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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Edition: Hotas X|Change
Price:£32.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 10 January 2015
LIke a lot of people I bought this exclusively for and because of Elite Dangerous, and despite a few teething problems it is so far pretty worth it (in fairness, I bought this when it was £35, not £55 as it is at time of this review). Setup is exceptionally quick under Windows 8.1 (plug it into a USB 2.0 port, Windows installs the drivers automatically... a few seconds to a minute later and you're good to go) but fine tuning to get the best experience can take a bit longer.

There are a few minor issues. Some people, myself included, have found the throttle initially works in reverse - just invert the binding for that. Some people, myself again included, have found one or more axes to be insensitive and/or sluggish - in this case it is well worth calibrating the device by going to Control Panel, Devices & Printers, right click on T-Flight HOTAS and select Game Settings. In the window that opens select Properties > Settings > Calibrate and run through the instructions. You should then find the stick responds more effectively and precisely in game.

Another slight issue I've had is the units shifting on the surface - during times of vigorous use such as combat (and a few particularly hairy dockings) I've found the stick unit can shift a little, but this will likely depend on surface and during combat in particular I keep the throttle at a single setting so I can free my left hand to steady the stick unit. I've also found the throttle is a slightly odd, clunky shape but I adapted to it very quickly.

Overall I'm very happy with it. In ED I used the various combat training scenarios to test and fine tune the stick and throttle and get used to it, and after maybe two hours I'm comfortable and happy with it - and I've already noted a significant improvement in my combat ability compared to pure keyboard use, particularly my use of yaw (the stick twists to yaw quite easily and comfortably, and the throttle has a rocker switch that is equally easy to use) and how frequently I hit the target.

This is a well made, well designed and user friendly way of enhancing your game experience. Given the option I would prefer more buttons and a slightly more ergonomic throttle but all things considered it is a good device for the price.
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on 25 November 2014
The world of joysticks and flight controls is a complicated one where all devices are not born equal. You can spend tens of pounds or thousands of pounds depending on your desired function and your obsession with the game that you intend to use it for. When I was younger I was an avid gamer and have spent a lot of money over the years on kit. Now I'm a little more 'mature' and have children I rarely have the time to game for hours on end. However, I need my kit to perform and I do not tolerate cheap rubbish.

When I decided to buy a HOTAS setup it was because I joined the beta for Elite Dangerous, a game who's development I'd followed keenly and was close to my heart given my gaming past. Given the time I had to spend playing I didn't want to spend hundreds on a joystick, however I wanted solid functionality. This is where the T-flight steps in.

It is solidly built with a finish that is surprisingly good for the money that it cost. The joystick and throttle parts can be used separately or joined using the (included) allen-key. Installation was easy, with Windows 7 detecting it and installing it without a hitch.

It has a good number of buttons, although I feel that it could always do with a few more, especially for games where a million key bindings are the norm. If I had a single criticism it would be that the accuracy (or sensitivity) in the central area of the joystick is a tiny bit lacking. It's a small point, and one that didn't warrant a review star being lost given the excellent price position that this unit sits within.

For the money, I can't see a better option. Highly recommended.
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on 1 February 2014
I brought this for Elite Dangerous and is performing perfectly. Installation easy and setup a breeze.
It feels very solid and you forget it's there after a few hours of play.
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on 7 May 2010
Possibly the worst thing about this joystick is the name! Surely they could have come up with something a little snappier?

Still, thats the worst thing I have to say about this stick.

I bought it a few weeks ago as a replacement for my Saitek X-52, which I'd had for a couple of years, but was developing faults in some of the switches. Also, the drivers played havoc with other parts of my computer, most notably the mouse.

Considering I paid under £30 for this (although it was advertised under a slightly different description for over £40) I really can't fault it. Incredibly simple to use - just plug it in, let Windows find it and install the drivers and away you go (unlike the Saitek!) Configuring the buttons to use with games such as Lock On and MechWarrior is a breeze. The only thing you have to be careful with is in making sure the "mode" selector is on the right setting. This stick can be used with a PC or Playstation 3, but trying to use it in the wrong mode can cause a good deal of frustration!

The only real faults with this stick / throttle combo, after being used to the Saitek's weightier and better designed controls, is that both the joystick and throttle feel very light...although you do get used to this with time. Also the throttle doesn't sit very well in your left hand and some of the buttons can be awkward to reach. This is where its lightness pays off, as you don't need to grip it very hard. Just move it with the palm of your hand, making it easier for your fingers to find the buttons. I probably found it easy to adapt to this stick as I owned a Thrustmaster Top Gun Afterburner some years ago which is almost identical to this. I would also recommend using it with the stick and throttle separated, as I found using them connected became uncomfortable after a while.

There are enough buttons to cover all the main functions you'll need with most games, including a very nice rocker switch on the throttle, which will really appeal to mech jockeys (torso twist!).

Pros: Price, ease of use, decent number of features, is both PC and PS3 compatible.

Cons: Controls feel light and not as ergonomic as more expensive sticks. Not as many features as higher priced sticks / flight controllers.

That said, I am very happy with this stick as it offers nearly all the features of my defunct Saitek stick, without the hassle of installing drivers and programming software, for a fraction of the price. You really can't go wrong with this.
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on 12 April 2009
Okay, look, it may not have multi-function displays, LEDs all over the shop and millimetre perfect deadzones but for the price, this is a blippin good buy.

I bought it for the PS3 and H.A.W.X and it worked straight outta the box.

For kids, having the unit in piece is okay butfor people with larger armspans, you will inevitably find youself splitting the unit apart to make it more comfortable.

The connecting cable is just long enough to enable the throttle and joystick to sit either side of you (or, in my case, the joystick tween my knees, throttle on my left and Top Gun music playing the background.)

In playing games, you'll find that joystick deadzone is a touch too large for my liking (just my personal preference folks!) and prevents hyper-accurate course changes but the general responsiveness is quick and you'll be fine once you've gotten the feel for it.

The thottle is meaty, however, and the rudder triggers built into it are v. nice and, for me, prefereable to joystick twisting

Theres a whole bunch of mapping/preset options for the controller but with only two buttons and no display to work with, this is an exercise in patience and luck some of the time.

So, in conclusion? There is no reason NOT to buy this bit of kit if you're buying on a budget. It looks great, it feels great and it plays great.

If your serious about Flight Sims and your controller and willing to spend a bit more money then there are more technically advanced bits of kit out there but for the price, you really cant go wrong with this baby.
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on 26 February 2009
Ease of Installation:
- very easy peasy

Use and Sensitivity:
- excellent joystick to use for flight simulation. I have been able to complete expert missions just because of this joystick.

- It has been a month, and it works very well. It also has 2 year warranty.
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on 30 December 2009
I use this with MS FSX on PC and been delighted with it so far. Large, heavy, solid item that fits your hands well. The picture doesn't really do it justice, and in reality it is a much more impressive item. There are 12 buttons in total on both the joystick and throttle control for other aircraft functions. The throttle control and joystick can also be separated, although I haven't felt the need to. Joystick twists for rudder control and has an equivalent rocker switch on the throttle too for the same or joystick switch-able separate function. I've also used the Saitech X52 throttle/stick combo and as far as I am concerned this stick is just as good in practice, if not better, and at a quarter of the price much better value. No drivers required, just plug in the USB and the stick appears in your game controllers control panel.

The only issue I have had with it is that if left plugged in, under XP on my Toshiba laptop, when the laptop is switched on, the stick is not recognised and the stick has to be unplugged from the USB and then plugged back in again. Other than that, it has worked flawlessly in use.
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on 14 October 2009
*** 7 YEAR UPDATE: Used lightly over the last few years but it is still perfect!
***UPDATE 3 YEARS ON: Stick is still working perfectly after all this time!
Excellent stick for the money*** but dont expect uber quality from a budget stick!
I will start with the bad points... There is a little bit of a deadzone but it is so tiny as not to be a bother. The throttle is very light but you can still move it accurately and its not so light that you will move it when pressing the buttons. When using the stick as separated throttle/control units they are simply too light and the lack of suction cups means that the stick will slide and twist making it a bit annoying to use in this way. The cable that joins them is long enough to stretch across a computer desk but no more. The plastics are cheap, but what do you expect?
The good points... This is much more accurate than my old logitech, very easy to control FSX, it has 12 buttons so you spend less time on the keyboard. You can lock the stick twist and assign rudder control to an analogue rocker type switch on the back of the throttle which makes for very accurate rudder control. It is comfortable to hold. The digital hat switch is very smooth in my fsx virtual cockpit, you barely notice it is digital! You can adjust the resistance of the stick. It looks quite nice despite the cheap plastic. It is light but sturdy enough even on a smooth wooden desk (but only when used as a single unit).It also represents very good value for money.
After 3 weeks of using the stick i am still impressed with it and i would recommend it to a friend. If only for the addition of suction cups and a stiffer throttle i would have given it a 5.
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on 5 March 2009
when i saw this on amazon and saw it was for ps3 i immediatly thought will it work on hawx the new tom clancy flying game. i took the risk of spendin £30 and am pleased to say that it does work. it is comfortable, the buttons are easy to find and the throttle can be detatched for a more realistic feel. i havnt tried it for pc yet but i am certain it will work fine for flight simulator x if it works for hawx. installation was a breeze as well as all you have to do is plug it in. a great buy and highley recommended for flight enthusiats like my self.
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on 2 September 2015
I've bought this flightstick with only one game in mind: Elite dangerous, and I haven't been disappointed. I have also had the occasion to test this with War thunder and Microsoft Flight simulator, with no problems.

While not really a must, joysticks of this type make flightsims and spacesims much more intuitive and enjoyable. You push the throttle stick forward, and you intuitively understand you've accelerated your ship.

Compared to other flightsticks of similar prices, this one seems to be the best choice. (To anyone comparing about the price, keep in mind that a wireless xbox controller is similarly priced.)

The buttons on the stick and throttle are all easy to reach, and the 4-way button on the right joystick maps nicely onto the power distributor in Elite. My one complaint is that for a game like Elite Dangerous, 10 - odd buttons are not enough for all the different ship functions you might want to access without losing focus of the game screen. You can however, map these on your keyboard.

The two parts clip in the middle, but can be detached and separated by about a metre (limited by cable length). This means you can keep them on the side of your desk, or exactly where your arms feel most comfortable, but also allows you to use it on the move (well, more or less), since you can clip the two parts together and put them on your knees (I've done it with a laptop). It is a little bit big to easily fit in a backpack though, so bringing it with you to your lunch break might be a challenge.

Another important factor is that it works right out of the box. No external drivers required, and the 3 games I've used it with so far all automatically recognise it and map the controls accordingly. Elite even has a specific controls layout for this particular flightstick.

Oh, and it came in a nice (if a bit bulky) box which, if you can figure out how to put the joystick back into it, will allow you to hide it from dust / transport it without damage / so on.

Overall, a must have for flightsim and spacesim players.
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