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on 25 June 2008
I feel Rob Zombies remake of Halloween has bought the whole saga back to life. I did feel having watched Halloween H20 (no offence) it was no match for the likes of the original John Carpenters Halloween, or the Curse of Michael Myers, and also felt the whole concept was dead and buried. I did hesitate at first before watching the film from fear of disappointment. However, from start to finish this was an "absolute classic"!! The insight to Michael Myers from boy to man was disturbing yet intriguing. Rob Zombie delivers this in a basic and higly effective way. I would recommend this to anyone who is a horror fan and has or had an interest in the Halloween story!!!
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on 14 January 2013
What a great remake of the classic halloween im a massive fan of the franchise and rob zombie has done a great job on this fair play to him but JC's original will always be the best no matter what :) well worth watching..
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on 11 June 2015
Super swift postage - a great item at a great price - a thoroughly recommended Amazon seller.
I most certainly will use again.
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on 16 February 2010
i bought this because i had read a review in an online forum that said it was region 0.
i already had the dvd but i wanted this because it was the unrated version and it had an extended documentary about the halloween movies.
unfortunately it is region a and will not play on uk machines.
so this will be sold on unplayed, hopefully there will be a uk version soon?
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on 6 May 2008
This is one of the rare examples you will find where a remake is better then the original. The back-story of Michael Myers gives the film many more dimensions then John Carpenters 1978 version lacks. At times you can even find yourself feeling sympathetic towards Michael.
Daeg Faerch performance is chilling, angelic one second, demonic the next. Malcolm McDowell does credit to the role of Dr. Samuel Loomis, but for me no one could do that task better then the late Donald Pleasence.
A first class remake, that leaves me baffled by the criticism of some reviewers.
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on 2 January 2008
rob zombies remake of halloween, serves only to highlight the original, he has taken the writing and dircection credit, but the only parts of the movie which are changed from the original are diluted and self indulgent, the movie only picks up pace when he switches back into copying the original, but the update doesnt feel any fresher, and the tension and pace of the original have been lost completely, although malcolm mcdowell shines, the rest of the cast, especially jamie lee curtis' replacement are extremely poor.
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on 1 January 2013
this its one of the best horror movies i have.the movie its excellent,my huband and me both like this movie,have goods actors and goods special effects we really enjoy its a great horror film.
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on 25 November 2008
I was very disappointed by this film, especially since I do have high regard for Rob Zombie's directorial skills. The story was based around Michael Myer's early childhood and the horrendous carnage that falls around him. I did feel there was no obvious hint as to why Michael goes crazy which was a downside for me. I did like Sheri Moon Zombie's performance however as the grief stricken and long suffering mother of Michael but that is the only thing I can really credit.
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on 15 August 2015
I only ordered it yesterday so very happy with my purchase and very quickly dispatched.
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on 18 August 2008
This isn't a slasher movie in the traditional sense. There is a lot more to it. The depth displayed in this film by Rob Zombie is amazing to me. I loved the Devil's Rejects, but I felt that maybe Zombie would go over the top with the gore here, and just go for the gross out effect. But the first half of this film is a good character study of Michael Myers and bases it firmly in reality. It's really what Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning should have been for Leatherface. We don't see exactly what makes Michael into a monster but we get a glimpse of the world he's living in and the people he has to live in it with, none of whom are sympathetic. It humanises him in a way that took me by surprise. We meet him just before he goes over the edge and spend almost an hour with him after his arrest for the killing of his family, and follow his incarceration for some of the fifteen years he spends in the sanatorium before his escape and rampage in Haddonfield. There is no supernatural element whatsoever, it's all psychological.

My only problem with it really is the lack of a satisfactory ending, which is the kind of thing most of these movies suffer from. In this case there is an alternate ending, or what was the original ending, on the disc too. I think the original ending was better because for a moment I thought Michael was going to allow himself to be returned to his cell. I think that would have been revolutionary in a film centred on one of horror's modern icons. This film has already humanised him to a degree that I didn't think anyone had the balls to try, and that alone made me think that there was actually a slasher movie that wouldn't end with the villain going down in a hail of bullets but going meekly to a prison cell. But in the end Zombie resorted to the old villian-gets-shot-and-we`re-supposed-to-think-he's-dead-but-he-isn't ploy. The second half of the film suffers a little from having to keep up with the stalk-and-slash of the original Carpenter film and it does keep a few of the gags from that film. I'm torn as to whether it's better than the original because the first hour is fantastic, simply stunning that it was done at all, but also done well, yet hampered still by the fact that the second half can't compare with the original in the minds of people like myself who've had it engrained in their movie-memory for decades.

The film has a good cast, a couple of my personal fave's in Malcolm Mcdowell, Brad Dourif and William Forsythe, and Tyler Mane did well as the adult Michael. I think just about everyone who was in Devil's Rejects was in this film, with a few exceptions, and that's fine by me since they did a good job there too. It's like the old days when Hammer had all the same actors showing up over and over again. Zombie obviously knows what he wants and who he can get it from. Sybil Danning shows up as a nurse who unwisely pisses Michael off, and in the deleted scenes Adrienne Barbeau gives Loomis a hard time, and Mickey Dolenz sells him a gun.

The violence (which let's face it is why we were attracted to Halloween in the first place) is handled realistically, not overblown like Devil`s Rejects. You can easily buy into a guy the size of Tyler Mane doing these things. There's something down and dirty about the way it's handled.

The extras are a bit disappointing. The commentary isn't as illuminating as you'd hope, and neither are the extras. The deleted scenes are good though.

Great film. Average disc.
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