls wheel feel durable and have a satisfying click to them. The battery compartment location also creates a good weight balance when batteries are in place (Batteries aren't included in the box) The battery compartment door fits securely and it houses the wireless dongle which is ideal for travel purposes.

The mouse works on a plug and play basis, simply plug the dongle into a spare USB port, put 2x AA batteries inside the mouse and turn the power slider on located on the underside of the mouse. Within 5 seconds drivers will automatically be installed and the mouse will work. A few things i really like about the mouse are that it has a DPI button so you can increase/decrease the sensitivity on the fly and that it has two dedicated buttons on the side for gaming. Oh yes, you read that right.... this is a fully capable wireless gaming mouse, just without the bells and whistles such as RGB lighting etc.

I also like the energy saving features, so after several seconds if inaction it instantly drops to a semi-low power state, don't worry though as it instantly responds should you move or click the mouse (seriously you wouldn't know) It has has a sleep mode where by the mouse goes into hibernation if inactive after several minutes, simply double clicking the mouse will instantly wake it up with zero lag. It's worth noting that the mouse is shaped for a right handed person.Other things worth noting are that it has a grippy thumb rest, the top is glossy smooth and there is a low battery warning LED on the top which also doubles as the DPI indicator.

VERDICT: For the money i love this mouse, it is well constructed and glad i went for a wireless one in the end (the lack of wires and claimed 12 months of battery life are a big winner for me). It does make me question how some companies can charge 10x as much for mice that don't do much else. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
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on 7 March 2018
An excellent mouse. This is actually the second one that I have bought, the first one I am using right now with my PC, which I am sitting in front of to write this review. I wanted a second one to use with my laptop. Although many people may buy this mouse to use with a laptop/on the go, it is great to use on the desktop, it is NOT lightweight, tiny, cheaply built. IT IS high quality, accurate, energy efficient, reliable (I have been using the first one for several years).

Build quality is excellent and looks really good too. Let’s face it, looks are important. The scroll wheel and button I use all the time, the side buttons allow useful browsing functionality front button for forward, rear button for backwards in your browser – I use these functions loads, very handy.

Y’know there are lots and lots of mice available, all kinds of prices, all colours, shapes and sizes. I honestly couldn’t recommend any other than this for straightforward functionality. Love it.
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on 26 July 2017
What an amazing product and so easy to use as well. I was also very pleased it came in purple, my favourite colour!! Basically, I took it out the wonderful packaging, ideal for its size, no waste which is what I love. Then inserted a AA battery into the compartment needed and removed the item I had to insert into my laptop and wait for it to register with my laptop. Then away we go I was able to use the wireless mouse. Brilliant for the price and so much easier than having to mess around with wires and I can just pop it into my laptop bag when I am travelling. Especially, as I get fed up of using the laptop mouse pad, I don't know about you!!. Hurts my fingers after a while, you just can't beat the feel of a good old mouse and even better if its wireless. long live the mouse... Thanks Tecknet... Oh yes forgot to mention the 2 year free warranty you get with all their products. Buy one you will not regret it.
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on 20 August 2016
Stunning 5 button mouse for the price. Superbly light, extremely comfortable in the hand, works on every surface I've tried it on. Leg, duvet, sofa arm, carpet, cat's belly, (don't ask)!! and desk. I couldn't be happier. Response is perfect, very nice feel to the "click" of the left and right buttons, scroll wheel is not smooth but has that lovely "ratchet" feel which gives you total control over your scrolling. Forward and back side buttons work a treat in Firefox, (unlike some more expensive mice I've had).
It's an in-between size. Certainly NOT a mini-mouse as some people have said. My hands are quite large, but I find this fits me perfectly. Nicely textured sides, smooth top surfaces. USB nano receiver is very discreet, and I just leave it my laptop. The mouse automatically starts to power down after 10 minutes of inactivity, but a simple click wakes it instantly. And just in case you are wondering, it works perfectly on Windows 8 too.

After 2 days use, I rate this as the best mouse I've ever used and would recommend it to anyone. Fab bit of kit at a total bargain price. What more could you ask for?


Since buying this mouse in February, I've used it every day for between 3 and 6 hours. It's now April 14th, and I've just had to change the battery. I'm only using a standard rechargable battery, so I'm mightily impressed. Just swapped it for a freshly charged one - great. Superb product.

2nd Update

Just ordered another for my desktop PC. I can't find any fault with this mouse at all.
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on 31 July 2017
Great mouse. I have a similar one also from tecknet and I was pleased with it. This one is no different. It works really well and has just the right amount of buttons for every day use. The Back and Forward buttons are very handy when browsing the net and the dpi adjust button is very helpful to switch speed. All in all, i do recommend this mouse and there is no point on spending your money on a famous branded one as they don't really do much more (Unless you need a gamer mouse). It feels very comfortable to use. My only criticism to tecknet is that perhaps there should be a way that allows you to connect the mouse to an existing receiver (Maybe the option already exists) as I also have a tecknet wireless keyboard and would be nice to use one receiver for both.
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on 23 July 2017
This review contains the experiences that I had with the TeckNet Classic M002 Nano Wireless Mouse.

To begin with, I ordered the prime version which got delivered the same day, which I was very happy about. The packaging is minimal and perfect, inside is just the mouse, warranty card and instructions manual (although a battery included for the mouse would have been nice). The one thing that I noticed and is basically why I gave this product 4 stars and not 5, is the weirdly distributed weight of the mouse after you insert a AA battery. The mouse becomes unevenly weighted to the right, and since it has a nice matte finish it does slip a bit out of my hand when I am using it (when I move my hand up). Otherwise as a whole, for the given price the mouse is doing what it is (you get what you pay for maybe even more). The design and ergonomics feel amazing, the matte finish gives it this a bit higher end mouse feel (excluding the unevenly distributed weight after installing the AA battery). The thumb rest "cutout" is amazing and is textured which again gives it a nice touch and feel. The side thumb buttons (back and front) are positioned perfectly and the front button has texture on it for easier indication of which button you are pressing. The scroll wheel feels perfect and seems nice and smooth (I do hope it will not start skipping or reverse scrolling after a couple of months of intended use, but based on other mice that I have from TeckNet that was never the case). Overall the mouse is worth it, if you need a cheap wireless mouse that does it job (performing daily, office, home tasks). I do recommend it over other cheaper mice, because I have had experience with cheaper and unknown brands, and it wasn't the best one.

P.S I do not recommend this mouse if your intentions are to use it for intensive gaming sessions and mostly competitive gaming. It will do the job for non competitive and a bit more casual games that do not require a perfect high end mouse.
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on 16 August 2017
Having dropped my old Logitech mouse I needed a replacement asap. After searching various brands/models I decided on the Tecknet Classic Wireless Mouse M002. Price was the main factor, also, with over 4,900 positive 5 star reviews I was convinced this was the mouse for me....and I wasn't wrong.

My previous mouse was a simple 2-button + scroll will model. However, this mouse has SIX buttons! It features 2 buttons on the side that allow users to go back a page or forward...what a godsend! Makes browsing the net so much more "efficient"...no more going to the browser buttons themselves to go back/forward a page.

The look and feel of the mouse is of pure quality, I was surprised it cost so little...I would have easily paid twice the price! The mouse fits very nicely in my hand. It also features adjustable Dpi settings to suit individual needs.One single battery should give 18 mths use...there is a battery life indicator light to let you know when the battery will need replacing. The little receiver can be stored away under the battery cover.

Having used this mouse for over a week I can only say I'm totally delighted with my purchase. A great value wireless mouse for such a small outlay.
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on 8 November 2015
I've been using this for 6 months and it's still using the same battery. It's smooth with responsive buttons and scrolling wheel. The buttons did seem to click loudly at first but I don't notice it now. The USB connector is tiny and small enough to leave in my laptop at all times even when it's being transported around in it's case. It also works perfectly with my Android TV box and is so much easier to use than the remote. The build is decent (not quite the standard you get with a £30 Logitech mouse) but more than good enough for home use. All things considered, it's a bargain.
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on 23 April 2016
This wireless mouse was exactly what I was looking for. It's easy to handle and fits comfortably into my large hands. For those with a smaller grip, this mouse would work well, too. Its curvy shape would rest snugly in your palm.

Even though many reviews have been written about this mouse already, I felt that I needed to add some clarification and also to ask a question.

The product description and the short instruction manual state clearly that this mouse only works through Windows 8.1. For a few pounds, I thought it was worth trying with Windows 10. I'm happy to report that it works well with that operating system, too. The manufacturers do themselves a disservice by failing to point this out.

My query has to do with the button on the left rear. In the picture, it looks like there is only one orange button. In fact, there are two. The front one lets you turn the mouse on or off depending upon whether it has been sitting unused for awhile or you're expecting leave it on, but not use it. I haven't figured out what the back button is for. No function is gained or lost by pressing it, and in the instruction manual it is simply referred to as "Backward Button". If anyone does know what this does, perhaps he / she can highlight that in another review.

I should mention in closing that the little USB Nano Receiver fits neatly inside the mouse itself next to the battery when you're not using it. This makes moving your computer much simpler.
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on 14 April 2018
Up until now I have always used mice from the same very well known manufacturer. They have been fine, but always give up the ghost at some stage, and given the expensive cost of these I think that they should last much longer;

My wife suggested that I try this TeckNet and so I ordered one, and I have to say that it is the best mouse I have ever owned. It fits in the hand perfectly and does all the mousy things it should, and it does them perfectly. One of the things I particularly like is how it goes to sleep after a few minutes of not being used, and starts up again at the touch of any or the buttons. It's just a joy to use. I would recommend this mouse to anyone without reservation. How TeckNet can produce a mouse of this quality for the price they do is just beyond me.
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