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on 31 May 2017
Unequivocally, Metallica have matured and evolved from an epic '80s speed metal phenomenon into a very hard rocking hard rock band but their standards haven't slipped. This is an epic, exhilarating and exciting album : great production, brilliant vocals, big, dynamic and passionate drumming, incredible lead guitar and powerful songs. In fact, all the ingredients of what epitomises a classic hard rock album are here. You listen to it and it moves you to another place. I love this band's sound - so gifted, individually and collectively..

Highlights : 'Cyanide' (played this > 10 times yesterday), 'The day that never comes', 'That was just your life', 'The end of the line'.
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on 12 September 2008
Okay, everyone one knows the best thing to come out of the St Anger album was the "Some Kind Of Monster" DVD. The album was not as bad as some people make it out to be however it lacked one major thing....consistency.

The idea of stripping out the solos for a more rawer sound was almost suicide for the band. If you look back to the greatest period of the bands history (late eighties early nineties) the band played quick deep bassy tones with blistering solos. I think it showed how much they needed Kirk in the band. The vocals were angry and screamed and lost the rhythm inside the songs they played alongside. The tin sounding drum kit sounded out of place for the band. Rob turned up during the creation of the album and must have wondered what he had got himself into and would it last. They came through the album......then quickley tried to forget about it.

Now 2008 and Death Magnetic. I had heard some of the tunes on YOUTUBE before the album was released and the signs were promising and now listening to the album im not disappointed. Its sharp, heavy and involves Kirk and Rob in the right places at the right time. Rob sounds great and he really must be thankfull that his was not a short journey with the band. Kirk can let loose again and create some fast and catchy solos. You will never create Puppets or Justice again but its as close as they will ever get.

The only reason i have dropped a star is because they have not created those two albums. Lets not give them awards on the new album for past glories but they seem to have found a new energy again (with masses of help from Rob). This is a great album and it relates strongly to some of their classic stuff. Jaymz singing relates to the songs, the riffs are deep and quick. The solos blister and the drums sound like Lars is enjoying himself again.

Perhaps they should of called this album Ride The Puppets Of Justice!
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on 17 April 2009
This is a great album with some mega songs - back to classic Metallica where you can listen to the whole album and love it without skipping tracks - Kill Em All, Ride the L, Master, Justice, all the albums apart from Reload and the album that shal not be named but had something to do with being angry!!! I met a bloke the other week who said he liked that album - oh dear. Wish they had stuck Memory and Fuel on Load - that would of been classic.

Anyway - back to some cool old thrash riffs with Lars remembering how to drum again like on Justice. The bit the really lets this album down and everyone says it, is the mastering. How can the biggest band in the world with supposedly one of the biggest producers (old beady ruby) mess it up? One of the tell tale signs is at the start of "That was just your life" when Lars cracks into his double bass pedalling and mid way through it, it sort of disappears and then comes back again. Couple of the tracks really crackle perfectly good speakers as well. Ive heard rumours of it being recorded too loud etc etc

What could of been a flawless album is still a brilliant brilliant album but just gets let down by a school boy error. No way though does it deserve 1 star by some people coz of this mastering flaw - silly people.

Rock on Tallica - i watched them at the O2 recently with the centre stage where they played 90% of Death Magnetic - totally amazing/jaw dropping brilliant.Maximum kudos to the tallica lads
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on 19 September 2008
I've read many short reviews in the war between fans, old and new, who were picking over this album even before its release. I did not like the songs when I heard them on Metallica's web site and even contemplated cancelling my order. I'm glad I didn't.

I joined Metallica at Ride The Lightening and lost them after The Black Album. I always thought they struggled to get good production and thrash metal on the same record. The Black Album has great production but is a bit slow in places. AJFA is the most consistently good album but the sound is thin and slightly horrible.

After listening to the new album a few times in its entirety, I must say that I like it. It is somewhere between AJFA and The Black Album containing echoes of the 3 albums before that too.

The album certainly rocks. Metallica don't sound like a thrash metal band anymore, no matter how fast they play. Those days are gone. This is more like an early Iron Maiden album in places. This is Metal music and in that context it is as hard as a bag full of spanners across the face.

The production is odd. There are moments where the guitars threaten to crackle into messy fuzz but, having listened to this only on headphones so far, the result is a high energy album that gets the feet tapping along with Lars' thumping drums. I like the sound of the snare (I know some don't). As an ex-drummer, the sound is real and fairly organic and Lars is as good as he's ever been here.

All in all, this is a return to form. It is consistent and has a sound that I'd be happy to play to non-Metallica fans, which isn't always the case with the early stuff.

The best may be behind them but there are some songs on here that I'd be disappointed not to hear live. Perhaps you can argue that they have made an attempt at imitating the essence of those first five albums in order to get the bank accounts back on track but who cares, it's a metal journey that's worth taking.
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on 27 September 2008
I like many other teenagers in the 80's loved Metallica, but from Master of Puppets onwards they started slowly going down hill. Their worst ever album St Anger just proved to many metal fans they were finished.

However like many metal fans, many of us still wanted to hear if they could make a comeback...they did and what a comeback. The first 5 songs are total killers, it does have the newer Metallica production, but reeks of old school Metallica as well. Don't get me wrong, the production is miles better than St Anger, which sounded like it was recorded using tins for drums, but Death Magnetic is much better thanks to the guy who produced Slayer as well. it goes to show production can make or break even the best bands.

I also went to see them live at the O2 Arena London for the Death Magnetic one off special show for their fans, the sound was not great, more to the acoustics of the arena itself, but the songs from Death Magnetic really got the place rock'n, it's obvious the album has put them back on track. It's no Ride The Lightning & it's not Master of Puppets, but any band would be hard pushed to match those two fine albums, Death Magnetic is the best thing since Master of Puppets in my opinion, not as commercial as Black, Load or Re-Load etc, which is probably why I like it more.

Can't fault this album, if I was nip-picking I'd say Hammet uses to much wah effect on solo's and Ulrich's snare has a slight distorted sound on it which is not really that annoying. One thing Lars has done is not play over the top technical drum beats n fills, more basic so the songs rock out really well and you can get into the songs better.

I'm sure Hetfield does not use as many vocal layers during his vocal production, many fans complain his voice is not as strong, this could be a production thing or a tuning thing...again his voice is still very good, considering his age and lifestyle he's done great to even keep a voice.

Welcome back Metallica
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on 23 February 2013
Please, people that go on about poor mastering or production or whatever it is you go on about with this album, you've made your argument and it's a weak one. I hope that after just over 4 years of this album being out that you've accepted this little niggle that gets to you but if you haven't take a step back for a second. In terms of writing and what the songs became this album is the best the band have produced in years. In fact, this is one of my favourites alongside Master of Puppets and The Black Album. Every song has it's own unique presence on the album and while yes, it's loud blah blah blah, that's kind of what heavy rock and metal is about really isn't it. I'm not sure I've ever seen or heard of anyone at Download or Sonisphere go "Sorry, can you turn it down please?"

Now I've had my rant, I think, if you're a big fan of Metallica this is well worth £50 for what you get. Unfortunately, due to availability and different sellers' prices you have to pick your moment (hence why I've only just got it after looking at it for ages). The album's great, simple as, and the way the album is laid out physically is much more interesting than the normal plastic covering you'll see on the ones in the record shop (while they cling on to existence). The CD of the songs in their demo form is interesting to listen to although you won't be listening to it over and over, in fact you may well just listen to the songs in that form once and then never again. Saying that though, "Flamingo", which was to become "All Nightmare Long" I think sounds pretty awesome and I may actually prefer it to the finished article apart from the solo. The DM Lanyard seems a bit pointless but is kind of a nice touch (not exactly sure why anyone would wear it but maybe that's just me). The picks, as a guitarist, I appreciated although I have still not actually used them. The shirt is very good, nice simple design and although I wasn't given the option to choose the size it came with the right size for me anyway but of course everyone's different. The poster is very good, great pictures of the guys laid out in an arch of coffins. The flag is also a nice addition although it's effectively the size of a large poster so unless you have room for it to hang from somewhere, you're probably going to put it in a drawer and forget about it. The best extra piece by a mile though, for me anyway, is the "Making Magnetic" DVD which I love for many reasons but especially because it's a full-length DVD in the sense that it's NOT a summary of the making whereby they would edit together clips to make a 10-minute extra for the album. The making of each song is captured in the right amount of detail, focusing on the key parts of all of them with a good balance of all of the members' input.

Overall then, great at the right price and if you're a long-time or just a big fan of the band you'll get satisfaction from just owning it. I wouldn't pay as high as £80 for it though.

Album 10/10
Demo CD 5/10
Making Magnetic DVD 10/10
T-Shirt 9/10
Poster 8/10
Flag 7/10
Guitar Picks Untested
Lanyard is a bit pointless
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on 21 April 2010
Over 15 years without giving the fans what they want was wilful and determind though not exactly praiseworthy. We have put up with double covers albums, hard rock drivel, and therapy fallout albums. WE WANT THRASH! And FINALLY Metallica have listened and delivered!
Kicking off with 'That Was Just Your Life' Metallica fans can jump for joy. The riffs are back, so too are the snarled lyrics, pumping bass and thick production. Not to mention the great songs. 'All Nightmare Long' & 'Broken, Beat & Scarred' are the epitome of modern thrash metal and the more you listen the more you wonder why these guys wasted their talent through all of the Nineties.
Even 'Unforgiven III' is a good song, despite my initial fears.
OK, so theres a few downers - the band could definately have made more of new-ish bassist Rob Trujillo's phenomenal talents, some of the riffs are interchangeable between songs and can be samey and penultimate instrumental track 'Suicide & redemption' drags on a bit too long.
All in all though, Metallica have returned with the goods and i can't wait to see these songs live!
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on 14 September 2008
I liked St. Anger, but it's clearly not as good as the early albums and was taking the band in another direction. Death Magnetic sees Metallica returning to form with a sound that contains definite traces of And Justice for All with some of the better aspects of their subsequent work. This is Metallica set free to perform radio UN-friendly virtuoso heavy metal using guitar solos, going instrumental, and taking advantage of the longer format, while returning to a thrashier sound.

I don't mind if the lyrics are a bit contrived. James Hetfield is not a poet. What do people expect? I also happen to think that The Day That Never Comes and Cyanide are two of the best tracks on this CD. This is great. What's next? Metallica deserve to be praised and encouraged to keep moving in this new direction, building on their early/classic work.
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on 14 May 2018
As an avid music collector, I was let down when I received this album.
I got the ''super jewel case'' version (the smaller one with rounded corners), which isn't as good (to me) as the original jewel cases.
The case has some cracks in it due to transport, so I won't be able to replace it due to its peculiar size...
...and all this despite searching the right version on Discogs with the barcode.
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on 3 July 2015
I discovered Metallica through this album. Stuck it on the iPod and was casually listening whist doing some work but soon put down the work and just listened as it was simply brilliant. The first track is my favourite of theirs from any album (I have since bought every other album) and I wish they would open their live shows with it as it builds slowly, but deliciously, to a crescendo of pure awesomeness. Just buy it.
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