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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 28 March 2009
An amazing live album from Joe, having seen him live this album perfectly captures his awesome live sound.

If you want an album with mind-blowing solos and bluesy-rock riffs this is the one. Filled with long solos and combinations of different songs any guitarist will be impressed with his talent on guitar, easily one of the best of his generation (IMO). Compared to earlier albums you can see a massive improvement in Joe's vocals aswell.

His live sound sounds so much more impressive than studio recordings, so I would definately recommend this album to anyone just getting into Joe or also existing fans.

Can't wait to see you at The Sage & Royal Albert Hall Joe!
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on 29 March 2009
along comes this album and forces me to totally rethink! That this guy is good would be an understatement and that his band rocks needs no further words. But perhaps what amazes me most about this album is just how together it all feels and how lyrical some of the solo pieces are. High spot for me is the double track "India" and "Mountain Time" without any real low spots. And then to finish with a Tull and Yes classic combination - well, this guy has it all. Listen and enjoy - this is guitar playing set at 11!
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on 15 October 2008
I have "discovered" Bonamassa with this album and I have been totally impressed and seduced. It is a top mix of rock, acoustic, blues, etc, with good vocals and exceptional guitar that sounds like ... his own style but tinted with Beck (intro to "Django"), Clapton, even BB King at times ... basically all the good influences.
So after getting this I bought all his previous CD's and in the end, this one live album remains my favourite. You could be satisfied with this one only. Great guy, who succeeds in standing out in the overcrowded "blues rock guitar" arena.
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on 31 July 2008
The latest CD from the fast rising star that is Joe Bonamassa. I've been following his progress for several years now and have to say how totally heartwarming it is to genuine talent and sheer hard work rewarded in an age of vacuous talent(less) shows & the fast buck. Joe seems to have tapped into an audience that really wants to hear classic rock & blues with a distinct UK flavour; think bands like Free, Cream, The Jeff Beck Group & with the odd tongue-in-cheek musical quotes from progressive bands like Jethro Tull, Yes & even the Beatles! Joe's guitar playing is endlessly inventive, displaying ferocious chops on both acoustic & electric; with a very refreshing lack of Stevie Ray Vaughan influences. As wonderful as SRV undoubtedly was, there was only one SRV & too many modern wannabee guitarists now try to emulate that style- enough already! Unlike many of his contemporaries, Joe has the vocal skills & power to match his guitar playing with artists like BB King & Paul Rogers showing their influences. The CD features much of Joe's set from his marathon 2007 tours, and if you can get to see him live- then you really must. Exemplary sound & production skills from veteran producer Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin/Black Crowes) at the helm- one of the best live recordings I've yet heard with the full dynamic range captured from Joe's crack band. Standout tracks include Woke Up Dreaming for it's explosive acoustic playing & dynamics. 'Django' displays Jeff Beck style lyricisms, and the sheer boogie marathon that is ZZ Top's 'Just got Paid'. As John Mayer says in his also excellent live CD "We just launched into a slow blues & 7000 people in L.A. just went nuts - there is hope after all..." With artists like Joe Bonamassa at last achieving the recognition they deserve- there is hope after all for classic REAL rock music in an increasingly banal scene. Amen!
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VINE VOICEon 29 August 2008
Live from Nowhere in Particular

The delays to the release of this album only served to heighten the expectation when it finally arrived on the doorstep!
Now, JB has been making fine, fine blues/rock music for many a year but is now only just starting to reap the rewards of some very hard graft indeed, but the constant touring has honed his guitar and vocals and ability to "wow" a crowd to the extent witnessed here! Garnered over several gigs, this wonderful collection of JB favourites is all a music fan could ask for, whether they be a Bonamassa disciple or not. From start to finish, this album delivers, maybe not as manic as his earlier live album but nonetheless, it keeps your attention throughout with rumbling blues, pounding rock and frenetic acoustic when JB declares "Let's have some fun!!" He takes no prisoners.....
Ball Peen Hammer, One Of These Days, Sloe Gin, High Water Everywhere, New Day Yesterday all delivered with verve, style and above all power. Certainly I would have to consider this as being among one of the best Live albums that I own (and I have a lot, collected over 45 years!)
For any newcomer to Joe's music, this is a brilliant starter, for the faithful, I am afraid it's an absolutely "MUST HAVE!"
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VINE VOICEon 1 September 2008
This album is so damm good its been played almost continously since I got it. I saw Bonamassa on the lat UK tour and have tickets for the next one and this album is such a good reminder of the blazing music from the first tour.
He is on fire on this album with some of the very best of his stuff (and as ever the cracking bits from Zeppelin and Yes. Standout tracks (from a very very good bunch) are 'Just got Paid' , 'Sloe Gin', and 'Bridge to Better Days' - and just listen for the fluid guitar playing on 'Django' - Dave Gilmour has some serious competition - and admirers..
Its the sheer consistency that comes across here - of course he could select from all the recorded tour dates - but this is a great cllection of live (and this is my ultimate yardstick - can he do his stuff live ? ) ,material where the guitar work is sublime, and how his band hammer out a great sound. If you like Blues or Rock or a mixture then this will work for you.
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on 27 August 2008
Joe Bonamassa is already one of the best guitarists ever in the blues rock arena.This live release proves that beyond any doubt,I would go as far as saying he could well be the best since Jimi Hendrix.His tone,his creative playing just develops with every release,he's an original,even on blues covers he breathes such a freshness into all he does.His other strength is his voice such depth and soul there it just totally compliments his playing.The band now with keyboard as well,is just awesome the way his band has developed is quite remarkable to now being surely one of the best around.The set recorded on his 2007 tour is a mix of blues classics and songs from his albums,the most recent being the truly stunning Sloe Gin from last year.
This album will be played for many years to come,if you like classic guitar played as well as its possible,here's your man,a band as good as it gets and Joe's fabulous voice on truly great material this is it.You will not hear a better album by anyone anywhere this year,buy with absolute confidence,this is a world superstar in the ascendance,this is the man who will take over ultimately the Clapton mantle ,boy wouldn't it be great to get them together,it would be pretty wonderful.
A fabulous set not to be missed,FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY.
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on 25 September 2008
Having owned all of JB's albums to date I was a bit worried this might be a bit of a waste of time. How wrong I was. The live version of Sloe Gin in fantastic and Woke Up Dreaming is probably the best acoustic track I've ever heard - purely from a playing perspective. Can't wait to catch him live. Highly recommended album - buy it!
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on 23 September 2014
Released in 2008, this double cd was released by Joe as a thank you to all the fans who have listened to him and saw something they believed in, especially in the early days. Joe acknowledges that without them he wouldn't have gotten this far.
It is actually his eighth studio release and as a live album, it shows Joe at his best, performing to audiences around the world.

The tracks featured here are live performaces of tracks which feature on his studio albums 'Sloe Gin,' 'A New Day Yesterday' and 'You & Me.' As is the norm with most of Joe's albums, you will find a mixture of self-penned songs, collaborations and covers of favourite tracks of his by other artists who have influenced him. For instance many will recognise the Free/Paul Rodgers classic 'Walk In My Shadow' here as well as ZZ Top's 'Just Got Paid' both of which are favourites of Joe's to perform live. However, for me personally, it is usually Joe's own work which I find I admire the most, with 'Mountain Time' being a firm favourite of mine since first listen, especially when linked with his 'India' instrumental opening which is included here -slow blues rock which begins quietly and builds and builds and I believe this is nothing short of a guitar masterclass from Joe who feels every note both instrumentally and vocally.
His notes are played with such clarity, I can lose myself in this man's work for hours.

It is not often, nor would you probably expect, someone who can play the guitar the way Joe Bonamassa does, to be able to put in a great vocal perfomance too, but Joe does not disappoint. He has honed his vocal ability over the last few years from a rougher growly type vocal to a smoother soulful sound which blends perfectly with his guitar to produce songs to rouse you or touch your heart.
I was glad to see the inclusion of the crowd favourite 'Sloe Gin' here which along with 'If Heartaches Were Nickels' just tears at my heart every time.

From the driving rhythm of 'Ball Peen Hammer' to the soul searching 'Asking Around For You' Joe gives a variety performance of all that he loves to play, here on this live cd. Each time I play it, I discover a new favourite part of a song or a new goosebumps moment and although Joe is known as a blues/rock guitarist, I believe such a label only describes one facet of his musical personality, as not only does he do it all from rock to blues, he also nods to other genres here too.
His playing appears effortless as he switches from electric to acoustic to slide and I must mention that he also has an excellent band on stage performing with him, consisting of Carmine Rojas on bass, Rick Melick on keyboards, and Bogie Bowles on drums. The cd is produced by Kevin Shirley who has worked with Joe for sometime and completely understands and pushes him as an artist.
Overall this album does a great job of capturing the experience of hearing Joe Bonamassa live, I like to listen to it with my headphones on and lose myself for an hour or so, but am equally just as happy giving it a blast in the car. It is enough to keep me going until I can get my next fix of seeing him perform live. If blues-rock is your thing, or you were a fan of the late Gary Moore for instance, I would definitely recommend you give Joe Bonamassa a listen, you may just be blown away too!
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on 30 April 2009
I am sad to say I only came to listen to Joe Bonamassa recently and bought his latest album, ballad of john henry. Loved it so much that I went out and this CD and 2 other albums, and love them all.

I saw him Live in Glasgow on Monday there and I was stunned at just how well he can play his guitars......and also his strong vocals. He really puts his heart and soul into his music and it leaves you in awe.

For me Joe Bonamassa is the Eric Clapton of my generation, and certainly deserves his rising fame.

I look forward to seeing him again later in the year when he will be playing in Edinburgh.
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