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Customer Reviews

2.8 out of 5 stars
2.8 out of 5 stars
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on 16 July 2014
Despite the negative reviews given for this film previously, I loved the film. The concept of plants creating a neurotoxin that causes people to start killing themselves is a very good one, and the scenes where you see people casting themselves off of building and hanging themselves in groups is horrific. The ending for the film is a little disappointing, but the actual film is fab.
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on 18 June 2014
a strange feromone coming from plants and trees is causing people worldwide to kill themselves with the help of the wind,nothing scary in this film,rubbish ,don't waste your time buying it,rent it then you don't lose anything,another RUBBISH STUPID FILM
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on 23 June 2017
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on 3 September 2015
An unusual sci fi film. Loved it
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on 22 April 2017
I think this is possibly the worst thing I've ever seen, not just in terms of film but with my eyes. The concept is based on "nothing"; people are scared of "nothing" (or a light breeze sometimes). I make a point of never walking out of a film or switching it off before it ends...this is a habit that has robbed me of a not unsubstantial number of hours of my life. Those I lost watching this film will be the most sorely missed, I think. I could have been outside scooping up my dog's excretion or nailed into a buried coffin and been infinitely happier than I was watching this.

I wonder now if it's a trick; like we're supposed to say "what's happening?" and then by magic Bruce Willis turns up as a ghost or a monster or superhero and everything makes a twisty yet manageable sense. Marky Mark makes the best of it, having apparently been told to react to "nothing". He literally has nothing to work with. Turns out that's not the climate in which an actor can really shine. Rustling leaves and a temperate breeze would once have been the inspiration for romantic poets, a soundtrack to a springtime picnic. Not for Mark these implied pleasantries, not for him the simple enjoyment to be had in gazing up at an unassuming tree and wondering at its ability to just be a tree. In a move that sneakily disregards pathetic fallacy - a literary technique employed by Dickens, Shakespeare, Wordsworth and Keats - this film tries to make the unscary scary. It's like draping a sheet over a toddler and calling it a ghost. Imagine asking said toddler to write a screenplay, convince a studio to option it and then start rolling: you'd likely end up with a better film.

It pains me to write this because obviously M Night has previous. The Sixth Sense was the first film that my dad cried watching and Unbreakable was a work of art. For me, it went downhill from there and this is the very bottom of the hill.
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on 11 August 2014
“Sir, we lost contact.”
“With whom?”

I admit it. M. Night Shyamalan scares the beejezus out of me. I have watched, and actually own a few of his movies. The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and Signs are all on my DVD movie shelf. I have The Last Airbender on my list to watch, as I really enjoyed the animated series. I will watch his others, I just don’t really watch television all that much right now.

The Happening is only a 90-minute flick, and it was a good way to wake up this evening when I crawled out of bed. Sometimes, when I have had trouble sleeping it takes me a while to get truly conscious, so tea and a muffin and a movie are sometimes the perfect way to wake up.

I didn’t even really recognize that this was a Shyamalan film until I actually opened it up in my movie rental list. Bless Dish’s little heart for offering a great list of free movies!

The Happening one of Shyamalan’s best, but it certainly isn’t his worst. Not as bone-chilling as some of the others, what starts out as what is thought to be a terrorist attack becomes something much more, as humans begin slaughtering themselves in Central Park. The contagion spreads across the east coast, attacking smaller and smaller populations, until nearly the whole population is extinct.

Shyamalan has created a tight film, set within a short time period, which addresses the human depredation of the Earth – and the Earth’s capability to fight back. I got a huge kick out of it! I loved the idea of the Earth finally saying Enough! If you like Shyamalan’s odd, quirky style and a film which addresses our carelessness towards this beautiful blue planet we are blessed with, give this movie a try. It didn’t get really good reviews in a lot of places, but we can’t all like the same things, right? It isn’t Signs but it is a great little movie for what it is – one of the earlier works of a brilliant man.

About M. Night Shyamalan

When you say fear of the unknown, that is the definition of fear; fear is the unknown, fear is what you do not know, and it’s genetically within us so that we feel safe. We feel scared of the woods because we’re not familiar with it, and that keeps you safe.

Born in India but raised in the posh suburban Penn Valley area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, M. Night Shyamalan is the son of two doctors. His passion for filmmaking began when he was given a Super-8 camera at age eight, and even at that young age began to model his career on that of his idol, Steven Spielberg. His first film, Praying with Anger (1992), was based somewhat on his own trip back to visit the India of his birth. He raised all the funds for this project, in addition to directing, producing and starring in it. Wide Awake (1998), his second film, he wrote and directed, and shot it in the Philadelphia-area Catholic school he once attended–even though his family was of a different religion, they sent him to that school because of its strict discipline.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: < mwprods@mindspring (dot) com>
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on 12 December 2011
I think I should have given the money to some drug addicts and let them get some enjoyment from it. This movie was nothing but a waste. sad that money was spent making it and sad that I purchased it. I am usually pretty open minded but this one has me totaly stumped. I think it deserves 30 seconds in the microwave oven and then hang it up outside from a tree as a garden ornament.
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It's easy to see why film fans both adore and grind their teeth at Director/Writer M. Night Shyamalan. He produces films like "The Happening"…

It intrigues at the beginning with a slightly creepy set up, keeps you cleverly hooked - but then ultimately lets you down with the big cheesy reveal it took two hours to get to. Personally I enjoyed this eco-warning movie more than most (and I like anything Mark Wahlberg is in anyway).

But British fans should be aware that when buying the BLU RAY the US edition on 20th Century Fox is REGION A LOCKED - so it won't play on UK machines unless they're chipped to be 'all regions' which most aren't.

Buy the UK version instead - it's dirt-cheap now - a looker on the Format - and a half decent afternoon watch into the bargain...
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on 15 January 2017
Very good
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on 27 March 2017
Pretty boring film. Just kinda repeats itself throughout and is definitely a film you would only watch once
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