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on 4 December 2015
It is such a pity that Heath Ledger got his Oscar posthumously. It has to be one of the most transfixing performances of that decade. When I first saw it, the Joker genuinely scared the hell out of me.It is one of the most successful performances of a psychopath by someone who is decidedly not so. Out of all the films from 2000 through 2010, Heath's was indeed most deserved. Of course, anything that the Nolan Brothers touch seems to turn to cinematic gold. Everything in this film is what is needed for great drama - great plot, wonderful character development, and three cinematic acts with a great conclusion and an apt ending. I was disappointed somewhat with the last film in the trilogy, but this one on it's own follows the cardinal rule of middle pieces of trilogies - make them engaging, entertaining, dark, unsettling, and somewhat unresolved. The best Batman movie ever made, IMHO. We'll see what Ben Affleck does with Superman vs Batman. Last time Fox did that with Aliens Vs Predators they should have hung themselves for poor taste and sheer avarice. Turning two of that generations most compelling franchises into mere bloodbaths was disgusting, and without cinematic merit. Anyway, buy this movie - it's the best.
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on 25 February 2017
Calling all Bat fans. This is Batman at his most fearsome, a protector of the people of Gotham City but with that evil touch that all villians must fear. Brilliantly played by Christian Bale with a voice that changes from a light, normal human voice when' unsuited' but one which changes to a deep, menacing tone when he becomes 'The Batman'. Maybe a bit too frightening for young ones . The basal tones on the disc recording are too low (probably to give Batman's voice more menace) .(hence the 4 star rating) I found I had to re adjust the sound settings on my Blu ray player but found this impossible to do as they were 'fixed' on the disc recording. Any hi fi buff would find this slightly irritating whilst watching the film. I did. That said, it's full of action and a good cast means this Batman is, for me, one of the best.
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on 5 June 2016
The best movie of all times. This beats The Godfather, The Terminator and even all Rocky movies!

The joker tries to teach the whole city that everyone is a schemer with a plan and a hypocrite (spoiler alert).

To send his message, he arranges for people who try to escape the chaos and fear created by him to choose between themselves and the people in the other ferry boat (good citizens and convincted criminals). None of the boats end up exploding even under the threat of them being exploded. The Batman argues that there are still good people in the city.

But, in the most important part of his own plan, he also brings down what he believed to be the biggest hero of Gotham, Harvey Dent, in his attempts to undo all of the good he had done as the Gotham City DA.

While he actually succeeds in bringing down Harvey, he was not able to prove his point as Batman talked Gordon into blaming him for Harvey's own mistakes, thus making Batman the kind of hero that only a real hero would have accepted and even seek to be. A hero in huge pain due to the loss of Rachel (whom he though was going to wait for him) willing take the blame for Harvey's fall just so that the joker would not accomplish his goal of having Harvey's work to be undone.

While doing so, the Batman also claims Harvey to be the White Knight of Gotham City that he could never be referring to him as "the best of us". With all of the limitations of a human being, with all of the temptations of money and power, with all of the pain he suffered throughout his life and now more than ever, the Batman, without seeking any personal gain, turns into the greatest super hero of all time. Sorry Superman and Co.
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on 29 August 2015
All in all the best Batman by Nolan, although I consider the first one (B begins) more consistent from start to end, while this one has a great first half but then it does not keep the promises it's made before: you expect the joker to be a real evil guy, and he ends up like a silly character, you expect the apocalypse to come and it does not, you feel the joker is right and humanity is basically evil, then everything ends up in disney style. But while you've been watching it, you can't deny it is a fascinating entertainment, with great and ambitious moments. Maybe too ambitious, but still worth to watch.
Blu ray is spectacular and you can tell right from the opening scene, shot in Imax camera, and transferred in HD. I first saw it in the theatre and was really impressed, and the good thing is that, watching it again on tv, I was impressed again.
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on 16 December 2016
This was the only Batman movie I hadn't seen and I didn't hold out much hope. This was one of the most hyped movies when it was released.

It is half an hour too long, but it is still a good watch for the money I paid for it (less than £2). In fact it is probably the best of the modern batman movies, although it is very dark and a little too gory. The plot is a bit ragged but it does hold together. Ledger as the joker is excellent. Bale as Batman/Wayne is disappointing and at times, irritating (stupid voice).
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on 18 August 2013
'Why so serious?'
'The Dark Knight' (2008) is a film of treachery and deceit which, in some ways, is marred by its very complexity. The effects are spectacular and, given the lack of realism in comic-book super-hero films, fitting for the subject-matter. The script tends to be somewhat mundane but is rescued by the performances, especially that of Heath Ledger as The Joker.
Some reviewers, I note, dismiss the film as trite but I think they misjudge it. It tries too hard to trick the audience and produce confusion and so, to quote the Joker, the audience might ask, 'Why so serious?' In many ways it takes itself very seriously to confuse rather than simply amuse the audience. As a result it improves on a second viewing. It is filled with apparent non-sequiturs and ill-explained events. For example, the Chinese accountant Lau seems fashioned to be the archetype for new villain for the US public who've already worked their way through German and English 'nasties' ( in the masterpiece creation of the Gruber brothers in Die Hard 1 and Die Hard 3 the creation is blended by using English actors). However, the whole episode of Lau could have been cut out without affecting the main plot. There's a 'clever' reference to 'Two-Face' which is never exploited. 'The Batman' (why the article?) flits in and out with ease but, as expected, although shunning (on the whole) powerful weapons, is never floored. People die and then come alive again. Considering the miserable display of human nature throughout 95% of the film one might well agree with the Joker's misanthropic viewpoint, which makes the ferry sequence too difficult to swallow.
However, the acting rescues all. Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman perform with their usual competence, which puts them in the upper echelon of most film stars. Christopher Bale achieves an air of menace as Batman and an air of irritating complacency as Bruce Wayne. Aaron Eckhart produces an excellent portrayal of ambivalence - early on he's so praised you're sure he must be up to no good and later on he behaves so abominably you're sure he's going to come through in the end. However, it is Heath Ledger who steals the show - how fitting as the number of times the Joker appears to outwit the forces of law and order before the 'deus ex machina' routine spoils his scheme. Only by 'playing dirty' does Batman etc. bring him down. He verges on the over-playing like Alan Rickman does in 'Die Hard' and 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' and they both stay enough inside acting to dominate the film and walk off with the honours.
To sum it up 'The Dark Knight' is easily worth 4 stars and almost claws its way into 5.
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on 27 February 2018
As i mentioned on the first movie this is way better than the early film efforts. And the vehicles are just way cool. The tumbler and batbike are wicked. Bale does a decent job tbf, still not sure about the ‘im batman’ type dialogue. But they captured the darkness of this character much better. The tongue in cheek versions are just rubbish
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on 10 July 2014
Batman returns to the screen to confront his arch enemy, the Joker. This psychopathic urban terrorist is a major threat to Harvey Dent being the new District Attorney, Rachael Dawes (Bruce Wayne's love), and to all of Gotham City. Making all this Batman's ultimate battle to fight evil.

Christopher Nolan has successfully captured the feeling of many of Batman graphic novels and projected them onto the screen with his genius directing. With his track record of great film making, it's no surprise this is another one of his masterpieces.

This is not just some superhero movie, this is indeed a great film that is worth watching.
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on 21 May 2011
Batman definiteley goes 21st Century without Robin. His alter Ego Bruce Wayne is a cool Multi millionaire featured on his Yatch with a Martini. Christian Bale is well cast in this role with similarities to 007. Alfred his ever faithfull Butler and confidante is portrayed with great pleasure by Michael Caine, with his extenuated Cockney accent. The Manor has become a huge complex with enormous empty vaults, but there is still some of that Retro camp, and Gotham City flashes the old Bat Symbol light to summon their defender in an otherwise age of advanced technology.
Maggie Gyllenhaal is superb as Rachel Dawes, an admirer and political journalist, but one of the most striking aspects is Aaron Eckhart in the uncharacteristic role of a hardnosed good guy Senator Dent, who is horrifically burnt, and plays the final scenes with half of his face without skin, showing sinew and bones. There are a few character twists which give the film dramatic credibility, and Batman becomes anti-hero as the Dark Night is accused of betrayal.
We are never told how, in a world of such corruption and international deception, Bruce Wayne is the only one to make a fortune entirely honestly, but here he meets his match in the form of the psychopathic Joker, played by Heath Ledger. His twisted humour ranges from stealing enough money to fill a wharehouse, and burning a fellow con-man on top of it, to giving two ferry ships the choice of sacrificing themselves, or blowing up the other. One is full of so called decent Citizens, and the other full of Criminals. Which group will show the most humanity?
Although Heath Ledger plays the joker suffering from a childhood traumatic disturbance, like a malicious, murderous clown, with tremendous self defence skills, I think I prefer Jim Carey's over the top wacky characterisation in an earlier version of the Batman saga.
Torn betwen self interest and public image, Commissioner Gordon, is played convincingly by Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox gives Batman some High Tec Police assistance to locate the Joker by tracking on screens, every mobile phone in the city. Part of the dark ironic cynical humour, is that by eliminating several 'gangs' the Joker is a more effective crime fighter than Batman.
The second disc in this collection includes some interesting commentaries by director Christopher Nolan, gallery shots, and behind the scenes planning and staging.
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on 19 July 2017
An amusing adventure to embark upon. This movie was very entertaining and I became particularly fond of it. Batman is very well discaplined for a young man of his age. The villain is a peculiar specimen and I engined his strange behaviour. Would watch any day.
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