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on 12 March 2009
Placed the order at 1.00PM and the printer was delivered at 9.00AM the following morning via free super saver delivery!

The printer itself - really easy to setup. I plugged the printer straight into my Mac which detected it without the need for any drivers or other software. Although the printer comes with Mac drivers on a CD, the ones supplied with Leopard (OS X 10.5) work fine so there is no need to install anything extra. The Brother website confirms this. Print quality is excellent. Text is sharp and well defined. I was worried that a cheap laser printer might give me cheap printing results, but that certainly does not appear to be the case. The printer warms up quickly when you switch it on and prints documents very fast. Certainly much faster than traditional inkjet printers.

Yes, there are even cheaper laser printers available by companies such as Samsung, but I doubt these printers will last as long as this one will. This printer seems very well constructed compared with other printers I have seen. Brother consumables are traditionally cheaper than rival brands too which was what attracted me to this model in the first place.

As other reviewers have commented, it is a little on the noisy side. A fan is located on the right hand side which blows out quite a lot of hot air. But I really don't see this as a major problem if you only plan to use it for short periods. No USB cable is supplied, but these are available for a few quid direct from Amazon in any length you want.

Probably the best Amazon purchase I've made in the last few years.
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on 12 June 2017
I bought this wee printer in March 2009 and absolutely love it!

It's still going strong over 8 years later and I've never had a moments bother with it.

Ok, I'm not a power user, but over the years I've got through 3 or 4 toner cartridges, so have printed a fair few pages. I love the eco feature which puts the printer to sleep when it hasn't been used for a few minutes, but when a print job is sent it wakens up in literally a few seconds and has the page printed in less than 10 seconds! Even sending a job to the printer and starting from cold sees the page printed as quickly.

All in all, an excellent little laser printer and highly recommended.

I'm only thinking now of replacing it as I want one which can print on both sides of the page and (maybe) have wifi connectivity too as I'm starting to have to print more and prefer two-sided printing.
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on 6 October 2008
I would never have purchased this printer if it wasn't for the price and i was a little worried that it would be a bad decision. Its certainly not the quietest or the fastest I have had but the printing quality is good and the cartridges seem to last for longer than your average home use printer. No major jamming issues as yet and no other problems to note.
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on 29 April 2010
Whilst the time it took for the printer to arrive was less than satisfactory, the ease with which I was able to set up this printer and actually print took less than 5 minutes! FANTASTIC. Print quality EXCELLENT as is the speed and I can now breathe a huge sigh of relief instead of having to go into my local library to print off documents (My Epson Stylus packed up and was crap anyway). So it doesn't print in colour, big deal! You can always buy a cheapo colour one or do what I do and wait till you go into work and do any necessary printing there (just don't tell my boss!!). For snow leopard users like myself, don't use the supplied installation disk, just go straight to the Brother website, and select your operating system and printer to download the necessary driver, et voila!

Will keep this review updated once I have had it for a couple of months.
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on 4 April 2017
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on 4 February 2009
I bought this printer for my laptop, I didn't want to spend too much, nor did I want anything fancy. This printer is great, just right for me, prints quickly (some would consider it noisy I daresay, but it really doesn't bother me) and cleanly. It was pretty easy to set up, but the instructions do not appear to tell the installer to restart the computer. I couldn't work out why it didn't work at first, but thinking about installing other new programmes remembered the restart business, and once I'd done that it was fine. I had read on other reviews that the paper sometimes kind of creases up after going through, but I think this is only when the paper is still warm, so when it cools down it is nice and flat. I would highly recommend it! At this price I have no grumbles about it at all!
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on 13 September 2009
I have had one of these for just under ten years and would strongly recommend it. From memory it prints around 20,000 pages per cartidge and I bought the last one for approx £20 through Ebay. Paper is loaded into the single tray in the base. Other media (eg envelopes) are loaded through the slot in the front and take priority over the paper tray. One quibble: the slot is set up for the smaller US A4 and the larger UK A4 envelope will not go through. I usually print the address on ordinary paper and a pair of scissors with a Pritt stick finish the job. Tip: The Word envelope function can be a bit erratic so I use a preconfigured Word file to address envelopes.
Print quality is pretty good and I have produced acceptable A4 B&W photographs on it.
If using Windows, setup usually consists of little more than plugging it in. In practice >95% of my printing (Manuals, maps, letters, etc) can be printed in B&W and I only use my inkjet to print off photos.
It will print quite thick card, providing the rear flap is opened, so that the media stays flat.
If you are not familiar with laser printers: Every once in a while the print will start to fade. Simply take the cartridge out and rock it from side to side to spread the carbon out evenly and use the demagnetizer as instructed.
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on 2 December 2008
I bought this printer for my brothers to use as I was sick of them using up all my ink in my old printer, the speed and quality of the printer, and the lifetime of the toner, makes for a great machine. I am entirely satisfied with it and would highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks Ryman
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on 13 January 2009
November 2013 - printer still working perfectly.


April 2011 - printer still working perfectly. So pleased I bought it.


I wrote this review when I had had the printer for about three months. I have now had it for over a year and I have used it almost daily, printing several pages per day on average. It has worked perfectly during that time, without a single paper jam nor any other problem. The original toner cartridge it came with was replaced after some months of use and the replacement cartridge is still going strong.

The saving of time compared with an inkjet printer is a very real bonus. You save time in both not having to wait minutes while a document is printed and in not having to mess around cleaning printing heads and changing cartridges whenever the inkjet decides to start printing streaky documents.

I am delighted that I bought this printer and I recommend it as reliable, economical and trouble-free.

12 November 2009

Original review...

I had got very fed up with inkjet printers - drying up if not used for a while, gobbling expensive ink cartridges, frequently needing head cleaning - which takes time and gobbles up more expensive ink. I had also felt ripped off by the inkjet printer makers doing their best to make it difficult to use third party or refilled cartridges. I had thought of laser printers as something for business users - not for the individual who might print only a few pages in a week. But a friend suggested I look at laser printers.

I ordered the Brother HL-2035 from Amazon in France [where I live] and it arrived in a day or so. That was early October 2008. I also ordered a spare toner cartridge, ready for when the cartridge supplied with the printer expired. Three months later, after printing probably more than 500 pages with the original cartridge, the spare toner cartridge still remains in its box.

A very nice feature of the printer is that, after you have plugged it in for the first time, it will (on command) print a test page before you even connect it to the computer, so you can have confidence it is working. [This feature disappears once the printer has been connected to the computer, if I remember correctly.]

I followed the installation instructions and had no problems whatever installing it on my PC (windows 2000). I used a long USB cable, so it can sit where there is space at the other side of the room.

I have now been using it for over three months, probably averaging several pages daily. I think I have used more than a complete pack of 500 sheets since I have had it. It sits there silently, permanently switched on and it comes to life within a few seconds when required to print. Unlike the office laser printers of some years back, it does not make any unpleasant smells.

It prints much faster than an inkjet printer, something I now appreciate. I had not foreseen how useful its greater speed would be. There is also the benefit that you can touch its printed pages with wet fingers without having the ink run.

The prints, whether black/white pictures or text, are delightfully crisp and clear. Black is black, dark grey is dark grey, light grey is light grey, white is white and there are never any streaks or bands across the page.

Criticisms? It does not print colour - but no-one expects a B/W laser printer to do so. I miss not having colour less than I imagined I would. It prints envelopes OK, but some makes of cheap envelope come out a bit wrinkled at the edges - the handbook warns you about this. I overcame this problem by finding a make of envelope that works fine with the printer.

Overall - I am delighted with the printer. It has been completely trouble free so far and, assuming my experience is typical, I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone who prints a moderate quantity of output and for whom colour printing is not essential. Its lower operating costs and freedom from problems make it an excellent escape route from slavery to an inkjet printer.
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on 12 October 2008
I am intrigued to know how it is possible to produce a laser printer for under £50 with the quality of printing this good! The ppm is impressive for its size and the set-up is simple. I found that the mains lead is a little short and barely reached the plug from my desk but apart from that there is not much to fault about it. The cartridges are quite expensive to replace but only given the cost of the printer. However, i have had mine for three weeks and have barely used any ink so i don't think the running costs are going to be an issue.
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