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on 3 August 2017
Not their best album in my view but still good. Product arrived in good time with no issues
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on 13 January 2011
A few things we can count on in the rock world; Steven Tyler never ages, Axl Rose and Slash will never make it up, and Backyard Babies will release consistenty great albums. Since they burst onto the scene with "Total 13", a genuine punk rock classic which rivals Guns N' Roses sneering 1987 debut "Appetite For Destruction", Backyard Babies have moved on to become one of the most loved rockers on the planet thanks to their never-changing line up and sheer quality of their LP's.

The band have not released a bad album, period. And that doesn't change here.

This LP sees the band get back to their classic raw sound once more and it won't take long to realize just how much you have missed this band in the two year wait - in fact the moment you hear Nicke Borg's classic raspy tones hit the chorus of the opening track they'll become your new favourite rock band. Backyard Babies are truly infectious, simply because they live it, it's all real.

The band's previous LP, 2006's "People..." suffered somewhat in the shape of having amazingly catchy tracks which seemed to have awesome chorus but not a strong verse (or vice versa) and this trend hampers the second song on this LP, "Degenerated". The verse work is truly among BB's greatest and Borg's voice is absolutely perfect however the chorus lets an otherwise top rocker down.

The instant punk classic "Drool" sits amongs Backyard Babies' already glowing back catalogue and will instantly remind you just how important Backyard Babies are to a rock scene which is genuinely missing any real rockstars currently. This track is tied as the standout track on a very good, solid album by the terrific Nomadic and Saved By The Bell which we will cover in just a minute.

This LP shows Babies' as a band who have comfortably evolved their sound and never took the easy route of changing their style in an attempt to 'make it big'. The catchy numbers which littered their previous album have carried over to this LP and sit neatly alongside the trademark punk sleaze making for a fantastic overall record. Songs such as "Abandon" contrast nicely to the furious "Voodoo Love Bow" (a track which, incidentally, features one of Nicke Borg's trademark "UH" moments prior to a guitar riff - the stuff of rock legend).

The band are known as the last great rockstars simply because they live it, it's all laid out exactly as they play it out and the don't try to please anybody. When Nicke Borg delivers the furious last verse of "The Ship" you know he means every single word, which is very refreshing in a watered down rock world.

One of the album's undeniable highlights, and possibly a candidate for the bands greatest ever track, is the epic "Nomadic". This song sees Nicke Borg and Dregen hit their peak, and BB fans know when this happens great things occur. "Nomadic" is easily the best rocker of 2008 and quite how it went unnoticed by the mainstream is a mystery.

As the album draws to a close it suffers a little from the quality of the tracks which have featured so far, with three tracks following "Nomadic" unable to hit the heights of the album's other tracks and just when you think it's peaked they hit us with a fantastic acoustic number (yes, acoustic) "Saved By The Bell", a sombre tune sang solo by Borg.

All in all this album is tremendous, a real treat for rock fans and another stamp on the Backyard Babies credibility rating among rock circles. It remains an absolute crime that this band are not bloated millionaire's cruising the 'Strip, because that's where they fully deserve to be. However it perhaps serves to make them "even more cool" that they haven't been taken over by the mainstream and have never changed their sound in an attempt to do so.

Backyard Babies are consistently great, they have never had a bad album and this is among their best LP's to date. The last great rock n' roll band, ENJOY THEM!
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on 17 September 2008
Picked this album up when I saw them play In the Garage, Glasgow, 5th Sept 2008. If you havn't been to see them - GO SEE ASAP! This Is the type of band that should be headlining major music festivals. Real music fans should unite, stick two fingers up to T In the park etc! Go and watch brilliant, honest rock bands like the Backyard Babies for £11 and prepare to be blown away! The new album Is excellent, go buy!
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on 15 September 2008
Arguably their most consistently excellent release since Total 13, though they've never done a bad album, just one or two that maybe aren't quite as brilliant as the others. Sweden's finest and certainly most enduring band with an unchanged lineup going back over a decade now despite not achieving the large scale success they deserve, but as we all know there's no justice in the music biz.

I picked this CD up at the band's recent gig at Barfly in London and they pulled much of the set from the new album. While I'd never advocate dropping such classics as UFO Romeo, accommodating the new songs proved a wise move as FOAD, Degenerated, Idiots, Nomadic, and especially Come Undone are all superb. The latter is the pick of the bunch on this album -- catchy and uptempo and kickass, vintage Babies. Nicke even emerged for the encore to play his solo Saved By The Bell, featuring a lilting melody that makes the song work despite being a departure from the norm.

Dregen sings more lead on this album than on previous ones, but that's no bad thing as it mixes it up more with Nicke's trademark excellent raspy voice (he's never sounded more like Social Distortion's Mike Ness than on Back On The Juice, by the way).

While a few of the songs aren't quite as immediate as the aforementioned ones, this album is a real grower and I found that a few spins of the whole thing while out and about in my car had me rapidly grooving to it all. There really isn't a bum track on it, although honourable mention must go to Zoe Is A Weirdo for the Ramonesy title alone. It's also another fine burst of Babies punk 'n' roll.

Backyard Babies produce consistently great albums and are a top live band. Long may they continue.
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on 6 January 2011
I'm not sure why I've not come across this band before...in fact I'm amazed. Thought I'd give them a try after listening to some Tyla (Dogs D'amour) tracks with one of the BYB members & was blown away by the raw, catchy, punky rock sound. If you like your rock dirty & sleazy or you are a Hanoi Rocks/Michael Monroe fan give these a try.
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on 10 September 2008
Another album release from a great band that have never quite reached the dizzy height they should have.
From start to finish this is pure trash rock at its best. An album I can strongly reccommend. If you get chance see them live...superb.
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on 18 August 2008
i know most people will compare this new record (and every other) to total-13 and i can see why, id say this new album is kinda like a combination of everything they have done, and sits well next to "people like people" etc, is it total-13 part2, urm, no, and i dont want it to be, if i want a band to keep making the same cd over and over again id buy ac/dc instead......
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