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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 29 March 2017
good game
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on 26 November 2008
They are some amazing games on the wii and most of the amazing ones are mario/zelda/metroid types. So it's great to see a third party developer come up with such a quality, individualistic game. It's gorgeous, really bright, colourful and the music is so catchy. It is a major part of the gameplay as each colour is assigned a different musical instrument. The resulting sound is so groovy it could be played in any jazz bar (by the way I hate jazz, but I still LOVE the music!). I'm giving it 4 stars and not 5 because I have 2 annoyances with it. The jump mechanism (you have to shake the wii remote) is so dissappointingly unresponsive sometimes (only sometimes mind you) that it is really frustrating, I don't understand people on here saying it is smooth. Don't get me wrong it's easy to play but I just don't understand why they didn't map a button for the jump. Also, as I get further into the game the levels are longer and inexplicably, you can't save the game when you are half way through a level so you're progress will be lost if you turn the game off. Not a massive problem for some as the game is so addictive anyway you'll want to finish it, but it annoys me ever so!! Basically, get this game.
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VINE VOICEon 21 October 2008
It's a refreshing change when a game comes along on the Wii that feels like it has the Nintendo quality without the badge. De Blob is one of those rare games that shines on the console without resorting to gimmicks.

The premise is simple. Your world has lost all its colour due to an invasion by INKT, an evil dictatorship that wants to control the land and stamp out all colour. The people of the world have been imprisoned and only you and a few puddles of colour can make a difference.

This involves bouncing around, hitting creatures that are stealing the colours and getting the paint all over you, then spreading it to buildings by touching them. Completing a block of buildings frees the people inside and also opens switches to gates and colour restorers. To open the gate you need to have enough colour power before you can advance to the next stage.

In essence this is pretty simple. Avoid the hazards (black ink spills and creatures out to get you) plus the water which will wash off any ink and try to paint the buildings before the time runs out. The more ink you manage to capture the larger you get and the higher you can jump, useful for reaching taller buildings. Things start easy and get more complicated as you go on, having to paint in certain colours for instance, but the first few stages are great for getting used to your bouncing blob.

In addition to this there are 2 other modes to play. The first is a multiplayer game where you can choose to have a paint-off, chase the `it' blob who can paint or race to a specific location. The second is a free paint mode, which you can unlock by completing levels of the game and lets you just mess about in the world without any dangers holding you up.

My 4 year old daughter had a great time just playing through the first few levels, even finding the jump (flicking the remote down or up) easy to handle. As she gets stuck in a lot of other games, it's good to find one that has really simplified the controls without making the game too simple and boring at the same time. Knowing that I too had a good time playing through de Blob really shows how much this can appeal to any age group.

De Blob is a very well put together game with colourful friendly graphics that are both pleasing and full of character, some nice sound (though nothing too memorable) and some great gameplay. While it's not too taxing for adults, it's still worth a play, but if you want a game that you can share with your children and still have a great time yourself then de Blob is perfect.
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on 9 February 2009
We prefare family friendly, non violent, lots of thinking-plus an element of luck challenges, this is what you get with De blob. As "in it to win it parents" we can put in full effort and yet our eager to win 9 year old still beats us sometimes, She therfore thinks its the best game ever.
But, in single player mode even thou we have enjoyed it, There is no way of saving your your game if you need to stop mid level, meaning you need at least an hour, but thats the only problem. If you like fast fire shoot-em ups this is not for you.
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on 6 October 2008
If I was to tell you, that De Blob is one of the most original, fun, and beatifully crafted and creative games on the Wii, would that be an overstatement?
I would say not and for a NUMBER of reasons.

Firstly, the premise is brilliant.
Chroma city has been taken over by the Inkys who want nothing more but to sap the bright vibrant colours out of the place and enforce their strict regime on everyone. No individuality; no freedom of speech; Just grey cities and grey people.
It's up to you, as De Blob (a....errrm blob), to bring back the colour to chroma city and it's people!

Each level takes place in a different area of Chroma city and gives you a time limit which you can expand in various different ways; for example, by completing different challenges within the levels or even by freeing the gradians (the inhabitants of chroma city) by colouring in various buildings. Within the HUGE levels, there are so many of these challenges and gradians to free (each adding roughly a minute on to your time) that it's practically impossible to run out of time.

Each level is HUGE but they never feel big enough to get lost in largely because they're separated into smaller areas or sections. Although the architecture never really changes, as all the levels are within the same city, each level does feel different and unique as you progress, as each level is in a different area of chroma city ranging from the docks, to more in land areas with complex transport systems and LOADS of buildings.

It's the colour aspect of the game, which naturally becomes the driving force of the game's gameplay.
You can choose between seven colours; red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple and brown. Naturally to make the secondary colours, you'll need to mix two of the primary ones. To make the brown, you'll need to mix all three of the primary colours.
For the most part, it's up to you, what colour you paint the city, but certain challenges may ask that certain buildings be painted a certain colour. (There is also a separate mode for those who just want to paint the buildings and various other objects in each level the colour that they want) There are however, obstacles which get in your way throughout each level which come in the form of inkys - little guys with huge helmets which spew black ink at you when you get near them. If this ink touches you, you'll have to reach a water source as soon as possible or else you die.
Other hazards include, ink which pollutes the water of some levels until you purify it, electric plates which...electricute you and fire surfaces which burn you... the latter two of which can be switched off temporarily in some cases by a nearby switch.
Lives are handled via these red face icons generously spread throughout each level, and if you do die (which once again, won't happen very often) you'll come straight back to life relatively near to where you were AND with all your work on the level unchanged, meaning you won't have to re-cover buildings with colour and re-do challenges.

To colour buildings it's a simple case of touching them with your blobby self. Each building consumes one paint point and to replenish these, you simply body slam (literally) into different colour cartridge things which appear in various different places in a level. Different buildings may need more paint points in order to colour them, through the consumption of colour cartridges. A positive side effect of getting more paint pots (the most you can obtain is 100) is that de blob grows bigger in size, making slamming enemies such as the aforementioned inkies (via a good old swing of the wii remote) much easier and more effective.

What I haven't mentioned yet and which is one of the most important and brilliant things about De Blob is it's soundtrack. Each level has a jazz or reggae theme playing in the background which gets more involved the more you colour things in. The genius comes in, when you also factor in each colour representing an instrument, that, on painting anything during the world, plays along with the underlying tune in the background as an improvisation. Meaning that every time you play through a level, you're in for a treat for the ears, as you'll be, essentially creating your own soundtrack through the interchanging of colours and the actual process of colouring things in. It's a wonderful way of involving the soundtrack in the playing experience and really gets you moving to the beat and flow of the game.

Control-wise, it's very simple: to jump you shake the wii remote and to lock on to inkys or ink cartridges, you simply hold Z on the nunchuck and shake the Wii remote. By holding A, you bring up your radar, which can be misleading, but generally works fine - and that's about it.

So what do I think about the game - It has a CRACKING but simple and in many ways, topical storyline which opens up a world of fun, both in the simple and addictive pleasure of colouring in and exploring the levels, looking for every hidden item, and trying to colour in EVERYTHING, while having an entertaining and magnificient soundtrack which you play your part in creating - what more could you ask for?
And in terms of a new playing experience, with a lot of replay value, and even a 4 player multiplayer opition, this game has ALL bases covered, and simply makes you smile with it's beautiful visual flair and booming soundtrack which seriously works its way into your head.

I couldn't recommend it enough, and it's a game like no other on the Wii - and seeing as the Wii is all about new experiences and creativity - this game has all of that in abundance making it a perfect and welcome addition to the white box's other excellent library of games.

All I want to know now is when the sequel's out!
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on 4 June 2010
After reading some good reviews for this title, I thought I would give it a go myself, seeing that I quite like a good platforming romp now and again. After completing about two thirds of the game, I mostly agree with other reviewers on the merits of this title (rating of 4 starts), while adding a couple of peeves of my own that takes away some of the FUN-factor (only 3 stars for FUN) The title is well presented with sharply funny cut-scenes and slick colorful menus. The concept of painting buildings and thwarting the authorities (although smacking of some anti-social undertones, if you really want to dissect it) is different and rewarding. The jazz-funk soundtrack fits in perfectly with the overall tone of the game, while the cute gibberish spoken by the characters actually seems to be some foreign language, not just random noises so that you don't have to record dialogue in different languages (you know who is guilty of this...Nintendo???). However, some control issues makes this fun title less fun than you would expect. Making de Blob jump using remote waggle was not the best of choices, in my opinion, and coupling it with the fact that the character is basically a ball and it's difficult to determine which direction he is facing at times, then be prepared for some frustration due to mistimed jumps or de Blob shooting off in a direction you didn't intend for him to go. Coupled with an occasional erratic camera, this can really send your blood pressure sky-rocketing! Truthfully, this is mostly an issue during timed mission, and luckily the level layouts aren't overly complicated, but it remains an issue. Also, especially in later, more extravagant levels, the fact that there are no checkpoints or other mid-level save mechanisms in place, makes it feel like a bit of a chore when starting a new level. You must be prepared to invest some time and effort to fully complete the level before you can save, and to fully paint a level and complete all the challenges can take you up to 2 hours or more (depending on your level of skill or how pedantic you are). However, in the end, if you can look past some of these frustrations, there is still a good time to be had with this colorful and lengthy platformer. Hopefully the upcoming de Blob 2 will solve some of these issues.
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on 22 April 2009
A great game, very easy to just pick up and play, and lots of fun. I love platform games and this one is fantastic.

While on the surface the game world is very colourful, the game's story is a lighthearted tale akin to a George Orwell novel. The story being an evil corporation has literally sucked all the joy and colour out of the vibrant and lively city populous, forming a grey, totalitarian and unhappy society. You play as De Blob, who stands up against the faceless ruling power by rolling over the city splashing all kinds of colours and patterns to whatever he touches, bringing beauty and freedom to the enslaved.

Sounds heavy doesn't it? Well it's not. This is a game for ages 3+ after all. The cutscenes are packed with comedy and humour that children and adults will both enjoy. Adults will appreciate the dark humour, but this poses no obstacle to children who will delight in the the main character's upbeat attitude and his friendly supporting cast. The game has got quite an infectious happy tone overall.

This is one of those games where attention to detail and presentation are superb. The graphics and animation are excellent throughout. It should really be hard to add much character to a blob of paint, but the designers here have stuffed loads of personality into De Blob. The music is well implemented as well: each level begins quietly before kicking in when the first splash of colour hits the buildings. It's the little things that bring this game to life.

The single player game is great, quite big with lots of replay value and the multiplayer (up to four players) is fun too.

Ultimately a really fun game, one of the finest platform games on the Wii.
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on 3 June 2010
Well, De Blob arrived this morning, and my four and a half year-old-son and I have been playing it on and off all day. We just can't leave it alone, and for me (not a big Wii fan) that is quite something! Son says it's 'the best game ever' and he's already managed to complete the first phase of Chroma City (the last resort), so certainly the lower level of the game is easy enough. No doubt Dad will be roped in to help after work...

The concept of travelling around Chroma City as Blob, trying to restore colour (and free the poor little Graydians, former Raydians who have been enslaved by the I.N.K.T corporation) by rolling over and bumping into buildings and objects and completing challenges is very compelling.

I'm sure it will keep us adults going for quite some time, though I think the story mode will quickly become too hard for young children. Luckily, there is a 'free paint' mode which allows you to roam around any levels you've already unlocked without any enemies, challenges or a time limit-this is great for little children who just want to move Blob around randomly painting things, or indeed anyone who just wants to get the hang of controlling Blob before going through the story mode.

Certainly a great non-violent family game to suit most ages.
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on 11 August 2009
I only got this game at half past 2 this afternoon. I got home at 3 o'clock and played it until 7! What does that tell you? Yes that it is a very adictive game. I found it fun, cool, strange but incredibly entertaining.

The aim of the game is to be a blob of paint. You smash robots full of paint to get a colour of paint. You then have to hit into the walls to make them go the colour you are, but watch out the paint inside you will eventually run out and you will have to get some more. There are a number of fun levels.

It isn't just a game where there is only a story, but a game with multiplayer and where you can just run around painting things. This is a must have game and even though it was made in 2008 you can get it quite cheep. I would recomend it to anyone who wants a bit of fun!!
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on 8 August 2011
If you too are tired of every new critically acclaimed game being a first person shooter where graphics seem to be more important than fun and the story of the game gets so complex that completing it ends up becoming another chore rather than giving you a break... then buy this!

The concept is really simple: paint your way through the city to reclaim it from the power of the monochrome INKT Corporation. As you progress, more obstacles will get in your way but the way to get rid of them is always pretty much the same: slam into them.

The soundtrack that is created as you paint the town in different colours is great and very neatly done, although the tunes aren't very catchy so you won't find yourself whistling to them after switching the console off. I agree with the other reviewers who have mentioned the controls not being ideal, sometimes de Blob just won't jump when you want it to; it's not as bad as it sounds, it's just something that could be slightly better. The game can also get a little repetitive after a while, but that's not necessarily a bad thing: classics such as Pac-Man or Tetris are extremely repetitive and yet we still enjoy playing them today. Besides, de Blob has enough variations to keep you going with its humorous cut-scenes and loading-time comics, free paint mode (too boring for me, might appeal to children), multiplayer mode, and extra missions.

This last feature is something I don't think is mentioned in the other customer reviews. When you complete a stage in the story mode, depending on your final number of points, you can be awarded a bronze, silver or gold medal. The silver medal unlocks one extra mission for that stage while the gold medal unlocks two. These extra missions are much shorter and usually take place on a small part of that stage. Completing them unlocks some videos and photos that are viewable in the gallery. The lack of an in-game save feature mentioned in some other reviews can be an issue in the later stages that can take over an hour to complete and can prevent you from playing if you know you may not have the time to finish the stage. The extra missions allow you to fill in those shorter free time periods by giving you something just as much fun but not as long.

Overall, a fun game totally worth its low price tag, although it probably won't appeal to the hardcore gamer.
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