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VINE VOICEon 9 June 2014
A steroid treatment I am on has sent my blood pressure up. My GP monitored it but suggested buying a home monitor. I said I had a wrist monitor but he said they were rubbish.

My first choice was a Kinetik monitor but that was hopelessly inaccurate. This second choice was spot on. It has a number of useful features, such as two users (a slide, top right, selects the user) and an enormous store of readings, which can also be transferred to your computer. You can view averages at different times of day (blood pressure varies according to time of day anyway).

One feature I like is the multiple reading facility. My GP said to take two readings with an interval between them, morning and evening. This goes one step further by allowing you to have three readings taken one after another with a gap in between. You have to leave a gap for your blood vessels to recover.

The only fault I have found in the software (which also works with my Omron pedometer) is that if you change or restore your PC, it doesn't give an easy way to backup and restore your readings. You are in danger of losing all of them.

Despite this, the M10-1T gets the thumbs-up from me.
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on 19 July 2014
Solid, well made and its clinical verification means the GP is satisfied that what I tell her is accurate.

I bought it because of its connectivity with Laptop etc and the supplied software that can record all results, and that I couldn't believe the cheap pharmacy monitor I already owned.

Word of warning though, as far as I can tell the included software is supported up to Windows 7 for MS users. That's not really good enough is it........

Come on Omron...most people on newer hardware are likely to be on Windows 8...and the way things are going not even on Windows these days....better software compatibility needed ---- SOON!!!

Minus 2 for poor effort at software....leaving it an expensive standalone monitor for those that cannot match Omrons IT requirements.
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on 4 September 2017
This product is supposed to be top of the range. The instruction manual is APPALLING. The memory label is nowhere near the memory button. It has a CD for loading data onto your computer but Mac Books stopped using CDs years ago and I can find nowhere on the internet to download software for use with OS. I would not buy this until they have sorted things out a lot better
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on 29 April 2013
First impressions are very good. Came quickly as promised (usual good Amazon service)

Pros -

lots of features
PC link very useful - ability to print out and take readings to GP very handy
Absolute bargain at £34.95 which is what I paid for it on Amazon. This is over £110 pounds currently on Boots web site

Cons -

The cuff is a bit a bit of a fiddle to fit tightly enough, but it just requires a bit of practice
The supplied manual looks overwhelming but this is because it includes a multitude of other languages. You can simply download an English only version from Omron's website and just save it on your PC.

Overall -

Very happy, good machine for anybody who wants something more than just a basic model and at the price it is currently (24th - April 2013) it is astonishingly good value.

Will update as it gets more use.

UPDATE - well only after a couple of weeks use I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the cuff set up. At first with a bit of practice I found the cuff was fine but now I am only only able to apply it successfully about 25% of the time. Most times result in an error message and the cuff not inflating fully. It is therefore on it's way back to Amazon and has been replaced with the Beurer modelBeurer BM58 High End Design Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

This does allow two users and PC downloads just like the Omron but does not have the infuriating 'comfort' cuff.
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on 4 April 2014
I purchased this item from Amazon as it was under half the price of the same model in Boots. It arrived and was ready to go in a few seconds. Turning it on you have to set the year, day, month then time before you can use it and each time you change the batteries.

I plugged in the cuff, placed exactly where it said and clicked the O/I Start button. The first few times it was great without any issues and I tried the memory function (see below) and a little while later the cuff stopped inflating with a large E on the display. Moving the cuff around a little stopped the E from appearing but every now and again the E still appears then I have to turn it off and on again.

One part of the cuff is hard and difficult to curl and with the velcro undeneath your arm it can be difficult to get ahold of.

The item comes with a software disc but I had already gone to the manufacturers website and downloaded version 1.6. On the website it says for Windows 7 max whereas I have Windows 8.1 so was wondering if I could install it and fortunately I could. During the install it asked if I wish to install Dot Net Framework 1.1 and I said no. Why? .NET Framework 1.1 is incompatible with my version of Windows and was released at the same time as Visual Studio 2003 (programming software). After the installation the software still worked so I connected the USB to the device and to my computer, downloaded the information for person 1 and exported as a PDF.

After a few days of using it I had a doctors appointment, took the BP, downloaded via the software, created the PDF and printed it. As soon as I walked into my doctors office I saw that he has the exact same model (M10 - IT) as I have, gave him the printout and he was over the moon I was so prepared. I asked his opinion on the device and he said he really likes it so even has the doctors stamp of approval too.

The only downside to this item is the crap carry case it comes with. It's just about wide enough for the cuff and the device and in the pocket of this case is where there is the diary, CD and destructions. That destruction manual weighs more than the device and contains over 370 pages because of the number of languages it covers.
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on 28 January 2015
An excellent blood pressure monitor that I and my wife use every day. The quality of materials is excellent and the display is very easy to read. The monitor can take 3 readings approximately 1 minute apart and average these, which is how we use it. The arm band is quite long and should fit anyone. There are many features like the recording of two users and a guest function, but we just use it in its basic mode and keep our own written record for each day. My wife is a doctor and has her own pump up glass tube monitor, but she finds this electronic one quite accurate, consistent in its readings, and so easy to use that she uses this electronic one now in preference. We have no hesitation in recommending this blood pressure monitor for daily use.
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on 6 July 2013
I was worried in case my older Omron ( 7 years old) had drifted out of specification.
Turns out it had not, at least the new one agrees with the old, within 2mm. Hg., which speaks a lot for their electronics.
I hate messing around while the machine tries to work out how much to inflate the cuff, so I have always just kept my finger on the button till it reached a reliable setting.
Problem is, with this new one, if you take your finger off the button, it aborts the reading. And the spring on the button is quite strong. It happens a lot.
I think it takes readings more quickly than my old one, which is a plus.
The cuff is difficult to pull tight with one hand, so I keep it permanently stuck together on the velcro. I work it over my elbow joint, and clench my elbow until the machine is happy to see back-pressure from the cuff. Otherwise it aborts the reading. The old one would not bother about back-pressure providing you kept your finger on the button.

I like to take a series of readings, after sitting down, to see how quickly the BP drops. I thnk this machine would like you to sit quietly for 3 minutes with your eyes shut, then take just a single reading that is a minimum and which it stores in its memory.

I like to graph my BP, especially as I try out new exercise regimes, since that seems to be the only way to reliably work out if a new regime lowers BP. From my reading, the longer I can keep my BP down, the more the endothelium lining in my arteries will recover through its normal repair mechanisms (provided my diet is good).

This machine will dump to a computer file, but I am not sure if that file will interface up to Microsoft Excel. Maybe someone else has successfully done this.
In any case, Excel is a pain to get good graphs out of it, but once you have succeeded, it is fairly easy to add new readings and graph just the most recent ones.
Now if Omron provided graphing software, that really would be good. But the manual did not lead me to believe that it does, and I spent enough time playing with its idiosyncracies.

So a reasonable machine, but ergonomically not as good as the earlier one.
Dirt cheap, though, when I bought it around June 2013, at £34-95p.
I note it has just risen in price, not sure why. Otherwise I would say, buy now whilst the Japanese yen is low !
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on 13 March 2015
My GP recommended buying a monitor to keep track of my hypertension, which is mild but needs keeping an eye on. He advised an Omron branded monitor and especially an arm cuff version as he felt these were much more accurate than wrist types. I researched the many monitors that Omron produce (in confusing profusion) and settled on this model as it appeared to be easy to operate and collected readings over time and could transfer them to my PC for storage and later print-out. The unit comes complete with software, a zip case and AA batteries. I didn't bother with the optional power supply, but will see whether it's needed over time.
The monitor does everything described and is easy to set up for two permanent users and for occasional use for other people. It comes with PC software that was easy to install and is simple to use for downloading and reading the measurements stored in the unit.
I recommend this unit as great compromise between price and function.
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on 16 June 2015
Does as advertised, could do with a clear set of instructions and use of the website to upload too (Not tried this yet and time was against me).

Lack of indicator for power plugged in is annoying (but it is working off of the mains - you have to buy this mains adaptor separately). Also not being able to delete previous reading you may want to discount is frustrating. However very accurate and the record function allows you to record it later to another format if you wish or just review off the device.

The Irregular Heart Beat function has worked once and picked up an irregular beat. Other times when i thought beats where missing it did not detect them which i choice to take as comforting rather than the machine being incorrect.

The Cuff is stiffer than the basic model but works well.
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on 10 April 2013
I received the item this morning. The delivery was on time as estimated.
At first look the device is well built. It's EXTREMELY SILENT (unlike my old one) for the joy of your neighbours if you need to take your pressure at night time or late in the evening. It has a lot of useful functions: mind, it could be a bit too complicated for the elderly, unless all they need is just to take their pressure without using all the device's features.
It comes with 4 Toshiba AA batteries (non rechargeable), USB cable to connect the device to a PC, CD-rom with software in order to download data stored and in case print it out to be shown to your doctor. The user guide is well explained and in the following languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian.
The cuff feels and looks like a professional one you see in hospitals and it is dual size, which means it fits both normal and larger arms. The device can be used by 3 users: 2 of them can store data, and 1 occasional guest.
I compared the shown values for blood pressure with my old but very good device and they're quite the same, so no doubt about it's accuracy.
It is a VERY good purchase, that I strongly recommend to anyone for any use, if what you need is a professional blood pressure monitor at an affordable price.
so far 5 full stars
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