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on 3 June 2017
Very good story line and action scenes.
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on 26 April 2015
great movie!
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on 26 May 2017
Love this movie.
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on 5 January 2004
Ok - there is a plot but it is a litte thin. No emotion / feelings is a hard thing to get across in a movie with 100's of oppotunities to contradict yourself but hey...it's worth a try.
I personally thought that the action sequences were pretty awesome. Kung fu with guns - Yeah! bring it on!
Matrix keeps getting mentioned in the same breath as this film - ie it's a poor mans matrix. Complete tosh. Watch it for what it is - a good all round action film with some good fight scenes and hereo's doing heroic things ( as they tend to do ).
I liked it and I hope you'll like it too.
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on 18 June 2011
This UK release of Equilibrium on Blu-Ray is not so bad looking and sounding in fact.
But it do not cover the main problem - aspect ratio is 1.78:1 and not the original 2.35:1 ratio. And for a film like this - proper aspect ration transfer is badly needed. Also DD5.1 (or DTS=MA 2.0 like on US release)... it is not good for Equilibrium with all this shooting.
The only one proper release in the world is Holland BD which have proper AOR 2.35:1 and DTS-HD MA 5.1. But unfortunately I cannot find it anywhere.
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on 3 April 2014
In true dystopian style, this is a Dictatorship and the masses are repressed. This time, it's in their emotions. Nobody can feel - no love, no happiness, no anger.

Christian Bale is perfect for his role - a Cleric who seeks out those breaking the strict emotion laws - he conveys the coldness wonderfully. And when he stops taking his pills he also convinces as a man feeling for the first time.

Sean Bean has only a small role (does he ever play a good guy who lives to the end?!) but does it well. He kick starts Bale's contemplation of living without feeling.

This is full of amazing scenes that you'll remember, including a fantastic new style of fighting that Bale effortlessly conveys. There's a nail biting scene with a dog and some spookily good acting from Bale's on-screen son, the model student and informant.

Reminiscent of 1984, it's a new generation's classic, or deserves to be. It will make you remember why art, music and poetry are all so vital.
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on 23 June 2016
Oh snap. Suckered again into purchasing a total dog of a film by production credits studded with stars.

This is an awesomely dumb action scifi vehicle aimed at milking the teen game-player audience. It's yet another highly derivative, dystopian post- apocalyptic vision doing the ol' rebels v. evil authoritarian empire schtick . Quite a big budget job but basically a pumped-B Movie: tired and formulaic. Basically think comic book stereotypes trapped in a 1984-meets-Matrix nexus written and directed by some pretentious industry mouth-breather with a severe dosh habit to feed. You know who wins. It ain't the audience. At least not the grown-ups. To be fair, probably quite number of 11 year olds might enjoy it for the action.

The best I can say about it is that it certainly makes you appreciate how wonderful the great scifi action flicks are.

Critiquing the story holes and internal plot implausibilities would be laughable given the level. The dorky big concept is that fascistic authorities (they dress in black and their embem is a variant on a swastika) are stamping-out emotion in the name of neutralising war-like tendencies in human beings. It all ends on a twist followed by another twist. In the short 'making-of' doc someone actually describes the concept as kinda Buddhist.

So: a duck-dumb 'dramatic' vehicle for action sequences that leaves the A-list acting talent with nothing to do (particularly David Hemmings) but keep a straight face and laugh all the way to the tax-haven.

The director (no John Carpenter) has chosen B soundtrack music (always there, helping you along like a sonic seeing-eye mutt) which is meat-shaped speed-metal alternating with synthy sub-Wagnerian twaddle.

During the speed-metal bits Christian Bale whips it out (again and again) on a host of baddies using some Hollywood-concocted blend of samurai martial arts and hi-tech firepower. Way less spectacular than in the Matrix, but that sort of thing. Highly stylised hyper-unreal combat in which it's all about tightly story-boarded moves circa 2002 (you know, rapid switching between slow and speeded-up), dancing and SFX. Maybe connoiseurs of this stuff will spot amusing innovations in the choreography but it seemed merely slick and predictable to me. Nothing as exciting as Bales's street-fighting Batman and really rather old-hat when viewed in 2016. Unless you're a collector, possibly. Maybe this is classy teen-cult stuff.

On a positive note, there's a scene where Christian Bale's character is turned from the dark side by a cute puppy. Towards the end there's also a bit of CGI in which a face gets sliced off. Not in a gory way though. A sort of slow slide. About the only things I hadn't seen before and didn't expect. Gosh those pixels are sharp aren't they?
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on 14 October 2006
I caught this film by accident on Filmfour a while back, and never got round to seeing the end. As the film had grabbed me somewhat, I bought it.

Comparisons with The Matrix are a little unfair - apart from the fight scenes and the long-black coats, the films are completely different. In fact, I believe the film could have benefitted from a more Matrix-comparison-free marketing drive. I overlooked this one so many times in the video store because it looked like it was a cheap stright-to-rental rip-off of the Matrix, but I couldn't have been more wrong.

In terms of mood, pacing and general 'look' the film has a lot of similarities with Gattaca: another film set in a dystopian future where biochemical solutions erase the flaws inherent in the human condition and individuals find themselves pitted against these 'dehumanising' forces.

Again, like Gattaca, the film looks utterly stunning. Every shot is beautifully composed with careful attention to geometric detail.

Elements of Nineteen Eighty Four sit quietly in the background in the form of the patriarchal totalitarian leader of the society, 'Father', and his periodic addresses to the general public on giant wallscreens.

The fight scenes are very Matrixy though. The film has an odd choice of combat: the curious device of a 'Gun Kata' which is a sort of martial art for people with shooters that spring out from their sleeves. It's not overdone to the point of silliness though, and kind of works in an odd way.

I'm not a big fan of action/shooty films, but this one was really artful.
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on 5 September 2003
This is a great movie, and the plot is far better thought out than that of the Matrix, which I felt was "special effects over substance".
After his perfectly cast performance in American Psycho, Christian Bale is back and again showing what a fantastic actor he is, as Cleric John Preston - a law-enforcer who upholds the law by eliminating any individual seen to be exhibiting emotion. He is therefore a man who is responsible for eradicating "sense offenders" and even ends up killing his own work colleague (sounds like American Psycho again!).
As the film progresses, Preston begins to question his actions after a thought-provoking interview with Mary O'Brien - a woman he arrested and who is due to be "processed" (executed). Ultimately he decides to rebel, but without wanting to ruin it for those who have yet to see it, there are a few twists thrown in at the end.
The martial arts/gun scenes are fantastic and really get you rooting for the good guy!
Overall this a great film, worthy of a place in your DVD collection.
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on 25 May 2017
Probably one of Christian Bales best aside from Batman. I wish they had made one more.
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