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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 21 October 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The software takes a while to install, but covers most potential multimedia requirements, so this is a minor quibble. Whilst it is a definite step-up from other Roxio products I have owned, on installing on my main PC it destroyed my itunes library. Before installing, playing my music was fine. After installation, my itunes settings were corrupted, and I had to spend hours sorting out my large music library in itunes. I lost all my play-counts, song ratings and playlists, so this (for me, major) inconvenience wipes 2 stars off my review.

So after uninstalling on my desktop PC, it works fine on my laptop (which has no music library to be damaged!), which is a shame, as I would have used the software more regularly on my main PC.

From first impressions, it covers CD (music and data) creation effectively. The Cineplayer plays DVD's and can capture images during playback. Roxio Creator 2009 also covers basic picture editing as well, but most people will find its video editing software the most used part of the package. Adding titles, audio and chapter menus is simple to master, with good end results.

So, I would recommend this software for its quality video editing, plus the other uses (photo and music editing) make it value for money, but would strongly recommend that you back up your music library first.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Firstly, prior to use, make sure to put the kettle on as this is one mother of a package taking up to 35 minutes to load onto your PC (not to mention close to a gig of memory)!

I've never been a fan of Roxio, opting for Nero, however at long last Roxio have beefed up considerably theur interface which has been given a far more user-friendly look, with icons now being used to identify and highlight the main applications of Home, Data-Copy, Video-Movies, Music-Audio, Photo and Online. In addition the suite of programmes are initially displayed in a "Home page", which allows you to instantly access basic tasks, such as copy or burn CD/DVDs without having to search through additional menus.

The interface is pretty clear (helpful for beginners), with links for Tutorials and "Do More", which helps you get the most out of the package and also makes it easier to get to grips with the basics however I'm not sure I'd recommend this package for absolute beginners as the more experienced enthusiast will definitely gain more joy and usage from what is a pretty comprehensive suite of programmes!

To me, at first glance and basics aside most of the features here are designed for audio, which is great news for those with basic home recording studios, or those who like to add music to home movies (ripping CDs and transcoding audio files are excellent features). In addiiton, Roxio has added Beatmatch, which allows you to blend tunes together (fancy a go at being Sasha for a day?!), while Automix tries to draw similar tempos together from your music collection so you don't need to trawl through them manually. On the whole, these are quite creative tools and a good place to start your DJ, digital editing career!

Videos can be cut and trimmed, scenes cut (ideal for the 2hr long holiday vid) and a timelime and story board added. One other great feature is drag and drop - your final edited media can now be dragged and dropped from the PC straight to your portable player and Creator will transfer it to the correct formatting.

Bearing in mind that some of the features here would have cost twice as much on their own less than a few years ago - Roxio have come up with a great value and entertaining package for anyone with an interest in audio and audio visual production - As a former Nero deveotee, the fact that I'm now using it as a standalone product says it all - great improvement on previous versions and pretty much feature packed. Home movies are about to get better and very personal!
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VINE VOICEon 23 October 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This software offers a lot, as you can see from the list of features above (so I won't repeat them here). The main purpose here is how well it performs these functions.

As a regular user of Nero and NTI I was apprehensive about trying new software. I need not have worried. Roxio makes all the tasks easy and straightforward, whether it's burning CDs/DVDs (and Blueray, but I don't have this functionality on my computer). It does seem slower than the other software options available but in performing tasks the software is intuitive and so the slowness is no bother.

The photo-editing software is ideal for today's common usages such as sorting out colours/contrasts etc, improving your snaps with easy-to-use functions.

Importantly, this is a piece of 'complete' software, allowing for burning, video, music and photos. It is a complete package that should satisfy most users, including novices. Recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 27 October 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Right off I go to install roxio creator and a long time (years) since
I bought a version of this one as I remember it being called CD Creator
back then before the days of DVDs lol!!! Well first off better do a
system restore point before installing this.I'm using this on an XP my
main machine but I intend to install it on my laptop which has Vista
on as well if the licence permits me it dosen't say on the box but I
will find out.The package comes in a small cardboard folder/box with pages of
discription of the new features etc and their is a DVD rom inside wth
a printed quick start manual only 22 pages long. The program takes half
an hour to install inc a reboot. If you register you get 24/7 online support
Free updates and savings on future upgrades. When registering it only
asks for your name,town, email address and country unlike the labour party who
want to know everything about you. Upon booting up
you get a window of icons relating to tasks and on the right hand side is
a help window with discriptions and also video tutors for each task.

I started off using the CD rip it took 8 mins for AcDcs Black Ice CD (15 tracks)to convert into
MP3s at 256. The highest setting you can use is 320 which is the highest for mp3s and you
have the option of WMA,Wav,Ogg,Mp3 VBR, Flac, AC3,and ACC.It uses The LAME encoder .It Found the artist and track names
imediately even though the CD has just been released today (I pre ordered it from play.com) so
far impressed.I have also got Nero installed on my PC so far no problems having them both on as in
the past their has been a problem with these two programs on the same machine.There's also a neat feature
that lets you edit an ID mp3 tag from within windows explorer simply by right clicking the file very useful.

The play DVDs is a nice add on too saves having to pop out and into a new program to play something
before editing it or simply just to play it. Theres the usial stuff here full screen view, language, transparent
window is handy but you need a reboot of the program to do that (its quick anyway),it can playback just
about anything you throw at it, DVD,mpeg,M1v,M2v,Mpe,ifo,264,H264,AVI,DVR-ms,MP4,DIVX,WMV,Mov,and lots of
other formats. You can capture with this playback module too. You get the playback, FF and RWing,Volume
adjust, video time etc.There is a convert video feature such as converting from non protected videos to
DIVX for instance. Building you own video clips into a DVD is childs play using the create DVDs feature
which used to be called MyDVD express a seperate program. There is also a more advanced version for those
who want to get stuck in at the deep end or experienced video editors. You can also create your own labels
when finished however its a bit basic for me you are better off buying Surething CD Labeller as this
is the best one on the market for serious labeling on discs,DVD sleeve boxes,Jewel Cases etc and is
packed full of features but lets get back to Roxio, There's a neat media player built in
which is much better than MS Media player and its got UPnP which means you can easily
play your mp3s on a standalone player using wireless means. I much prefer this one to Microsofts
very confusing version. However when importing a DVD from disc into Roxio it seems to
take forever. I have found other video editors like Magix Movie Edit Pro and Cyberlink Video Director a lot
faster indeed I cancelled it after 18 per cent got better things to do with my time than
hang around waiting.Also I have to say it even carried on when I cancelled it as if
I hadn't given it a command even though it said cancelling please wait, it went upto 23% before it
eventually cancelled. I'm a bit unhappy with this as this is one of the features I needed. All I wanted
to do was make a menu and add new chapters to my disc so why not have a feature for doing just that.

The photo editing Photosuite was the one of the things I liked about Roxio C, here you can
Auto fix everything, remove just red eye, wrinkles (lol),blemishes, Dust, Scratches, under exposure etc etc
they work very well and very user friendly. There's an on line button where you
can upload photos to a photo album and share with family and friends and also
a Roxio Knowledge base for more info on how to do things and you can access
the manual from here too. You can also broadcast your video to you tube from this
area too. All in all its a fair package for the price but shame about the video importing
part. Obviously I havent used all the aspects of this program but I may add more to my review later if I get
excited about anything. Right I did get excited about the videowave this is great for editing videos and converting. using Roxio's VideoWave for video editing works a treat. Did some home movies
with it and everything went really smoothly with no crashing etc it also handles
exporting to all the popular exports like Divx,WMV,Mpegs 1 & 2,Archos mpeg4,
AVC with variations,AVCHD 1080i or 1080p or 720p,Sony AVC, mpeg,
Creative Zen mpeg4,Blu Ray, HDV,DV format AVI,What more can you ask for than that.
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on 31 October 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've had a chance to play with both this standard offering of the Roxio suite and also the 'ultimate' version and am convinced the extra money on the ultimate isn't worth it. If you forgive the cut and paste from my ultimate version review:

I guess the idea behind this is for Roxio to have a 'suite' of programs that allow users to do 95% of what they are likely to want to do with their media files on their PC without having to learn any complex programs or go on a night-school course. For most users this means:

- Burning music to CDs
- Burning films to DVDs
- Digitial Photo editing/touching up photos (removing red-eye, cropping etc)
- Editing home movies.

... whilst making sure that the output of the above is in standard formats that can be used by other people and is 'future' proof.

This is aimed at the casual home user. Hardcore pro's will go for the Adobe CS3 suite - by that is ten times the price so comparisons are unfair. Fairer comparisons are with free software. There is very adequate free programs that do all the above tasks well (e.g. windows comes with an OK film editor, Google have released the excellent picassa for photo editing etc.) I guess the value in this package is that all these tasks are accessible from one 'font end' with the same look and feel, and they have done their upmost to make all the tasks idiot proof.

So is it worth it? Well, if you consider yourself a competant PC user, very happy to download the free alternatives and figure out the different interfaces then it probably isn't. However, if you're really only an occasional PC user and just dipping your toes in - then it probably is. This package is very user friendly and spoonfeeds you towards very good results very quickly.

In Roxio's long time expert areas it is simply superb - if you want to burn a DVD and have professional looking menus - well, it is effortless. Likewise audio burning to put those MP3 playlists you've made onto a CD for playing in the car or wherever.

The movie making software was a pleasant surprise. I found it easier to use than the windows movie maker that comes free with Vista and it can cope with and output to more different formats (including ipod freindly ones). In this 'Ultimate' version you can also work and output to some of the newest HD formats which for many will make this area alone reason enough to buy the whole product.

For the basics, for casual PC users, Roxio creator is fantastic, easy and good value. Your Gran could use it.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Roxio Creator 2009 is the latest in a long line of burning software carrying the Creator or Easy Media Creator name, which have had many parent companies over the years. Roxio itself is now part of Sonic Solutions, an American software company famous for CD noise reduction systems and DVD authoring technologies. A good pedigree for this type of product. Roxio have now dropped the Creator version number in favour of a year so 2009 succeeds the previous version 10, and is a considerably better product.

I've used Creator since version 4 which came bundled with an LG CD burner years ago, and have found all the versions I've used since to be reliable - I didn't own version 10 personally as it got some very mixed reviews. Creator 2009 is a return to form and offers a lot of features for a relatively small outlay - there is a VERY detailed and illustrated Product Description provided by Amazon so I won't list all the features again here.

As other reviewers have mentioned this software takes a LONG time to load, and needs 3GB of disc space when loading and about 1GB for the programme to live in once loaded. However, once it's safely installed it runs very nicely, is intuitive to use and will satisfy all your burning needs and a lot more besides. Fans of earlier versions will be very pleased with this upgrade and new users will find many useful features here.

This really is a one stop shop for all your digital media, and even if you currently use other software for some of the features Roxio Creator provides you may just find that one click on your Roxio icon is a lot easier than using a number of unrelated products. There is a Getting Started guide provided but a much more detailed User Guide can be downloaded as an Adobe .pdf file from the Online menu. There are also a number of How To videos to watch to help you to master some of the functions. The menu system is very straightforward and will easily guide you to the function you are looking for in about two mouse clicks.

If media burning is your thing, or you upload to YouTube or you have a digital camera or an mp3 player or, well, just about anything digital really, then this package could be just what you need.
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VINE VOICEon 21 November 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Im not sure whats changed in the last couple of years but I love this product especially when it comes to burning cd's and dvd's my old program used to take around 11 min using Roxio it takes less than 5 it also supports divx which is great. The photo slide show is great fun too, allowing you to add a music track to a bunch of photos and adjust the playback depending on how fast you want to view each photo. Creating a home made video is easy as well, surprising easier to use than Microsoft movie maker and with the added functions.
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VINE VOICEon 29 October 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
A very comprehensive piece of software which will do pretty much all you need it to do with your music, photos and video (unless your a professional of course). It will capture from almost any source, allow you to manipulate and organise as well as share the finished product.

This allowed me to do away with lots of other programs I had for the various specific tasks, for example, photo editing, CD burners, sound capture, digitising LP's and movie makers.

It's also pretty easy to use with on screen menus and simple steps to enable amateurs to produce impressive results - recommended as a one stop solution for your digital media, if you're a home user
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VINE VOICEon 22 October 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have used Roxio for a number of years as it has come preloaded on my PCs. This version appears to be a big step forward.

It was easy to install - but it did take some time I nearly gave up as I thought it was hanging towards the end of the installation.

I have always found the home page of Roxio confusing: I can never work out which element of the suite that I need to do a particular job - unfortunately this version confuses me just as much as its predecessors. I find it easier to access the programmes from the start menu, much easier to understand.

Once I got to where I needed to be I was really impressed. Here are a few key features - it does loads more

* Recording from a sound card is great for recording internet radio. The only niggle I couldn't open the editing software from the sound recording menu as it kept hanging, opening directly from the start menu solved the problem. Great for recording programms for listening to in the car etc.

* Burning CDs - easy no problems

* Burning DVDs - impressive. I was able to copy an number of video clips of school production and put them onto one DVD. I often do this and usually end up with more coasters than I would like. Roxio worked easily and created a great dvd. If you are copying films Roxio can compress and burn in one operation so that no other compression software is needed. Very simple.

* Calendars and Projects - it is very easy to create calendars and invitations and other stationary. The calendars are particularly good as you have control of period, number of pages and style. The other stationary is good if you like what is available.

All in all a good piece of software. Easy to use and a wide range of tasks.
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on 8 November 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Roxio Creator is a very clever piece of software and enables you to create your own CD and home video.

The home video option is pretty cool as you can pick your own home made videos add the music background for your own entertainment.

Same thing goes for the audio settings. Moreover if you want to turn a party to life, this is ideal as you can do the prep as a good DJ will do - compile all the music and just hit the dance floor.

Another good option is the photo sessions where you can pick and choose and do a collection for your own fun or then share it with friends and family.

In terms of improvement, it would have been grand if the user interface was more user friendly as it does take a while to get accustomed to all the features. However, once you have a hand of it - you are hitting the ground and running.

Overall, it is worth to have a look at and have loads of fun.
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