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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 January 2013
Here in one box set, spread over four discs, are all twenty two episodes of the Eleventh season of the Simpsons.

Episodes are as follows:

Beyond Blunderdome.
Brother's little helper.
Guess who's coming to criticize dinner.
Treehouse of Horror X.
E-I-E-I-[annoyed grunt].
Hello gutter, hello fadder.
Eight misbehavin'.
Take my wife, sleaze.
Grift of the magi.
Little Big Mom.
Faith off.
The Mansion Family.
Saddlesore Galactica.
Alone again, natura-diddily.
Missionary: Impossible.
Bart to the future.
Days of Wine and D'oh'ses.
Kill the alligator and run.
Last tap dance in Springfield.
It's a mad, mad, mad, mad, marge.
Behind the laughter.

The quality of the show at this stage in the run is a matter of opinion. And you do get the sense of them just taking an idea and running with it. But this is a very solid season. The Mel Gibson guest starring season opener 'Beyond Blunderdome' is a very good episode and a strong season opener. And the season finale 'Behind the Laughter', a parody of a certain documentary series which has the Simpsons as actors in their own show is inspired and very clever and very funny with it.

The discs have the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English.

Subtitles: English.

Although you can choose to watch 'Beyond Blunderdome' in either Italian, Portugese, Czech, or German.

All episodes have a commentary from production staff and occasionally cast members also.

You can choose to watch every episode on the discs in a row or individually.

Those that have deleted scenes allow you the option of putting them back into the episode should you desire.

Disc one also has:

A short introduction to the season from show creator Matt Groening.

Animation showcase: which allows you to watch 'Beyond Blunderdome' at various stages of it's development.

Disc two also has:

One minutes worth of original character sketches.
'The many faces of Krusty': seven minutes worth of clips from Krusty related episodes showing how his look has been down the years.

Disc three also has:

Another animation showcase. Like the one on disc one, it allows you to watch 'The Mansion Family' at various stages of it's development.

Disc four also has:

Deleted scenes. Nineteen minutes worth of these, all the ones for the season in a row. Some are unfinished and some are in black and white. You can watch them with or without a commentary which explains why they were cut. Usually for timing reasons. Amongst them is an alternate ending for 'Beyond Blunderdome' which is well worth a look.

There's also another minutes worth of original sketches.
'And then there were menus'. A minute long feature showing how the interactive menus for these dvds are put together.
'A star on Hollywood boulevard'. A two minute long feature showing the ceremony that took place when the show was granted a star on Hollywood Boulevard.

As with other seasons the menus on the dvd do contain some fun animation that is well worth watching. And there are extras gags in the artwork and writing on the box of the dvd and in the booklet that comes with it.

Unfortunately this season isn't as well packaged as before. Instead of putting the discs in plastic holders the packaging folds out and you have to slot them into little cardboard pockets. Which is mildly inconvenient and somewhat annoying.

As with season ten this does feel a little light on extras compared to what came before.

But even so, it's a strong collection and what you do get extras wise is pretty good.

Just a shame about the packaging. But otherwise a very strong product.
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on 4 February 2018
This is the season where the episodes dip for 1-2 seasons, then come back up. I bought this and season 17. I found 17 more enjoyable, but season 11 is still OK. There is some really good episodes ( Beyond Blunderdome, Faith off), Some medium episodes (Alone again, naturily diddy!) and some episodes that are noticably boring ( It's a mad, mad, mad, mad marge!) The box, inside, has lovely, circus themed graphics. The packaging is yes, very flimsey, but I like it! The back of the box arrived with lots of scratching, and I am not sure if I should return it or not (I am a collector!) Overall, to finish off the millenium, they did a pretty good job with this season! I recommend buying it if you are a collector, but if you just like the simpsons, I reccomend season 17 instead (See my other review). I did enjoy this season, and I think the simpsons stayed good until season 22.
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on 30 August 2015
As thousands of people have stated before, season 10 was evidently the last one where the Simpsons was at its best. I decided to give this set a try anyway, and there were plenty of entertaining moments, but there is a feel that the show has lost its heart and many of the characters start acting like cardboard cut-outs, and acting out of character. I probably won't be buying any further seasons of the Simpsons as although it is still quite entertaining, it is slightly sad that the characters seem to have lost something from their personalities.
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VINE VOICEon 13 July 2009
OK, I think we all understand that the packaging for this is poor, the cardboard is confusing and finding the disks was like playing a game, but once you've got the disk, the fun really begins. This is without a doubt a funny series, with Homer going insane, Barney trying to give up the booze, Homer scoring a perfect game at the bowling alley and Bart discovering his future at the Indian Casino, so really this is a good all round package.

No expense has been quashed on the DVD front. All the episodes have commentary, which is a miracle considering how many there are, and well done by creator, and actors of the TV hit. Even the extras are cool, with deleted scenes, storyboards and much more, so you'll hear no complaints from me.

Well except for one, sometimes the cartoon looks washed out, but it's very good quality usually, with a lot of different colours and palates.

Fair enough, the packaging of the DVD disks is awful and should be addressed, but this is a fine package - the DVDs are jam packed DVD9s and it's very good comedy.

Enjoy and don't be disheartened by low ratings.
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on 15 June 2009
Seeing as most The Simpsons dvds are on sale at the moment, I thought it was a good idea to update my collection and so I was faced with the dilemma, should I buy the head editions if they cost as much as the regular editions? I am still waiting to see how amazon.co.uk delivers the old-style head editions, but I received the Krusty one already. It was not damaged.
And I have to say I expected much worse for the way the discs are packaged. Mine were not scratched or had glue residues so maybe I was lucky. All in all I think it is not as bad as people make it out to be but it you have normal-length nails you can stil get the discs out by not having to touch them too much. Me being one who plays the shows once usually, I will put the disc I am watching in an unused cd jewel case and when I'm done I'm gonna put it back.
Other than that, the actual packaging is very nice and glossy and colorful and better than the other head packaging, or even the standard ones. That said, I hope the next one coming out in about a month will be different in how the discs are packaged.
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on 3 January 2018
Always loved watching the simpsons and they never get old. This is a great series and my son loves it too.
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on 29 August 2014
Amazing season of the Simpsons. However i fear tha ti twas the the last really good season they managed to churn out. They went downhill after this season.

High quality extras are included. The commentary is particularly insightful.
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on 30 December 2015
We enjoy watching the Simpson's and this series 11,12, 13 we bought brings hours of fun and laughter. All are great value, arrived promptly, and the dvds has very funny episodes. Good laugh for all the family!
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on 13 January 2018
Came promptly given as a gift and the recipient was very happy
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on 2 April 2018
Love the show but sadly the box set isn’t as good quality as the previous 10seasons as this and all above seasons box sets are all cardboard whilst the 1-10 ones were plasoand cardboard
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