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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars

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on 29 June 2009
What ever your MMO Background be it a first timer or just migrating from another you will find something that will give you hours of fun. It's not a complete new idea but it is also not another 100% recycle jobie either.

Goodluck in Middle Earth
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on 19 January 2009
The comment above may seem a bit of an oxymoron, but LoTRO is one of the rare occasions when I think it really does apply. This game is beautifully crafted, well paced and has the nicest and most mature MMORPG community I've ever come across (and I've played many). If I could have given 4.5 stars I certainly would have, but I can see why some don't like LoTRO so hence no 5* rating.

Now, clearly I wouldn't be reviewing this expansion if I didn't already have the game and love it enough to buy the add-on, and it's unlikely you would be reading this if you weren't interested at least, so I won't insult your intelligence by going on about the game mechanics etc. too much.

Mines of Moria (MoM) is exactly what both fans of Tolkien and the game alike wanted, and in my humble opinion it's far far more than that. Interior locations have really given the developers something great to work with. No contrived mountain ranges to create borders to zones, but solid rock walls towering out of site with gorgeous and varied textures.

They have excelled themselves on so many levels with this expansion. The free content updates previously of entire zones and added game mechanics had sort of hinted that Moria was going to be special. In many games, the free updates would be sold as an expansion. Moria is just vast in every way when compared to that.

It's huge... no, bigger than that... vast. And there are no mounts (at least not at first - you can get them through reputation building). As Gandalf said, 'mines are no place for a pony, Sam. Not even one so brave as Bill'. Don't panic though, it's a clever way to make a huge update feel even bigger, and though it's a bit of a shock going from trotting around on a horse to running under your own steam, it didn't feel like it was punishment, as I was afraid it might.

The zones it adds are varied, intensely populated slayer fests including a collection of very well crafted dungeons (the Grand Stair being the highlight, though I'm not a high enough level to have tried it myself). Take a moment to wonder at the 21st Hall (the hall of huge pillars shown so well in the films), and enjoy the sheer vastness of the Waterworks.

Two new classes - Rune-Keeper and Warden complement the old ones very well indeed (even if certain aspects of them don't sit as well with the Lore and the Rune-Keeper sound effects are intensly annoying - expect a content tweak to resolve this though). This adds a 'glass-cannon' type class and a medium armour, avoidance focused DPS class.

Whilst lore may be an issue to some, I've found both of these a lot of fun, and they have rejuvenated the lower end of the game. I found myself grinning like a fool as I re-played the early chapters of the Epic Plot-line and remembered how nicely it had been put together, plus all the new tweaks to low end content for the new classes.

Add to all this the new legendary item system (pure genius) and this is an add-on to die for. The legendary items have also put to bed that ghost that will haunt 'the other game' to its dying day - I'm speaking of 'epixx kit u noob'. These are items which have their own (entirely random) attributes which aren't necessarily the biggest baddest DPS dealers at first, but could become essential kit if you invest time in advancing them and fine tuning the other buffs they can give your character. I shan't try to explain any further than that as it's an intensely complicated system that works so beautifully, I'll let the game explain it!

All in all, if you enjoyed the original, this add on is a must, and will only intensify your appreciation of everything the developers have put into LoTRO.
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on 26 November 2008
The first time you enter the 21st hall (the great pillared one from the film) you encounter a real 'oh man' feeling. Codemasters have gone nuts with textures and a really enormous scope. Moria is big. Really big. The graphics are great and you get 2 new classes open to you along with an increased level cap - and some of the skills that open up are just grotesque. Even with the thousands of characters swarming through they've managed to get a spawn rate that means you will never see an entirely empty passageway, while you'll never get mobbed unless you deserve it. If you've got SOA get this. As frankly, its just awesome.
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on 27 November 2008
Volume II of the Lord of the Rings Online adds content for levels 50-60. But, many aspects of the game have been changed that have an effect on every level. The most noticeable will be the new stats, where ratings have replaced fixed percentages. While many glance at these and shout "nerf" the reality is that the new system is more flexible, intuitive, and enjoyable.

Along with the revised stats you have the Legendary Weapon system. Volume II, Book 1 of the Epic quest line introduces these to you (and you won't get to set foot inside the dark depths of Moria until you have progressed through this Book) and quickly sets you up on levelling and personalising your new weapon. While the system is complicated (there is a lot of information available on the Codemasters website) it is something that needs to be experienced and played with to come to understand the true power and unique design of the system. Legendary weapons don't merely customise your weapon, but your whole character and class - allowing you to add stats and "legacies" (bonuses to existing skills or types of skill) that you want to focus on.

The most thrilling aspect, however, is of course Moria itself. Following the Epic Book you get a picture of the story of Moria, both in the past and in the present, and of the evil that now creeps in the dark places beneath the mountains. The mines are huge, both vertically and horizontally, comprising numerous areas; from dark, dank caverns, to illuminated gardens, flame and smoke filled forge rooms, and orc infested nightmares. The landscape is a constant joy, and often a huge suprise. Simply exploring Moria would take many many long hours, but within the walls there are also hundreds of quests, a spattering of instances, and a raid.

Alongside the sheer beauty and marvel of the design, there sits a soundtrack that is arguably on par with Howard Shore's renditions for the LOTR movies. There is a sense of wonder, dread, fear and peril as you wander through the most dangerous regions of Moria with the music ominously leading you forward towards the Drums...drums in the deep.

Mines of Moria takes the Lord of the Rings online to another level. It raises the game both in difficulty and challenge, and in content and design, and is the first of many expansions to come (we hope). And the expansion is, of course, not the end of the content as Turbine have proven to add new content, areas, ideas constantly throughout the year in Book updates (PAtches named after the Epic Quest Book number).

A must buy for any Tolkien enthusiast who is looking for an MMO. A very worthy consideration for anyone else.

"The Road I speak of leads to the Mines of Moria," said Gandalf. Only Gimli lifted up his head; a smouldering fire was in his eyes. On all the others a dread fell at the mention of that name. Even to the hobbits it was a legend of vague fear"
J.R.R. Tolkien, A Journey in the Dark, The Lord of the Rings.
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on 11 July 2012
I do not know why this game is for sale

Turbine have now taken over the European operation for Lord of the Rings and they do now recognize any product with a Codemasters activation code,
Which means that the product you purchased does not even work

- a total waste of money!!! If you are reading this please do not Buy
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on 1 December 2008
People are only marking the game down because of Amazon not delivering on time - a dumb move as this is for reviewing the game and not the company.

The game is outstanding and adds new depth to an already massive game. The amazing thing about LOTRO is the ability to purchase lifetime membership.
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on 1 August 2009
LOTRO-Moria is the first online game I have ever played. I always avoided these types of

games because of those annoying players who pester you with conversation or might want to

just expertimate everyone, or are just plain annoying. I'm please to say that LOTRO-Moria

addresses these issues well. Chat between online players can be filtered or or blocked and

you cannot attack other players (except in Monster v Player mode). I would have liked some

freedom for Player v Player but how to allow that so that it wasn't abused? - Anyway it

does not detract from the game in my opinion.
The games runs well on my AMD 4600 with 2GB and 7600GT graphics, although I had a bad

experience registering my account through codemasters website and am still have problems

logging on the game forum. One this to be aware of is you will need a fast internet link

allowing a lot of data transfer (several GB) per month to keep updating the games client.

Updating is neccessary whenever new functionality is added to the server else you won't be

able to play the game. There is of course also a monthly subscription to consider in

addition to the game cost.
Here's how I arrived at my overall rating score.

Gameplay: 8/10
The UI is easy enough to get used to but could be improved, especially the combat

keyboard/mouse interaction. It's easy enough to interact with game objects but again

improvements to make that more intuitive would be welcome.

Graphics: 8/10
Not as good that The Witcher but better than NWN2.

Sound: 7/10
The battle crys are awful but on the whole sound is reasonably good and atmospheric.

Story/Quests: 7/10
Many of the quests are trivial. I haven't figured out the storyline yet (if there even is

one); but on the whole almost everything you ambark on seems to have some meaning, with

background given to every quest.

Overall: 7.5/10
As stated, I'm new to these online games but have played plenty of adventure games in the

past, The Witcher and NWN2 to name just two, and I'd says LOTRO=Moria stands side by side

with both of them.
P.S. You will need a copy of the original LOTRO to play Moria.
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on 23 May 2014
The game arrived in than two working days, which was good given it said up to 12 working days, but the CD/product key that comes with the game disks is no longer valid when you try to update your Turbine account.
After checking the Turbine support website it seems that this is a old version of the expansion and if your CD/product key has any references to Codemasters, the company that used to run Lord of the Rings online, the product key cannot be used to upgrade your account making this a completely pointless purchase.
Don't buy this it seems your better off buying Turbine points from the in game store and purchasing the content that way. I advise anybody thinking of purchasing any of the other expansions or game disks to check the pictures of the boxes to make sure Codemasters is not on them otherwise you will probably have the same issue.
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on 20 August 2013
While the game is excellent, the European Codemasters version of this game is useless and a waste of money!
Since Turbine has taken over all European game servers, only a US Turbine game code is accepted.

Luckily Amazon support (chat) was helpful in arranging a return even though the box was opened.
I really wish I had seen the recent reviews but this shouldn't even be up for sale!
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on 25 September 2011
I am absolutely disgusted this product is still being sold. Turbine have now taken over the European operation for Lord of the Rings and they do now recognise any product with a Codemasters activation code, which means that the product I purchased does not even work - a total waste of money!!! If you are reading this and know how I can get my money back then please let me know.
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