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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 26 September 2017
One disc was faulty and would not load, but the rest OK and enjoyable in a late-1900s sort of way.
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on 27 January 2017
Thirty years after his first appearance on our TV screens, the character of Inspector Morse still fascinates, as the success of the inferior spin-off series - 'Lewis' & 'Endeavour' - clearly illustrate. But how did such a series become so popular? After all, even back in the eighties, it seemed so much slower & more methodical than other crime dramas. It seemed a little more intellectual too, concerned - as it mostly was - with the inner lives of students & academics. The character of Morse was also a little problematic for some, as he was a very high-minded individual, with a passion for Wagner & poetry. As I see it, the two main reasons for the show's popularity was John Thaw & Oxford. The casting of Thaw as Morse was a masterstroke, as the actor gave a very nuanced portrayal of a lonely, disappointed & vulnerable middle-aged man, which compensated for his some of his acerbity. It was a very different performance from the one he gave as Regan in 'The Sweeney.' The setting of Oxford was also a winner, as it offered a beautiful backdrop to the leisurely paced tales. The dreaming spires seemed to reflect Morse's own romantic yearnings. One must also acknowledge Kevin Whately's contribution as Morse's long suffering sidekick Lewis.

So, on this box-set you get all 33 feature length episodes - including my personal favourite, 'Second Time Around' - plus three documentaries & all for a very reasonable price of one of Britain's most popular drama series. You can't really argue with that, can you?..
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on 9 March 2009
We were uncertain about buying this set only because of the crticism expressed by an earlier reviewer concerning picture quality and handling problems.
We have now watched the first 4 episodes and have no doubts at all. It is excellent. Let's face it these early episodes were made over 20 years ago they are not going to be in HD but they are fine - we have a 37 inch TV screen so any flaws would be easily seen.
I have no difficulty extracting the DVD's from the cleverly designed cases, and I am no spring chicken. The cunning packaging means all 33 DVD's take up no more shelf space than say about 5 single DVD's.
If you enjoyed Morse when it was first shown in the 1980's & 90's, or have been introduced to him on the subsequent repeats DO BUY THIS SET.
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on 11 April 2011
After four seasons of getting to know Lewis, Hathaway, Oxford and hearing numerous Morse references about crosswords, ale and the ever present lack of a first name, I thought it would be fun to check out the original. And it has been fun. I've enjoyed seeing the meeting of Morse and Lewis and watching the course of their working relationship run all the way to Morse's death scene in "The Remorsefull day." The collection was packaged nicely, and the quality of the picture and sound was just fine. I only paid around $50 after the conversion, and it was received promptly by mail. I have also purchesed all 4 series of Lewis and enjoyed them all, and look forward to series 5 which should be arriving next month. Both Morse and Lewis are highly recommended.
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I bought this after looking at a very mixed up page of Morse, Kavanaugh or whatever it was boxed set that seem to have pulled reviews from half of anything with John Thaw in it. But this is great, well packaged and a couple of episodes per DVD, the picture quality is great and of course the acting is supberb. I had forgotten just how long ago Morse started its caused a bit of a chuckle at the cars, outfits and price of a pint more revealing is the sight of ash trays in pubs LOL.

Anyway a classic TV series that is very well worth a watch and at this price its worth every penny :)
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on 22 April 2016
Five stars for a real bargain that has excellent quality! If you are a fan of the ITV series based on the books by Colin Dexter then don't feel hesitant to obtain your copy. I read up on the reviews before purchasing and had a look at those who only put one star to see if there were any serious problems. I was almost put off by some of the negative criticism but decided to go ahead and order anyway. One reviewer speaks about the poor quality of the DVD. Well I have a modern Panasonic 40 inch smart tv and a Sony Blu-Ray player and find nothing wrong with the quality. Granted the quality of the recording is based on media that was filmed back in the late 1980's onwards but there is nothing to mar the enjoyment of watching John Thaw and Kevin Whately do what they do best. Another 1 star review complained about John Thaws plodding acting ability and that ITV put the character of Sergeant Lewis in to improve the story. Obviously the reviewer knows nothing of Colin Dexter's stories. So don't be put off by the negative comments of the few! Right! I'm off for a pint Lewis and it's your round!
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on 2 August 2010
Despite reading other reviews giving less than posiitve feedback I decided to buy this set. Taking into consideration the age of the earlier episodes the quality isn't going to be as sharp as the later ones. This in no way has detracted from the viewing pleasure that I have had. We are all aware of the high quality of the shows both in acting, stories and soundtrack and after all this time the early ones , some of which I had missed, still stand out as excellent viewing. The price is unbeatable I think and I have had no problems removing dvd's from the holders. All things being taken into consideration, a great buy.
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I have been buying DVDs for about 25 years now and have accumulated a fair number of them. So much so that Management is forbidding the purchase of any more DVDs because there is no space left to store them.
Many older boxsets are unnecessarily bulky. A case in point is the complete collection of “Inspector Morse”, originally issued in 2-disc regular packaging at about £8 a pop. My collection of these occupied 25 cms (say 10 inches) of shelving. The repackaged box set under review is under 5cms (2 inches) of shelf space. This has mainly been achieved by putting two episodes per disc. That has been accomplished by compressing the data more, allowing two episodes in the 4.7 gigabytes of a single DVD. This does mean a loss of picture detail in this new packaging. Is this noticeable?
A previous reviewer saw no discernible difference on his standard (32 inch?) TV, but thought that a large-screen TV would demonstrate a difference. I can confirm that this is true. I watch quite a lot of television and have invested accordingly: I have a 2014 model LG 55 inch OLED set. I played episode 2 (“The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn” ) in both formats, with my wife and I agreeing that there is a bit more detail perceivable on the older single-episode DVD. This, however, did not spoil our enjoyment one jot – the wonderful production values and acting still shone through. So, if you are hesitating about buying this repackaged set at its really appealing price I would say “Go ahead.”
These programmes were originally shot on film, on 16mm Ariflex cameras. I don’t know if these cameras shot in what was called “Super 16” format. I know that the great BBC production of “Pride and Prejudice” (with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth) was shot in Super 16 and has been transferred to Blu-Ray to wonderful effect. If only that could be done with “Inspector Morse” for ultimate quality.
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on 21 April 2017
The reason for the four stars has nothing to do with the series, I love it. The problem I had is disc eight did not play/load, I checked to see if it had a scratch or crack. I could not see anything, but when I put the disc in it came up with error message saying check disc. So I went on to see if I could return/replace it. I did not get the option to replace the disc, but instead I have to return the whole box set. This now means if I want to buy another set, I need to re watch the first seven discs again, surely in a situation like this when you have so many discs, it would make sense to have a service to offer to replace the faulty disc, rather than starting all over again. I get that mass produced products can have faults, but I am just so annoyed. It will be quite some time before I think about buying this, as I do not think I can watch the first seven discs so soon.
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on 5 January 2016
I read a great deal of crime fiction and generally find tv adaptations disappointing. Morse is the only exception. This set of 33 episodes is superlative and the dvd quality excellent. I think the role of Morse was the best thing John Thaw ever did and it's really good that it led to the Lewis series. I suppose Colin Dexter had to kill Morse off eventually. Regrettably. Even so, the tv episode of The Remorseful Day far outshone the book. Nothing wrong with the packaging of 3 separate cases in a box sleeve. A must for Morse fans - if you're a Lewis fan and never seen his origins, now's your chance. The first episode, The Dead of Jericho was set in 1986 and I only have one question. Where the hell have the last 30 years of my life gone?
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