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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 25 November 2000
Tom Cruise stars in this movie blockbuster based on the television series of the same name. Also starring actors of the highest quality like Jean Reno, Ving Rhames, Jon Voight and Kristin Scott Thomas. The story is that Ethan Hunt(Cruise) and his team are set up on a mission, every one is killed but Hunt, sparking suspicions among his colleages. Hunt is disavowed, so he sets out with a new team to clear his name and find the traitor. What follows is an exciting and intruiging adventure. De Palmas masterful direction builds buckets of tension and paranoia throughout. This leads to a wonderful climactic ending. On release this was criticised for being complicated and in need of simplification, that is rubbish, the plot is complex and involving and is far superior to the trigger happy explosion fest that is the sequel. We finally have an intelligent blockbuster which well deserves the 5 stars.
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With number '5' due for release on the 7th December i felt it was time to re-trace the journey of this exciting action
movie-series starring 'Tom Cruise' ......this the first of the Five......
The opening mission goes belly-up the team directed by 'Jim Phelps' (Jon Voight) and led by 'Ethan Hunt' (Tom Cruise)
are seemingly drawn into a trap and are ambushed, they had been trying to prevent 'agent identification' falling into
the wrong, other than 'Nathan Hunt' and it seems 'Claire' (Emmanuelle Beart) the team are all dead.
'Nathan' quickly realizes his team had been betrayed by a insider, but who ? things stand he is prime suspect, and
is being sought by the agency.
He is now on a mission to clear his name and find the 'mole' however the agency do not play by the rules, 'Nathan's'
Mother and Uncle are arrested on a trumped-up-charge which is well publicist to force him to surface and give himself up,
hoping his Mother will understand he has to continue his quest to uncover the truth, though there are few he can trust to
help.........he will find that everything had not been as it had seemed following the earlier mission.
The film also stars 'Vanessa Redgrave' as 'Max' and 'Ving Rhames' as 'Luther Stickell'
A great beginning to what has become a stunning series in terms of action, suspense and indeed stunts, many of which 'Tom
Cruise' does himself (quite something almost 20 years on from this the first in the series)
Well worth scanning back through the early films ahead of the 'Blu-ray/ DVD release of the 5th)
Features -
Mission - Remarkable - 40 years of creating the Impossible
Mission - Explosive Exploits
Mission - Spies Among Us
Mission - Catching The Train
Mission - International Spy Museum
Mission - Agent Dossiers
Excellence In Film - Cruise
Generation - Cruise
Photo Gallery
Mission - Impossible Teaser 'HD'
Mission - Impossible Trailer 'HD'
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Shot in Prague before it became synonymous with cheap labor and tax breaks for runaway productions, the initial signs were less than promising for Mission: Impossible - rumors of clashes between Cruise and Brian De Palma, the latter pointedly keeping a very low public profile when the film opened, last-minute heavy re-editing and the dropping of Alan Silvestri's original score (not, it has to be said, anywhere near as effective as Danny Elfman's replacement) - yet the result is a lot more fun than it has any real right to be. There's little relation to the original series aside from the title, Lalo Schifrin's theme music and an ill-done by Jim Phelps, here played by Jon Voight rather than Peter Graves - indeed, the original cast turned down offers of cameos in a film which kills off almost the entire Impossible Mission Force in the first twenty minutes so the star can hog the spotlight. But then, in those days Tom Cruise still sold more tickets than anyone else and the film raked it in - as they say in gangster movies, it's nothing personal, just business.

Although it was apparently Emmanuelle Beart's role that bore the brunt of the pre-release cuts, Cruise is in more danger of being overshadowed by co-stars Ving Rhames and Jean Reno, neither of whom get as many close-ups but make up for it with much more unforced charisma and screen presence. The plot doesn't always make sense - there's really no reason to break into the CIA's headquarters in Langley to steal a real list of undercover agents' names to use as bait other than allowing the director to stage a Topkapi-inspired high-wire heist - but it just about serves to fill in the gaps between setpieces, including a neat sequence that's pure De Palma where one character's explanation of events is accompanied by visuals gradually piecing together what really happened and a doozey of an action sequence involving a helicopter in the Channel Tunnel that caused the Bond producers to drop their original storyboarded-but-unshot Channel Tunnel pre-title sequence from the script of GoldenEye as well as boasting a neat line in spectacularly breaking windows.

No classic but an above-average Summer movie that holds up surprisingly well. Although an improvement over the bare-bones original DVD release (though the transfer of the film itself is identical and hasn't been upgraded), there's a distinct feeling that the reverential special features in this special edition are there merely to reassure Cruise and his fans that he is indeed the most special and wonderful person in the world.
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on 9 February 2004
A materpice of a spy thriller. A truely enjoyable 90 minutes of *Tom Cruise* being well, just Tom to be honest. He's cool, suave and quick to ACT! The story is nearly as good as the theme tune (see title) and the feel is *glossy* and yet somehow comic book despite overtures of classy sets and Bondesk enlightenment. Don a dark suit, get out those *Ray Bans* from the closet and make sure you spend a good 10 minutes in front of the mirror saying ***'If I told you where I was going I wouldn't be on holiday'***! Make sure nobody sees you!
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on 12 October 2002
It is exiting to watch a film that uses brains instead of fists to solve problems. This is one of these films. There is very little violence, so the main character has to use other skills in order to come up with a solution.
Tom Cruise is as always a very good actor, and in this film, even though it is not heavy, it is a film that deserves his talent.
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on 12 March 2001
This film is a bit of a mix with the gadgets of a bond film, but with the intrigue and supspense found in the TV series. The basic plot is that Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is the only survivor of a mission gone wrong, where the team end up dead. Ethan hunt has to clear his name, as they thing he is a mole.
This is an intelligent thriller, with a number of plot twists. There is a bit of a conspiracy involved, as Ethan finds out more about the purpose of the mission. Also the stunts are very impressive, and are genuinly tense. The sequence where they abseil into the CIA building to get to data from a computer is tense, as are most of the action sequences, which are an integral part of the film.
I don't think this is a classic, as thriller go, but this is one of the best thrillers around, and sets an example to the makes of the Bond films, of what they should aim at.
They could have fallen into the trap of putting in too many action sequences, and ignored the plot with this, but the balance is just right, as the plot is always the main concern, and all the action revlolves around it. The MI Francise was not wasted here.
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on 12 April 2007
A 90'sblockbuster, Mission Impossible garnered huge expectations on its release back in 1996. With a stellar cast of Cruise , jean Reno, Jon Voight and Ving Rhames, it could do no wrong.Well, it didn't but yet it wasn't perfect. You have to watch this film more than once to get a full gist of the plot, but it does have its moments;

The scene where Cruise dangles precariously from a cable and just catches a bead of sweat before it triggers the floor alarm is as sublimely exhilarating as any in the history of Hollywood.
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on 26 August 2012
This is the worst blu ray transfer yet ! I have had this film on dvd several times and have always enjoyed it. the quality of the dvd was has good has it could get . so the day came i wanted to finally upgrade to the blu ray and was shocked at the poor quality . the picture was very fuzzy and blurry at times and when the actors would move there faces it would leave a fuzzy trace . And through out the entire film you could see black marks or dots as you would with a really old movie, the dvd is far better then the blu ray ! all my other blu rays movies are brilliant and what you would expect, but this is a real disaster !!
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on 16 October 2015
The film is a little cryptic, and you will need to pay attention to really get what is going on. The film stars Tom Criuse, and John Voight, with a strong supporting cast. The film is based on the 70s series, of the same name. Basically Criuse's team is sent on a mission, which does not go to plan, and Tom finds himself alone and hunted by his employers. Tom must find the real mole, and save deep cover agents who could be exsposed. There are some great action sequences, like when they break into the high security building. Some far fetched scenes, like the fish tank that seems to have enough water to flood a city street. Overall the film is a good watch.
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on 10 July 2000
This is a must have for M.I. fans, great cast. Too many twists & turns to mention, keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the film. Switch on the box, crank up that volume knob & lie back with your tub of popcorn...
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