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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 7 February 2015
You really can't go wrong for the money, its a little bit complicated to set up but anyone considering using this device probably has the level of skill needed.

The cable comes with a CD and the CD has the necessary drivers and just running the USB driver installation file (usb driver.exe) had the drivers installed for the 32bit version of Windows 7 I have on my Netbook.

You can then either install the older version of VCDS-Lite that comes on the CD or download the latest version from Ross-Tech's web site (currently the latest version is VCDS-Lite 1.2).

Then plug the cable in, it takes a few moments for the driver software to install for the device and allocate it the all important com port needed for it to work. Now go to device manager and there should be an entry under the Ports (COM&LPT) heading something like USB-SERIAL CH340 (COMx) where x is the com port number you need to know to connect the software. You can also find the com port from the Advanced settings of the Port Setting tab of the devices's properties in Device manager.

Then find the ODB2 connection on your car and plug the cable into the car. (On my old VW polo you take out the ash tray to get to the connector). Now you can open up the Vag-Com VCDS-Lite software. The first page (Program Options) requires you to Select the com port number you have previously looked up (you could try all 4 one at a time until you get it to work) and press the test button to check its all OK. You can now Save these settings - only the com port is mandatory ignore the rest which takes you back to the main screen. Turn on the ignition key and at this point all most people need to do is press the Auto Scan button choose the car chassis type and click the Start button then allow the scanner to run and read and faults.

There's loads more to it if you want to dig under the hood. This isn't a Ross-Tech cable but many of the troubleshooting tips on the Ross-Tech site still apply of you are still having problems.

I found the software on the CD didn't allow me to reset the fault codes but when I downloaded and used the newer version I could reset the ones I had.
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on 2 May 2012
I brought this to re-map the ECU on a Triumph 955i Daytona motorcycle after fitting a racing exhaust system. Really easy and the difference was amazing. Apparently it will work with any Triumph. Just download the relevant map from the Triumph Torque web site, follow the instructions and jobs a good un
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on 12 February 2015
Works perfectly for me on 2003 VW Polo 1.9 SDi, with a laptop running Win 7 Pro 64-bit. Following the suggestion of numerous reviewers I didn't use the supplied mini-CD and instead allowed Windows to find and install driver(s) for the cable, and downloaded and installed VCDS-Lite 1.2. Starting this up for the first time it was ready to go, having connected via COM3, i.e it found a suitable port by itself. So basically a snap, wholly problem-free setup.

Super useful for clearing codes arising from my own tinkering (like pulling electrical connectors off various things), and checking that various sensors (e.g the air intake temperature sensor) are sending correct data to the ECM.
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on 8 March 2015
Works great! To get it to communicate effectively with the car, I used VCDS Lite and went into Device Manager and changed the advanced settings of the virtual COM port. With a little bit of tinkering it works great! This is the main difference I think between this and the genuine VAGCOM cable. If you want a tinkering free set up spend a lot more. If you are pretty good on a PC and like a bit of tinkering, then get this cable!
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on 26 July 2014
This cable will work with all VAG cars using OBDII if configured correctly.

Using the newest version of VCDS (NOT THE INCLUDED DISK) 12.12.2 on Windows 7/8 this cable will connect the the ECU correctly and allow you to perform all proprietary VAG-COM tasks (scanning individual control modules for example).

Personally I used this on a 2002 VW Golf GTi 1.9TDI PD150 (ARL engine).

I can't vouch for the included software but if you have a VAG car then the best way to go is with VCDS and there is no wonder that people can't get it to work when using the wrong software. Set up the com ports and install the recommended VCDS drivers.
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on 5 March 2015
I bought this to try and activate the front / rear fade function on the standard RCD200 radio / cd player in my VW T5 van 2009. This couldn't have been easier - the software provided worked a treat and by changing the radio coding from 0020200 to 0040400 I activated the fade function with ease. Would recommend this product as likely to save you quite a few pounds at dealers (well, those that can di it that is!)
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on 28 September 2011
Bought this to connect to my VW MK IV Golf (2001) 130 PDTDI and I can confirm it works.
Had a panic though - if you only connect the cable to the laptop / PC without connecting to the actual car then it will report that the COM port is OK, but the interface is missing... DUH - I connected it to the car, turned on the ignition and hey presto - worked.
Unfortunate thing for me now though is I found a fault on the car that I wasn't expecting. Reset the fault codes and it's never returned - I suspect I disconnected the ABS sensor when the battery was still connected (which will result in an intermittent fault code) - Well impressed.
Didn't use the software on the supplied CD as have a more up to date version from elsewhere.
Will recommend this to any VW Golf MK IV owners. With the right software there's a lot of things this cable gives access to.
** Forgot to mention - Version 409 of VagCom confirmed working on my Windows 7 laptop. You can go to RossTech web site and download "lite" versions but you need to register the software for full functionality - however just google Vagcom for more information on vagcom software
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on 17 July 2016
This does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a great cable and I like the fact that it is a nice colour. This helps when trying to find in the spaghetti junction at the rear of the television what cable is what.

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on 10 August 2015
I bought this as I wanted to change the PAS (Power Assisted Steering) setting on my Skoda Fabia but did not want to get the more expensive official cable. I was also using VCDS Lite which is limited in the options provided. Thankfully the PAS option worked so I could change the setting to one were the steering wheel has more weight. The setting that came with the car was too light because the PAS was almost always on, a problem I have read about VW group cars when you get them for the first time since it comes as standard.
Just make sure you know what you are doing otherwise it can go very wrong! My advice is to go into the Skoda forums & look up the codes for changing any settings with VCDS Lite. If you are not confident about this, then I recommend trying a garage that specializes in mods.
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on 23 May 2014
It arrived a day late from Royal Mail even though the tracker indicated that it was out for delivery on the due date, set up instruction were very brief, it get it onto a machine i.e. install, but doesn't mention what you need to do to make it work successfully on your car, there are lots of ways to fail to scan, baud rate as one example.
Also what next steps if you wish to purchase the full version (essential) so you keep getting the message 'contact your software provider to enable these functions' etc.
It looks like a ripped off version of something more useful with no real grasp on the potential to make it function usefully, having scanned my car I wanted to clear the codes so that I can check for regular errors after test driving the car....clear codes is a full version function so pretty useless on its own, about the same as you average VW Deals workshop really which is why most people would want this product to get away from the overcharging ......'VehicleTechnicians' working in many garages these days. The hardware works once you blog the problems of Baud rate, Anti Virus etc it should be sold as a Taster version of something more complete and functional IMHO.
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