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on 26 January 2011
So if you want to play your own music thru your car speakers, and you want the bluetooth on your phone to connect and come out of the speakers as well, and you still need another cigar lighter socket to power your Satnav, then this piece of kit will do it all!

It looks as if the SD card sticks out of the side in the photo but don't worry, they just did that to demonstrate the concept, it doesn't stick out at all, so there's nothing to get broken off.

The only improvement I can think of would be to supply some kind of velcro based strap for the remote control, so you could fasten it to the steering wheel for convenience when selecting music and so on. Its not essential because you can do most of the controls you need from the cigar lighter part, but hey, I'm just trying to be helpful :-)
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on 8 June 2011
After reading various reviews I decided to take a chance with this product. Many friends had expressed their concerns regarding the quality and reception with FM Transmitters that they had tried and I am very pleased to say that the "Satechi Soundfly BT Ultimate Bluetooth Car Fm Transmitter" didn't suffer from any of these problems. Sound quality is as good as anyone could hope to expect for this type of device and so far i have had no issues with interference affecting the signal. Just a small amount of time spent setting up the levels properly will ensure you get a good signal to noise ratio allowing for generally very low background noise experience. A previous reviewer expresses concerns over build quality particularly the LED display which I have to agree with, but for me this product has all the quality where it counts and offers a fantastic range of features at a great price...
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on 8 May 2014
A multi function device that combines a USB charger with FM transmitter to paly audio from either bluetooth, SD-card mp3 or audio-jack sources. I have used it's bluetooth with 3 models of iPhone and a DELL laptop. Music playback works brilliantly, with better sound quality than other FM transmitters. Changing the FM frequency to avoid a noisy local radio station is rarely needed. Also integrates a bluetooth telephone hands-free, but for the phone part, audio quality is only average. Even though it has an external mic, that you place close to your head, people you call will hear lots of road noise at motorway speeds. I guess this is becasue there is no fancy noise-cancellation (like you get in original manufacturer car kits), and becasue my Ford Focus is less refined than a Mercedes :-).
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on 20 December 2010
I bought this for two reasons:

1. To stream audio from my mobile phone to the car radio via FM.
2. To play music stored on a SD Memory card

My first impression of the device left me a little underwhelmed. The filter over the LED display came of as I was peeling off the sticker (which incidentally does not use any adhesive) attached to it. The device looks rather cheap and plasticky and less impressive than portrayed on screen.

On the positive side, it did seem to sit in the cigarette lighter socked without any trouble. It also paired successfully with my Samsung mobile phone and worked fine with my the radio. It also played music from memory cards but in this respect it does have limitations, but basically "it does what it says on the tin".

The crude LED display by todays standards, shows only 4 or 5 digits and makes it fiddly, although not impossible, to navigate folders on the memory card. The device is also limited to reading a maximum of 20 folders. It made a complete hash trying to find anything in sub-folders (yes I did try to follow the instructions in the manual) with some folders not coming up at all, while in others, it did not appear to find all of my stored mp3 tracks. So long as you have a small number of folders and not too many tracks it seems to work Ok.

Sound quality is reasonable in that there is not much noise or hiss, but is otherwise uninspiring.
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on 14 September 2012
Have only had this item a couple of days but it's been excellent so far.

Had to do a lot of looking around as my porsche boxster has a fibre optic bus sytstem with bose speakers which makes it very difficult to upgrade the head unit or do anything at all really. So that leaves me with plug-in adapters which are notoriously weak.

The soundfly gets around the problem and it's really opened up the potential of my sound system - bluetooth streamed music from ipod to FM radio sounds better than the inbuilt CD changer! I'm a sound purist but have been very impressed with the sound havng tweaked the settings.. crystal clear and no hiss at the top end which was a problem with my old plug-in transmitter. very strong signal so no interference either. Very easy to get working for each drive.. i just leave the soundfly plugged-in, turn it on and then press play in my ipod touch and it remembers the last connection. NB: RDS only works when using an SD card.

Haven't used the phone functionality but less interested in this as I'm rarely on the phone as phone calls are annoying!

Excellent item so far, arrived in 2 days, hope the build quality stands the test of time. The sliding panel looks a bit temperamental... otherwise, these guys know what they're doing.
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on 17 October 2013
Works incredibly well, definitely better than expected for a device in this price range.
Phones connect flawlessly, signal is sent to the radio, sound quality is good both for the call and for the microphone.
Phone number of the caller is shown on the radio dispiay, as is the title of the song if read from the SD card
SD card is easy to put in/out
Takes very little space in the car, one thing I was worried about. Pictures on the site make it look bigger than it actually is.
Also, since it uses A2DP, it allows you to redirect all the sound output from your phone, in stereo, to the car system, including all the music you have on the phone,, spotify, etc.
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on 22 November 2013
After reading several online suggestions for replacing a factory fitted radio with a Bluetooth head unit and the chance that it could mess up the steering wheel connections I fought shy and went for this option. I am not a car tecchy so was not confident in fiddling with audio/power connections. This transmitter does the job adequately. Ok, so it isn't the most solid of products but you wouldn't expect to rough handle it. The sound quality is excellent and you have the options of playing tracks from an SD card slotted into the side of the transmitter or from your phone via BT. The manual is a bit sparse but once set up it does the job pefectly well. I found that having a couple of spare FM slots programmed on the transmitter and the radio solved the problem of interference when you are travelling to a new broadcast area.

As I planned beforehand where I wanted to position the transmitter for safety reasons, I have also included pointers from a previously written review below of what I included in the set up:

I needed to position a Bestek cigarette socket adaptor and Satechi Soundfly Bluetooth FM Transmitter on the right hand side of the dashboard of my Citroen Xsara Picasso for my phone to connect to the factory fitted radio. The centrally and low-level factory fitted cigarette lighter socket was not in an ideal location to operate the transmitter safely. As the socket adaptor lead would not reach through the dashboard to the socket I needed an extension lead. With a bit of awkward routing I was able to run an extension lead through the back of the dashboard to the fuse box panel. A hole in the top of the dashboard under a rubber mat, made by the previous owner allowed me to run the socket adapter lead down through to join with the extension. Fiddly job but works well.
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on 5 December 2013
I have a very good radio in my Volvo V70 but wanted Bluetooth for streaming music and hands-free calls. I didn't want to swap to a Bluetooth radio as UI have in the past so I tried a number of Bluetooth FM transmitters. None of them were any good. Admittedly, the were quite cheap but they simply didn't provide a solid platform and were subject to a lot of interference. One option was to wire a Bluetooth transmitter directly into the radio but this would cost around £165.

The Satechi Soundfly BT Ultimate does the job brilliantly! It pairs with my Samsung Galaxy S$ immediately I turn the engine on and I performed a simple installation of the microphone (included in the pack) which is clamped to the sun visor. Mobile calls are first class also. It really is excellent.

The only small issue I have at the moment is that the remote control doesn't seem to work all the time, but that could be down to me as I haven't really investigated it yet.
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on 5 April 2012
Purchased the item following substantial reviews of alternatives on the market and for 2 main reasons:
1. play my favourite tunes from an SD card or mp3 player in my Jeep which only has a radio cassette player installed;
2. enable my mobile to work handsfree via bluetooth.
In all respects it does the job really well the quality through the FM transmitter is excellent with no audible interference.
For the money it saved me buying and installing an aftermarket player and saved me a fortune.
I would recommend it to anyone even doubters who have tried FM transmitters before, you will be pleasantly surprised.
If there is one drawback, finding a particular folder or album can be a bit of a pain if you don't know however as my radio cassette has buit in RDS it displays the song track and artist on the radio cassette screen. The remote makes it much easier for searching through folders and files.
Highly recommended and I continue to be really pleased with the product.
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on 17 November 2012
I tried a cheap and cheerful bluetooth FM streamer (£11) but it didn't stream music from my phone. THis one does. It also comes with mic that you can position on the steering column to give much improved speech pickup during phone calls. Finally the FM transmitter just works. It is sufficiently powerful that it can block out even major national FM stations if you happen to pick a clashing frequency. Most impressive. FM sounds quality is acceptable - its not "hifi" but its reasonably good. Finally - the USB output 5v@1A which is good enough to charge my phone even when my phone GPS and screen are on. Overall pretty happy. Its expensive - but it does work. (I haven't tried the SD card reader - as all my stuff is on my phone.)

Why not 5*? - well it feels a bit plasticky - so I don't know how robust it really is.(I've only had it a few days)
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