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on 15 August 2008
While a UK CD reissue of the late, great Jobriath's debut 1973 LP is long overdue, this version is shoddy to say the least. I can forgive the lack of anything but the most basic of inserts (it's a budget release after all) but can you believe that Rhino have mispelt Jobriath as 'Jobraithe' on the CD spine?!
This level of incompetence is quite impressive. (Note to Rhino: if you can't spell the name of the artist then you're in the wrong business).
This release is an insult to Jobriath's name and music. Stick to the superior Japanese replica sleeve reissue or the US Collectors Choice version. Both available through Amazon and far more deserving of your hard-earned cash than this careless effort.
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on 8 December 2011
In 1973 and 1974 nobody seemed to have a kind word to say about Jobriath. His two albums went quickly from the new release to the bargain bin sections in record shops, and he was dropped by both his management and his record company.

And yet both this album and its follow-up, "Creatures of the Street" are nothing short of superb. The sheer variety of material and the intricate arrangements surely combine to provide a convincing argument for Jobriath to be heralded as a lost genius. Rock, soul, classical and ballad are just a few of the genres touched upon, and all delivered in a way that could only have been Jobriath's.

Don't be taken in by the "bad Bowie" accusation often levelled at Jobriath. For example, the elements of soul evident on some tracks came long before Bowie explored the genre. Indeed, compare the sleeves for the original vinyl release of this album and that of Bowie's "Diamond Dogs". Take into consideration that the Jobriath album came out FIRST, and draw your own conclusions!
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on 1 August 2017
Jobriath's story is very sad.
Made 2 brilliant albums in 73 & 74 but, due to being OPENLY gay, he was shunned by audiences AND the Music Press and therefor his Career Sank before he could really be given a Chance.
He died of HIV/AIDS in 1983 and is buried just outside of Phillidelphia in the USA under his birth name of Bruce Wayne Campbell.
The Idea of this in 2017 seems utterly Disgusting.
It's about time to celebrate him as an early LEADING LGBT musician and rerelease his albums on CD....
"Rock of Ages, roll away, rock away, roll away!"

01. Take Me I'm Yours
... Glam Rock with a Gospel twist...
02. Be Still
... Glam Ballad, again with the Gospel backing...
03. World Without End
... Funky Glam Rock... think P-Funk meets Bowie
04. Space Clown
... Piano Ballad... beautiful vocals
05. Earthling
... Space-Age funky glam pop saga...
06. Movie Queen
... theatrical piano ballad, an ode to his movie heroes
07. I'mAMan (I'm A Man)
... Hard/Glam Rock epic... check out his infamous Live Performance... amazing and totally theatrical...
08. Inside
... another beautiful Piano ballad...
09. Morning Star Ship
... Pure Ziggy era Bowie! Excellent catchy rock song!
10. Rock Of Ages
... again another Bowie-style Glam Rock classic... vocals Spot-On... and much better than the Def Leppard song with the same name.
11. Blow Away
... earie closing ballad... lots of orchestration... will leave you wanting to play the ENTIRE album again!!

This is one of those RARE albums where you can play from Start to Finish and never feel the need to Skip a track!!!

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on 26 July 2009
As a fan of Glam generally, but particularly Bowie, I purchased Jobriath with considerable excitement. A long lost gem of the glitter rock canon, Morrissey-sponsored and reissued for a generation that never got to hear him.

How disappointing. The music, to me, is a mix of self-indulgent showtunes and bad Aladdin Sane era Bowie. The vocals ape Jagger and never deliver anything striking, while the lyrical themes seem trite when set in the context of the period. Maybe I haven't listened to this enough yet and I'll delete this review in months to come . . . I hope so, because I dislike disliking.

However, my impression is that I won't. I suspect you had to be there to 'get' Jobriath. Avoid.
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on 21 May 2014
I had heard one or two of the tracks before but they had never grabbed me but as a whole it is really enjoyable.
a little bit too much Ziggy Stardust but that is the only real complaint. I can see why he did not go down well in The US
at the time and that is a great shame
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on 6 March 2011
Let the 'trad-glam' heads say what they like , Jobriath was no Bowie copyist ; if this album is particularly similar to anything , it is the music of Prince in the early eighties on albums such as Purple Rain and Parade ; the fact that it was made in the early 70's seems to suggest that Jobriath was slightly ahead of his time .
It seems a terrible shame that Jobriath failed to establish himself at the time , and didn't survive long enough to consolidate his reputation ; if he had he might now be remembered as one of the 'greats' of the era , rather than a largely unknown 'also-ran' .
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on 6 December 2008
It is a disappointment that the label cannot spell Jobriath's name correctly on the spine. But the music is excellent. Well worth buying.
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