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on 26 August 2014
Disappointed with this album if I'm honest. Inhuman rampage would certainly have taken some beating. This didn't do it for me.
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on 23 September 2008
This album, while not being as good as its immediate predecessor, is still a pretty good album. While there are no completely mad air-guitar moments (like "Through The Fire And Flames" or "Heart Of A Dragon"), the guitarplay is just as good and as mental as ever.
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on 23 August 2008
Ultra Beatdown is an excellent album. It continues the successful style that Dragonforce is known for and makes it even better. Everything a Dragonforce fan could want is right here as usual, from ZP's unique vocals, Herman and Sam's insane guitar solos, Vadim's fast keyboard routines, Dave's ultra beatdown drumming (Sorry I couldn't resist) and Frederic's amazing bass rhythms.

And thats not all, the special edition here has 2 extra songs. A brand new song (Scars of Yesterday) and a song from Dragonforce's side project Shadow Warriors (Strike of The Ninja).

I can't give this album enough credit, its simply incredible. Dragonforce have made a success from their fast style and it continues in this album and puts even more emphasis on the style they play.

I seriously recommend this album for anyone, old fans and new fans alike. Plus its safe for kids, no swearing in this album.
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on 16 September 2008
When I first heard the name of this album I cringed, when I saw the cover art for the case I began to worry about what this album would turn out like. The problem with Dragonforce is that most people fall into two ways of thinking, either they hate them and everything that they have done (sometimes for no other reason than that they have read some stuff on the internet forums and decided that they do not like the band without even hearing them)or they love everything Dragonforce have ever done (I myself am one of these people, except for track 6 on Ultra beatdown, that particular song is a pile of...).

So the album itself is a good album, better than Inhuman Rampage yet still nowhere near as good as Sonic Firestorm or VoTD. First time I listened to it all the way through I really didn't know what to make of it, it was somewhere between power metal and the sound track to a megaman or F-Zero game and not all too impressive. However second time I listened to it I liked it a lot better, the songs are well put together, they are fun and show that they are doing something different to the other albums, the songs are alot more creative mixing up the placement of verses, chorus, bridges and any other bits that have been added.

ZP's vocals sound much better, he is hitting nicer notes and displaying some great melody lines. The guitar's are what they always are really, alot of great riffs and solos yet still seem to be clinging to what they have done on the other 'force albums. Some of the keyboard parts are...interesting, they seem to be getting more to do on this album. On previous albums they often got consigned to the background (except in the ballads), on Ultra Beatdown Vadim seems to get alot more opportunities to play about with the keys and for the most part it has come out great. Drums...are...fast that is the greatest compliment I can think of really. Ok fair enough there are alot of great fills and they give a good solid backing to the songs, but with the guitars and keys flying all over the place in the songs it feels like the drums are just being used as a glorified metronome rather than as a powerful instrument, which is strange because listening to Sonic Firestorm the drums in that were well played, well placed and had some ingeniously creative parts. Don't get me wrong i am not saying that the drums are bad, far from it in fact; it is just that they could have been so much more on this album.

Overall view of this album is that it is a good album, and even better when you are drunk, but Dragonforce seem like they could give so much more. They are defiantly progressing into a genuinely brilliant band but seem to be taking detours along the way, but that is fair enough they are still a great band who make bitchin' songs and I will love their music and listen to it until I die (except track 6 "A flame for freedom").
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on 5 September 2008
In my personal opinion it's better than the previous album and the bonus tracks dont let down the album.
some of the long ongoing riffs by herman melt your mind and will leave you knowing you've got a good buy.
A track you have to listen to is call "reasons to live" starts really heavy and such a well put together track.
If you would like a taster of the album go on youtube or what ever and check the song "heroes of our time".
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on 6 October 2008
OK so what we have here is yet another dragonforce album,the thing with dragonforce is they are very much a marmite band,ie you either love them or hate them.I love them,if you don't stop reading this now and go and do something more useful with your time.The main critisism i hear about this band is "it all sounds the same" and yes it's all the same style of music and no they're not setting the world on fire with new innovations in music.But hey there's lot's of other peoples stuff out there that all sounds the same too,my answer to the plebs who don't like it and spend their time bothering to write reviews whingeing get a life,just listen to something you do like,i mean i don't like country and western but i'm not about to spend my time writing reviews saying how much i hate it durrr!!!! Right so the bottom line if you love dragonforce you'll love this not as immediate as some of there other stuff but there are some cracking tunes on here.If you love em buy it if you don't stop moaning and bitching and do something more constructive with your time!! Oh did i mention i don't like regae much either??!! Like you care!
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on 11 July 2010
A very good listen, but perhaps not quite as good as inhuman rampage.

Musically very tight, with obvious skill to play that fast, but there is nothing special here that that have not done before.

Having said that seeing them play live with most of the songs from the album did give an extra feel to it.

If you have not heard Dragonforce before I suggest that you try Inhuman Rampage first, but if you like any of their other albums you will like this.
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on 20 September 2009
The cd Ultra Beatdown is an amazing cd by Dragonforce, however I believe that it cant beat Inhuman Rampage, but I think Dragonforce is some great metal, really gets you going. A must buy for the Dragonforce collection I think, it has to be said the extra tracks on the special edition are just as good as the rest of the album, my advice go for the special ddition album. You won't regret it.
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on 1 October 2008
Never thought I could enjoy this band after hating them for quite sometime, but this album isn't half bad...still corny, but really enjoyable.
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on 11 July 2008
I've been a big Dragonforce fan for awhile (before the annoying guitar hero crap which to be honest put me off dragonforce for awhile), I was very excited to hear that you can download this album before this came out so i immediately did, and i wasn't dissapointed. This aint a massive change from Inhuman Rampage, but there are some slight changes though for example on the songs Reasons To Live and Heartbreak Armageddon (which are my favourite songs on the albums) in the bridge sections it slows down and Herman and Sam play some awesome solos (which arn't just super fast).

This is a very good feel album aswell, it always puts me in a happy mood. The lyrics have a little more meaning on this album aswell which is much better. I agree with the other reviewer aswell "The Last Journey Home" is the newest type of song they have done. Though little annoying thing is the intro to "Inside The Winter Storm" sounds abit too much like Heroes Of Our Time but thats a minor problem. There is also some pretty heavy shredding on this album aswell which is really cool to hear.

Overall this is an awesome album, Dragonforce are the only modern metal band that are one of my favourite bands as they are original and are always exciting(and not depressing). If you are expecting a massive change from Inhuman Rampage then you will be slightly dissapointed but don't worry just yet it is an awesome album we don't want this band to sell out now do we? I have heard dragonforce have gotten alot better live aswell, i can't wait to see 'em after seeing this album.

I hope this review helps fellow Moshers and Dragonforce fans. Please ignore the guitar hero hype, and try this album when it comes out. This is one of my favourite albums now there best since their first 2 albums.
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