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on 14 March 2009
"Pieces" is an hilarious Italian/Spanish slasher film that has been tough to find before the guys at FILM 2000 releasded this DVD.

Although far from being a masterpiece of the horror genre, it is not surprising that this movie still has a certain cut following. It is an unintentionally funny piece of trash. The film opens with a little boy chopping up his mother after being punished for assembling a jigsaw puzzle of a pin-up girl. As is to be expected, he grows up to be a serial killer who just has to stalk female students on a university campus.

Badly dubbed (at least half of the actors spoke their lines in Spanish), with unbelievably cheap looking opening titles that look like they have been stolen from some student film, "Pieces" manages to deliver more than a few unintentional laughs. In it you'll find one of the most hilarious 2oh, I accidentally bumped into my friend" fake scare scenes of all time. This Italian-Spanish co-production also features a lot of cheesy gore effects, which nevertheless managed to garner the film an X rating when it first came out in the US. Well, there are a couple of nude scenes...

It is hard to pick what the most laughable scene or character is, because this film boasts so many. My personal favorite is the guy who plays the gardener. He looks like Bud Spencer's demented cousin, and instead of being scary (he is one of the suspects) he comes across as plain weird. Then, one of the investigators going undercover is a tennis champ(!) who just happens to have a desk job at the police station. In one of the wackiest scenes the killer walks into an elevator after one of his female victims with a chainsaw hidden behind his back! And there are quite a number of scenes like this.

This is clearly one dumb movie, but fortunately it doesn't take itself too seriously. a piece of real, old-time horror sleaze (it hasn't aged to well), "pieces" is the kind of movie they just don't have the courage to make anymore. Now that so many classic horror films get a makeover, someone should consider a remake of this one.

If you're interested in obscure 70's European horror movies, you should definitely give this one a try. But keep an open mind and be prepared to laugh out loud.
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on 27 January 2006
I would say Pieces is slightly above average for a slasher film. The story starts off with a kid who kills his mother for taking away his personal favorite stash and forty years later the killer is killing again and joins body parts together like a puzzle. He uses a chainsaw and cuts peoples limbs off and collects and joins them (I guess thats why its called Pieces) Meanwhile the police hire a private decteive to track the killer down.
I would say the acting is standard and the DVD itself is not bad quality. Quite clearly video quality but it doesnt really bother me so hopefully it wont bother you either. It has a few extras as well.
The gore in Pieces is quite strong. It contains a woman getting stabbed to death plus a knife going through the back of a womans head. An arm gets sawed off and a woman gets sawed in half so yes the gore is quite strong.
The Film 2000 UK release is fully uncut so thats a positive thing about it. If your a fan of gory slasher films with some good music and twists then I recomend this. Its a good addition to your horror collection.
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VINE VOICEon 4 November 2008
At last one of the best 80's slasher films is given a decent release. Grindhouse have done a superb job of releasing Pieces uncut (most of the other dvd releases are cut). The print is excellent with hardly any blemishes and is presented in 1.85 widescreen. The dvd is region 0 coded so you shouldn't need a multi region player to player it. This two disk set is packed with special features which include interviews with Paul Smith who play Willard and director Juan Piquer, a stills gallary, the original Spanish score and lots more.

The plot is very simple - a killer is stalking a college and bumping off various students. The kills are very graphic and are usually done with a chainsaw. There are no annoying CGI effects which seem to dominate recent horror films. The film stars many genre favorites including Edward Purdom (Don't Open Till Christmas), Linda Day George (Mission Impossible) and her husband in real life Christopher George (City Of The Living Dead).

Pieces was released at the height of the "splatter era" which ran from 1978 to 1983 when everyone was making slasher films. There were alot of pritty awful "slasher" films made during this period - but Pieces stands out as one of the best.
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on 11 January 2013
In 1941, a boy who is caught assembling a jigsaw puzzle of a naked woman gets punished by his mother and orders him to get rid of it. Instead, he refuses and kills his mother with an axe. Forty years later, coeds at a Boston college are killed off by a psycho with a chainsaw so he can create a human jigsaw puzzle with female body parts. Two detectives (Christopher George, Lynda Day George) are assigned to investigate and decide to recruit a student (Ian Sera) into helping them find the maniac. Pieces is a terrible film, let no-one tell you otherwise, but it is so bad that it becomes entertainingly good. Somehow, the sheer ridiculous of it, is also its charm. Be assured it is extremely violent and gory as hell and provides as much sleaze and nudity as any exploitation flick released during that period (1982). The gore scenes were truly awesome, you get a chainsaw through the stomach, axe through the head, dismemberment ect.

It's really hard to believe that so much stuff could go wrong with this picture but it actually does and the majority of the entertainment comes from the viewer being able to laugh at it. There are countless plot points that don't make any sense, horrible dialogue and some of the dumbest police characters in any film I've seen. Also, what is up with Lynda's character being a tennis pro? This leads to some of the greatest laughs in a big tennis match, which is so obviously fake that you'll be laughing your heads off. The acting as well is pretty bad and that includes Christopher George but thankfully his acting is "good enough", so to speak, to where you can enjoy watching him on screen. His wife on the other hand isn't as lucky as she delivers one of the worst moments in film history with her "bastard" scream, which is just downright hilarious. Jack Taylor, veteran of countless Jess Franco films, plays one of the suspects. The film is very poorly made but that just adds to the charm. Not only do we get bad acting, bad directing and some really bad dialogue but we're also treated to plenty of nudity as well as countless gore scenes.

The movie is basically a typical B-movie college slasher and once the film's stalk and slash scenes occur the film does become quite good and the ending is so bizarre and over the top that it becomes a worthwhile experience, if you like cheesy and gory slasher flicks then you're going to love this. Grindhouse Releasing presents Pieces in it's uncensored form. All the stabbings, eviscerations and decapitations are left intact. The extra features are spread out across two discs with the bulk of the fantastic supplements on disc two. Lengthy interviews with director Simon piquer and actor Paul Smith are the highlights on the set. Simon talks about his time on set, his hammering out of the script and Smith covers plenty of ground with some Pieces anecdotes. Overall the quality of the sound and picture quality is better than any available release (including the recent Arrow release). This release is an absolute no-brainer for fans of 80's slasher films. Check it out.
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on 27 May 2010
Who is killing a bevy of nubile female students on a Boston Campus? Is it sinister Anatomy Professor Arthur Brown(Jack Taylor)? Or maybe it's twitchy,hulking ball of aggression Willard(Paul Smith)the college gardener? Could it be the suave, evasive college Dean(Edmund Purdom)? Detective Bracken(Christopher George), Tennis champ Mary Ragg(Lynda Day George) and college lothario Kendall James(Ian Sera) team up to investigate the chainsaw slayings. What our sleuths don't know is that the viewers witnessed in a pre-credits sequence how a young boy cuts his mother into pieces following an arguement over a pornographic jigsaw puzzle. Clear now?
This super sleazy slasher cum giallo contains the following ingredients. Bad dubbing(the film is an American/Spanish co-production),bad acting(Paul Smith is hilarious!),a seductive synth score, smoking hot red herrings, gratuitous nudity(unusually both male and female),gore-a-plenty and a ridiculous ending. In other words it's completely irresistable. I'm probably more forgiving because it really is an artifact of the 80's, and if it had been made now I would probably be far more critical. Best enjoyed if the plot isn't analysed too closely, as its full of gaping holes, and in the company of other equally inebriated horror junkies. Edmund Purdom would team up again with producer Dick Randall to make the equally sleazy antidote to the festive season 'Don't Open Till Christmas'. Director Simon would later be responsible for the great horror 'Slugs-The Movie'.
There are no extras as such on this release, only the obligatory chapter menu and trailers. Picture and sound quality average at best
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on 7 November 2009
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this movie. This film is 100% giallo. Think of it as a cross between a bad quality 1970s TV detective mystery with a rotten pile of Savini-style slasher gore dispersed throughout. It's truly objectionable, so rank in fact that it should be on the shameless DVD label. It's the sleaziest piece of filth I have seen in a long time.

Everything a giallo fan could hope for is here: the black gloved killer, the beautiful women, the unnecessarily extreme violence and pulsing synthesiser soundtrack etc. If you liked Tenebrae, New york ripper, Bird with the crystal plumage or any of that Italian horror () you'll adore this. This is much more violent and disgusting than any of them. Brimful with bad acting, incoherent dialogue and a laugh-out-loud script. It's even dubbed!

So to sum it up then, this is a wretched film. It's enough to drive you to God.
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on 22 January 2011
Any film which was promoted with the tagline "Pieces... It's exactly what you think it is!" and "You Don't Have To Go To Texas For A Chainsaw Massacre!" can't be all bad can it? Pieces or to give it it's original title Mil gritos tiene la noche is a low budget 1982 horror film shot in Spain by director Juan Piquer Simón. It stars Christopher George, Lynda Day George, Frank Braña, and Edmund Purdom all of whom you have probably never heard of and with good reason. Pieces tells the rather bloody tale of a serial killer on the loose in a university who's favourite method of death is a chainsaw. Once described by horror director Eli Roth as "a masterpiece of early '80s sleaze" this little gem of a film has been a cult classic for years. Those in the know rave about it and once you have sampled it's simple pleasures no doubt you will too. A true unintentionally-hilarious nugget of badly-dubbed exploitation.

What is not to love about this film? Filled with blood, nudity, plot twists which make no sense and some truly terrible lines. It really is a little gem of a movie and well worth the hour or so of your time. Once you have seen it I promise you too will rave about it and come back to watch it time and time again. Like all good "So bad it is good" movies this one is best viewed with a group of friends over a few beers. A real treat of a film filled with blood, gore, plenty of killing, some nudity, wonderfully bad lines and extras, period cheesy music and bad dubbing. All the things "So bad it is good" fans want in a film. A must have for your collection.

Plot: Decent. With plenty of red herrings and a well though out motivation for the killer this movie tries rather hard even if some of it's scene don't really make sense. It does drift into Scooby-doo territory sometimes though.
Direction: Decent. Juan Piquer Simón does a very good job particularly in the killing scenes.
Acting: Decent. Most of the cast put, on the whole, a good performance however the same can not be said for many of the extras often with hilarious results.
Action: Okay. There are not that many action scenes in the film. A handful of fist fights at best and these look less than brilliant.
Gore: Bucket loads. Although most of the killings are not particularly graphic there are some nice close-up shots and plenty of blood flying about. There are some really great aftermath shots of the murder scenes too.
Nudity: A fair bit of female nudity all of which is gratuitous and even a full frontal flash from the star Ian Sera.
Special Effects: Decent. You are not going to be fooled into think anything here is real but a fair amount of effort trying has gone into the film.
Nostalgia Rating: Poor. This one probably slipped under your radar first time round.
Unexpected Cameo: Paul L. Smith as Bluto...sorry I mean Willard.
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