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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 8 July 2017
With the American TV series of the same name currently being broadcast, I thought it would be a good idea to return to Frank Darabont's 2007 film adaptation of Stephen King's novella, 'The Mist.' Now, anyone familiar with the novella will know that the movie is a fairly faithful adaptation of the source material, bar the shocking conclusion - more of which later. In brief, a large group of people find themselves trapped in a convenience store after a mysterious mist engulfs a small New England town. Outside lurk monstrous creatures from a nightmare world, while inside the humans begin to degenerate as suspicion & fear begins to strip away the thin veneer of civilization. It is a pretty cynical view of humanity under pressure but a believable one, in my view. Also, the acting is consistently good with no starry names to distract one from the drama. Thomas Jane does a fine job in the leading role but special mention most go to Toby Jones as Ollie & Marcia Gay Harden as the religious zealot Mrs. Carmody. Frank Darabont, no stranger to the world of Stephen King, directs some impressive set pieces, especially the tense pharmacy scene. The special effects are top notch, bar a couple of fake looking CGI shots inside the store. However, the film's biggest talking point is the aforementioned shocking conclusion. It went way beyond Stephen King's own bleak ending to his novella & was truly audacious. I'm surprised the Hollywood suits didn't demand a more upbeat replacement. In short, 'The Mist' is a fine little horror film that all fans of the genre must see!

Of course, this being a two-disc DVD, there are plenty of extras that detail its making, as well as a conversation with Stephen King but perhaps the most interesting thing is the option to watch the film in black & white. It is an option I'd heartily recommend.
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on 20 May 2014
This film will always stand out for me as the place in which I invented my aforementioned catchphrase whilst watching, but it ask stands out as an excellent horror film, simply as, for a Steven king adaptation it actually pays attention to the rest of the story other than simply giving us gratuitous gore (LOOKING AT YOU DREAMCATCHER!). It tells the story of a group of people trapped in a small supermarket by a mysterious mist, in which lurk horrors beyond the amount of time I am willing to take writing this review. This already bad situation is made worse by the deranged ramblings of a mentally unstable lady who believes that it is the end of days, and that God calls for blood. The film has a very tense, claustrophobic and frustrating feel to it, which suits it perfectly. As a horror it has more originality than a hundred friday the 13th movies, and it is an excellent watch, culminating in what has to be one of the most bittersweet endings that i have ever seen in a film.
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on 31 August 2014
The Mist is a seriously underrated movie. Not everyone will agree, but you will just have to trust me. The movie can be seen as a kind of commentary on what can happen when human beings are thrown into a very scary and confusing situation. The movie also doesn’t hold back with its political messages which can be seen as a critique of George W. Bush’s America.

The Mist definitely made me ask whether the hunted should be just as afraid of those among them as they are of those waiting outside. As I watched, I waited; I waited to see the divisions, fanaticism and barbarity take root.

There are quite a few memorable characters, most notably Mrs. Carmody (Marcia Gay Harden), a religious fanatic-cum-soon-to-be-cult leader. Another notable character worth mentioning is Ollie Weaks (Toby Jones), who plays an assistant manager at a supermarket and the resident gun expert. Thomas Jane, who plays the lead character David Drayton, does a decent job in playing a father who has to protect his son from the “creatures” lurking everywhere while making sense of the nightmare that he and the others have been thrust into.

The bulk of the movie takes place in a small town supermarket, where a group of terrified shoppers seek sanctuary from a mysterious mist that has engulfed their town. But it's not really the mist that they're scared of: it is the things inside - things that can easily come out of a Stephen King story, which isn’t surprising since the movie is an adaptation of one of his novellas. And if that doesn’t convince you to give this movie a try, then perhaps knowing that the movie is the work of Frank Darabont (the genius behind The Shawshank Redemption and the Green Mile) will.

If you were to ask me about the most memorable part of the movie, it would no doubt be the ending, which left me feeling shocked for days on end. If the first and middle sections of the movie don’t leave you with a sting, then the ending will. Trust me.
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on 5 January 2017
Great movie. If you haven't read the book (like me), it's still an enjoyable film. Action and a shocking end. If you like the walking dead, then you might like this as it has appearances from Andrea, Dale and Carol! Would recommend to anyone who wants to watch a great horror movie!
Look out for the TV series of this movie that is meant to be coming late June 2017 on Spike.
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on 23 June 2014
I watched the b/w version of Director Frank Darabonts adaptation of the Stephen King novella *THE MIST*
In the town of Castle rock in america..a small group of people are laid siege to, in a small supermarket, as an eerie mist envelopes the town.there are things in the mist...and they are hungry
Both King and Darabont have said that a great inspiration for the story/ film had been the old creature features of the 50s/ 60s and so the decision to have a non colour b/w version on the blu ray is a logical one. B/w helps to bring an earthiness to the eerie proceedings that colour would diminish.
THE MIST rises above its b-movie origins with Darabonts nack for great human dialogue..there are no real heroes in this group...just people thrust into an exceptional situation and Darabont uses this premise to explore human reactions to extreme situations..be they religious, logical or thoughtful..yes there are monsters out there...but there are monsters inside as well. Everyone here is on a level playing field (the main character is a movie poster artist..but it matters not a jot). Age, stature and gender are treated the same and each get their chance to shine (Toby Jones's middle aged supermarket clerk is great) but nobody is safe..and people you care for have no guarantee of surviving. Darabont dares the watcher to think.."what would i do?" and some of the answers aren't correct.
Why has the mist come? What is out there? Darabont gives us some answers..but not all...an that is all for the best...because in order to find out you would have to go out there....into the mist...and i myself would much much prefer someone else goes first..
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on 31 July 2017
The Horror by Stephan King has been turned into a movie. I have not read the book, but if the film is anything to go by, it would be an excellent read. This movies shows the frailty of the human mind. Showing how soon we surrender to circumstance and how powerful paranoia and religious dogma can take hold. It also shows just how vulnerable people are, due to society undervaluing the need for emergency training.
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on 21 April 2017
This is an awesome film. just watch it. The acting is superb and for walking dead fans it seems at times like a cast reunion - which is a very very good thing. Oh and the ending - just watch it for the ending.
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on 1 June 2017
Great movie! I had already seen it several times, just wanted it on Blu Ray. Happy Me!
I had wondered if there was an alternative ending, but no. Oh well, still great!
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on 12 October 2016
Cheesy cheap and funny. Not sure if it was meant to be any of them though.
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on 14 March 2017
Probably the scariest Stephen King story I ever read, so it's difficult to do it justice. This effort is very good indeed.
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