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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 October 2008
30 something actors are playing 22 year olds. The security at Lex Luthors' mansion and at the Fortress of Solitude is as bad as ever (clearly they use the same security company). Clark still can't fly. But hey who care?! This season takes of from the cliff hanger of season 6 and quite literally ends on an earth shattering finale of its own.

Season 7 demonstrates a real maturity in terms of the characters and the wider Smallville universe. For the characters themselves we obviously have to start with Clark and Lex.

What I love about this series is that you don't notice subtle changes that are going - its only when there is a sudden abrupt change that you realise that it had been going on for ages and you find yourself saying "Ah!". Clark in this season is gradually waking up to the fact that his old life is practically gone - most friends and family have moved on. This really hits home with an episode that sees the (thankfully brief) return of Pete. This was a subtle episode that demonstrated that Pete and Clark are very different now - they are friends but have both moved on. Clark towards his greater destiny - Pete to his, well, lesser destiny. But the real tear jerker that forces Clark to face the changes is the video left by Lana in the series finale. Understated and brief - its all the more powerful. Lana functioned as a sort of bubble for Clark - a link back to his carefree past - her leaving all but cuts this.

For Lex - wow. Smallville always managed to avoid having him as a cartoon baddie. What really took off on this season was Lex rushing towards his destiny as the powerful enemy of the "Traveller". We get to see the childhood of Lex and his inner struggles. The moment that he and Lionel have their final encounter - powerful stuff. But what really hits viewers is Lex's view of what his destiny was. The link he has with the Traveller, the impact that has had on his life and how it will ultimately play out - this was biblical stuff.

For the overarching storylines of the series. Well a special mention goes to the Veritas saga. Debate rages on message boards across the land about whether or not writers had planned this from the start of the series. Regardless if they did - the Veritas storyline weaves together almost 7 years of storylines. Smallville has always managed to pull of the secret legends stories, particularly in Season 4 and 7. But there is a real epic storylines going in season 7.

Other storylines wortha mention: the return of Brainiac - always a joy. Bizzario is also great fun. Tom welling clearly enjoys playing a baddy instead of straight-laced Clark. That and he gets to wear a blue jacket and red tshirt, instead of vice versa. And Lionel finally meets his maker.

Few gripes though with this season. Kara could have been a great character. But instead it feels like the writers didn't have a clue what to do with her - Kal-El's blonde flying cousin - bout it. Too much screen time is given to Jimmy Olsen - one episode focused on him - and it is the weakest of the series. He is perhaps the most unengaging characters of the season.

I have seperate views of how much longer Smallville can go on without losing quality. But that does not negate the fact that Season 7 is trully mind blowing.

In the final scene where Lex says "It has to end this way". We always knew where it was going - but so far its been one hell of a ride getting there.
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on 12 October 2008
smallville season 7 what can i say except wow !!!!! season 7 has truly done what season 4, 5 and 6 could not it is truly back.

lets first look at season 4, 5 and 6 they were good dont get me wrong but there were too many bad episodes in the seasons and the whole thing of clark pinning over lana and not wanting to tell her the truth about who he is and what he can do begins to grate on ur nerves and lana whinning about how nobody wants to be honest with her easily becomes annoying and so over all the season were not great especially season 6 which featured very lttle of the worlds greatest superhero and finnally season 7 has removed all of that it is action packed and exciting with clark finally beginning to relaise his father jor-el is right and that he has greater destiny than just being a farm-boy, kara is a great addition to the show but the writers should have given her a better story line and more action bizzaro the second greatest villain of all time after lex lutor who has finally become the villain we hope he would, although if im honest the ending was'nt great the orignal ending was meant to be lex's memory was meant to be erased by jor-el and clark was fianlly meant to fly out of the fortress with "S" on his chest and then season 8 was meant to show how hard it really was for superman to become a hero but never the less fantastic job roll on season 8 which i wont talk about and ruin it for everyone but trust me it is different - good different - trust me when i say but this boxset especialy from amazon the best place to buy - so for now up, up and away !
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on 30 January 2012
Well I am blown away. What an adventure. Great writing and story telling in this season. Totally love bringing SuperGirl into the fold. (Actually this is the reason why I got this set) It makes a classy springboard for Clark to get his act together and makes for greater tension in the story lines. The whole thing just opens up to fabulous possibilities. And it delivers.
This season is a real surprise for fans as it is fast passed (a bit too fast in some cases - too slow in others) and pretty non-stop driving story development. Thanks to the writing team for this.
One of the episodes is centred on photographer Jimmy Olsen, and is cute in its process, providing a good arena to show the vulnerability of his character succumbing to temptations. The only issue I have with this episode is the length of time spent on the dance floor. It became a bit of a show case but not helpful for moving the story along. In situations like this you can tell its padding the script!
But all in all this season comes to a great climax of difficulties, placing Clark in jeopardy along with the human race. You wont be disappointed.
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VINE VOICEon 14 October 2008
I had heard some bad things about this season of Smallville from various people but personally I found this seventh season of the show to be greatly entertaining and definitely the best season so far. The main addition for this season is the introduction of Kara Zor-El, Clark's cousin and future Supergirl. This season also sees the introduction of Black Canary as well as seeing the return of Green Arrow, Bizarro and Brainiac. The season itself is a lot more story driven than some of the previous seasons, with far fewer stand alone episodes.

The CGI in this season is good even if it is slightly ropey in a couple of episodes and the acting on show is the usual mixture of hammy and great. Having said this, the writing is generally good throughout the season with quite a few good Superman in-jokes and always produces entertaining episodes even if some of the twists are predictable.

Of the episodes in this season most of the better ones are towards the end of the season with the brilliantly funny `Sleeper', the entertain `Apocalypse' and the greatly engrossing penultimate episode `Quest' being the pick of the seventh season. It is only the a shame that after these great episodes the season finale itself seems something of an anti-climax even if it does leave things on an intriguing cliff-hanger. Overall this seventh season of Smallville has definitely been the best that the show has so far produced and things are looking good for the eighth season.
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I've heard that Smallville starts to decline in the second half of the show's 10 year run. I didn't see that with season 6, but I did feel that with season 7. Part of it might be the writer's strike, but overall, I just felt the writers got a little sloppy.

As always, the season starts off by resolving the cliffhangers from the previous season. In this case, Lois Lane (Erica Curance) and Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) are trapped under the dam that is crumbling. Meanwhile, Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) is presumed dead after she was scene getting into a car that exploded. And Clark Kent (Tom Welling) is fighting is doppelganger Bizarro.

In the middle of all this getting resolved, someone new with powers rescues Lex Luther (Michael Rosenbaum). That someone is Clark's previous unknown cousin Kara Kent (Laura Vandervoort). Kara, aka Supergirl, has been frozen for the last 17 years and wakes up with no idea how to react to the human world she is finding herself in.

Meanwhile, as the season gets rolling, Lana and Clark finally seem to be making their relationship work as they move into the farm house. A doctor thinks he has a cure for the meteor infected, which is great for Chloe since she is freaking out about her new found powers. And Chloe's secret leads to problems between her and Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore). A superhero movie is filmed on the Kent farm. A new editor at The Daily Planet gives Lois a job at the paper. Pete Ross (guest star Sam Jones III) returns for a final episode. And thanks to Kara, Clark learns a bit more about his family while Lionel Luthor's (John Glover) past in Veritas comes back into play.

As you can see, there is plenty going on this season, and overall, I did enjoy it. These characters are great, and I enjoyed spending time with them. There is still a great mix of action, comedy and pathos. The story can be very compelling.

Which is why it is frustrating when things just don't work as well as they could. The worst example of that is Kara. Here's this great new character, but they obviously don't quite know what to do with her. Early in the season, as we are getting to know her and she is revealing information about Clark's past, she's a great addition to the show. But in the second half, the writers seem to go out of their way to write her out for several episodes at a time and then to treat the character poorly when she comes back.

There were also some times when the story seemed to jump a bit with no real idea how the characters got to where they were. Some of that was filled in eventually, but it was rather jarring. Other parts of it were only filled in by the deleted scenes in the set, and there were plenty of them.

Both of these problems I am laying squarely at the feet of the writers. It's certainly not the actors who are all in top form here. Laura Vandervoort fits right in with the rest of the established cast, who are still masterful at bringing their characters to life. Fun guest stars this season include Dean Cain, a former Superman himself, and the movie's Jimmy Olsen, Marc McClure.

The special effects are still great as well, which is important for a show dealing with super powers on a weekly basis. Trust me, you'll believe everything you see as you watch.

After my complaining earlier, I have to praise my favorite episode of the season. "Siren" brings back Green Arrow and also introduces Black Canary. The dynamic in the episode is pure fun, especially as Lois learns something surprising about Oliver Queen. I would have enjoyed it even if I hadn't seen Arrow introduce Black Canary this year as well. Once again, I enjoyed comparing and contrasting the two very different takes on the heroes.

This was the season that aired during the writer's strike a few years back, and thanks to that event, there were only 20 episodes in the season. (Might that have affected the writing story elements I was complaining about earlier? Possibly, but I can only judge based on what we got.) All of them are preserved in wide screen and full surround on five of the six discs in this set. The sixth disc contains a look at Supergirl over the years and a fun featurette with four actors who have played Jimmy Olsen talking about their experiences (why weren't either of Lois and Clark's Jimmys present?) There's also a digital comic book and a collection of Mobisodes featuring Kara. The deleted scenes I referenced above are scattered throughout the discs with the episodes they came from. There are also audio commentaries on two of the episodes from the middle of the season.

This season also marks the end of the road for the creators and three of the original cast members, who moved on to other things. I'm quite interested in seeing how that changes things for the final three episodes of the show. Meanwhile, season 7 of Smallville proves to be entertaining while still being a step down from the last couple of years.
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on 5 January 2013
I was missing Season 7 from my collection and found I had to have it! Any fans of Superman, Smallville is a "must see". But please do bear in mind that the series seems to veer away from some standard, established facts about Superman and his background. After the initial feelings of outrage and offence have subsided, one accepts the artistic licence and just sit's back and enjoys an excellent, well made series.
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on 12 September 2012
For Me this is the worst season of smallville because it really starts off looking great but then fizzles out and Clark is Still at the Farm doing nothing. The New Character Kara starts off quite interesting but the writers seem to quickly lose track of the direction of the character. Also Lois gets a new Love interest which seems completely pointless, with Oliver you could understand but Grant, why??? I think my problem with this season is that this season more than any of the others just felt like stretching out the series. Clark should be at the Daily Planet, there should be No more Clark Lana Angst and Lex should be completely evil by now there should be no shred of good in him, and Lois and Clark should be together or at least flirting more than usual.
Highlight episodes Bizzaro, Kara.Siren,Descent,Apocalypse and Artic.
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on 9 December 2008
I bought the US version of this Blu-ray (region free) because it came out earlier. There's no problems with the sound like another reviewer mentions. The sound and picture are fine on the US release. And I've never heard of this on a Blu-ray before - maybe it's their equipment? There's twenty episodes in this set and the picture quality is fine but no-where near demo material. The season six transfer is far superior. Still, you can tell it's in HD and it's not a poor tranfer. I'd rate it 3.5/5 for picture and 4/5 for sound which is dolby 5.1 The US release has three discs (seven episodes on disc 1 and 2 and six episodes on disc 3) Maybe this is why the quality is poorer then the previous season? If you're a fan don't hestitate to pick this up. Series contains the first appearance of Supergirl, Dean Cain (Lois and Clark) as a deranged Doctor and Lex's turn to the darkside (finally!)
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on 5 November 2008
A few episodes in and so far Smallville is excellent.

Big shame is the Blu ray quality, sound is compressed with speach too quiet and very slightly out of sync, picture quality is good enough but not a showcase for Blu-ray.

In comparison Lost Season 4 is excellent quality, sound really impressing, but squeezed only three 42 minutes episodes per disc, Smallville manages to include four episodes, which I'm guessing they achieved by reducing the quality.

Overrall looks like another great series, but a Blu-ray let down.

Could it be that Warner invested all its time and effort into HD DVD and doesn't have the money or team to do Blu Ray well?
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on 25 May 2013
Every series of smallville has started very slow and this is no better, it does eventually get going and is well worth a watch. Although my criticism is that I thought they would've done a lot more with Kara ( supergirl ). She came in and out of the show more than lois lane does. Another criticism is the Lana Lang Clark Kent will they won't they saga is beyond dull, cringeworthy, boring and no longer even relevant!
Series 7 has a great finale, 1 of the best I've seen so far on the show
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