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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 3 March 2009
Remember when records were so good that they made you smile or even laugh out loud? Music just doesn't have to be this great but let us give thanks that Adoration go above and beyond necessity.
If you were not familiar with the work of Stephen Carey and This Burning Effigy then you are in for a treat. Fans of TBE will know exactly what to expect.
His new band produce a sound full of beauty, mood, atmosphere and emotion. Gorgeous layered guitars that Robin Guthrie or Johnny Marr would be proud of. Big full (Craig Adams like) Bass sounds and quality dreamy vocals that fit perfect.
Indeed if The Cure had released this album instead of the recent average 4:13 Dream we would all be saying what a triumphant return to form.
This album deserves to be heard by the masses. Yes, it may have an 80's feel to it, which is not a criticism, and if you want to call it Alternative or Goth then that will be up to you. I prefer to call it the proper medicine that my starving mind needs. I now remember Excitement!
Buy this album, wait till evening, open your bedroom curtains, pop the CD in the player, lie down on your bed and as the moonlight floods the room, count the seconds before a massive grin appears on your face.....
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on 9 September 2009
If The Cure ever released an album that was a return to form then this would probably be it. A lot of people seemed to be extremely disappointed with The Cure's latest album '4:13 Dream'. So anybody that is looking for something new, but in the same vein as The Cure should be very pleased indeed. I heard of this band via myspace, so I thought it might be worth checking out. I heard the song 'Same as it ever was' and I was very very very impressed. The melodies, arrangements, riffs and vocals all caught my attention. I then decided to buy the album from the band directly. When I received it, I had quite a few listens to it, to see if was really all I hoped it would be. It turned out to be a truly class album with a lot of standout songs and not just one or two good/great songs like the albums that are in the charts these days.

Stephen Carey from This Burning Effigy handles the guitars and programming on this album. He is one hell of an excellent guitarist. There are a lot of great melodies, solos and other great things from both the guitarists, Stephen Carey and Rob Leydon also of another excellent English traditional Goth rock band Voices of Masada. This album also has an old school 80's feel to it: think of the best parts of The Mission, The Cure and maybe a small dose of Fields of The Nephilim. Nearly all the songs to me are beautifully crafted, well thought out, very memorable and they will stick in your head for months on end. There are some very fine songs on this album such as 'Closure, the title song, Overground, Same as it ever was, Broken Sky (reminded of some parts of The Cure back in the day), Cold, Touch The Water and of course the fantastic and unforgettable closing song 'Fade Away'. This song has bagpipes at the start, a very prominent bass riff courtesy of Lee-Anne Burgess throughout the song, and an incredible solo at the end.

Overall I am very pleased with this album as you would have guessed, and I would highly recommend it to anybody looking for new and interesting bands. I bought this album sometime early last year and it has not been off my iPod since, it's that good. The only song that I felt was a let down was 'Slowmotion'. Otherwise it's a scorcher of an album. I'm not exactly sure what type of rock Adoration play; some people may class it as gothic rock, whereas others will call it alternative rock. I think it falls somewhere between these two. Definitely one of the very best debut albums I've listened to this year, along with 'Smoke & Mirrors' by The Eden House, which I also reviewed.
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on 16 March 2009
Kerrang! magazine:

"Having spent nearly five years honing their art before introducing it to a studio you'd expect Adoration to be the complete article and you'd certainly not be disappointed. This is rich, mesmerising music to catch your attention in quieter moments. Possessed of immense depth, it's full of texture and quality, amounting to a genuine beauty that is born of fine songwriting and attention to detail. Each of the nine tracks brings a new focus, Slowmotion a whirling merry-go-round that contrasts with the enchanting Same As It Ever Was, a song that pulses on a teetering, unforgettable hook. Allow these deathlike lullabies to take you on a trip."

Total Guitar magazine:

"Miss the ice-cold metal of the Sisters Of Mercy and The Mission? Your next best bet is Adoration. Epic soundscapes recall the best of the 80s goth scene along with more than a touch of The Cure. Plangent guitars and big choruses are all over Sleepwalking: you can almost smell the dry ice."

What other people think:

"I love this kind of sophisticated darkish pop, so much so that were I not fortunate enough to be getting a complimentary copy, I'd be buying it!" - Julianne Regan (All About Eve)

"Perfectly designed for it's genre and wonderfully produced, these are songs to set sail to by night. Admirers of The Cure, Cocteau Twins & The Mission would be foolish to miss this record." - Miles Hunt (The Wonder Stuff)

"Rich, dark, textural and emotive." - Roger O'Donnell (formerly of The Cure)
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on 5 March 2009
As a huge fan of 80s music, its been a long time since ive come across something new that i really like. i discovered this band by mistake from a friends link to their MySpace, and on the first note i got hooked. The opening track gives me the same shivers i experience when listening to albums like The Cures Disintegration, big bass and floaty guitars, with a very dreamy voice to carry it through. Unlike a lot of albums that start of promising then go rapidly downhill, this doesnt. Every individual song takes you on a journey. i see some people are calling it gothic music? There are no heavy metal or noise or shouty singing here, so im not sure why people consider this gothic becaue gothic music is a horrable noise and this is not. This has a nice 80s vibe to it without sounding dated (i think its a recent CD?). Reminds me of a dreamy laid back U2 and Simple Minds. Definitely music to relax to, even some of the faster songs. i don't know why this band don't appear to be commercially successful as i had not heard of them before i found their MySpace. i hope someone discovers them for their talent and soon, because i want to hear more. Amazing work. 10 out of 10.
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on 19 June 2009
A fabulous,intelligent album perfect for anyone who's impatient waiting for new material from the various members of this gothic 'supergroup',albeit the combined talent have come up with something gentler and more ethereal than the bands we know the members from (N.F.D.,Fields of The Nephilim etc.). Great stuff....for fans of true goth as opposed to 'nu goth'.
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on 29 June 2009
This is the best album I have heard in a long time, i play it everyday going to and coming back from work, it lifts my spirits and reminds me to enjoy life.

John Stone sounds as if he has years of singing experience and the guitar and druming are amazing.
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on 6 January 2016
Rich but gentle vocals hovering over a misty accompaniment of layered guitars, synth, bass & drum. A sort-of gothic Alan Parsons Project!
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on 18 February 2009
If you are a fan of the Classic sound of bands like The Mission or The Cure without the 'Down at the graveyard' Vocals then this is the CD for you. With melodic guitar lines, 80s Vocals in the Style of A Flock of Seaguls / The Bolshoi the album is a winner. Despite the connections, this is as far apart from Fields of the Nephilim (thank god) as you can get. If you are a fan of quality Goth and melodic rock then this is for you.
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