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AeroBed Active Airbed - Double, Gold
Style Name: Double|Change
Price:£118.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 12 August 2012
I bought two of these beds for a 7 days camping trip and they were generally very comfortable but I have a couple of issues with the product, paricularly with the pump.

The rechargable pumps dont have any indication of when they are fully charged so although I set my alarm for the recommended 12 hours charging period, this didn't put emough charge into the pumps to inflate the beds adequately. There is a feature that allows you to inflate the beds using using a cable that attaches to your car cigerette lighter direct to the pump which is a very effective way of inflating them and without that feature these beds would have been useless on my camping trip as the pumps dont seem to hold enough charge to inflate them fully.

Whilst you can use the car cigarette lighter direct you cant use the mains cable direct, only to charge the pump, which means if I want to use these beds as overnight beds at home then I will have to drag them out to my car to inflate them properly and as I only have street parking which is 50 yards from my house then this is going to look pretty stupid and is going to be a real drag.

My other slight issue is the integral pillow which is not high enough to be supportive on its own but too high if you have to put a pillow on top of it which effctively shortens the length of the bed as you have to slide down the bed to get below the pillow line. As I am 6 feet tall it meant the bed wasn't long enough for me to do that without curling up onto a ball. My 13 year old son who is a lot shorter had no problem with this and just used the built in pillow and slept well but I am old with a bad back and would have preferred a completely flat surface.

With a decent pump that showed when it was fully charged and had an effective charge, these would be 5 star beds but the weak pump is a real problem that could have ruined my camping trip and stops these beds being useful at home too.
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on 9 July 2017
After my very old rubberised cotton air bed started losing air, I have bought, and thrown away two lower cost vinyl air beds, both from well known brands. I bought the AeroBed on the recommendation of two colleagues. I charged the inflator for the recommended 24 hours, and inflated the Aerobed this afternoon. The bed inflated very quickly, inflated fully, and is very comfortable. Many would consider my wife and I to be an older couple, and the increased height make it easier to stand from a seated position. I cannot think of any way to improve the quality of the AeroBed and it's accessories. Because the batteries are NiMh, I recommend storing the inflator part charged, and then fully charging before use. For anyone over 5ft 9in, they may prefer to look seriously at the slightly longer normal double.
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on 25 July 2017
Luckily already have an older AeroBed for indoor use but wanted to upgrade my camping gear this year. WOW! This is incredibly comfortable. About to use it on a camping weekend but already slept on it indoors. Has a rechargeable pump (need to charge this first for 24 hours before you use it for the first time) and that screws onto the mattress and inflates in a few minutes. Has a great one way valve so you can unscrew the pump without loosing air. Really well made and comes in a carry bag. Like other AeroBed products, I hope to get years of use out of this.
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on 15 July 2015
I was a little worried about going camping and being comfortable. I was told that an air bed would be best, but was sceptical as I had really bad experiences previously with them going on down me in the middle of the night and sinking into them. I am please to say that after spending three nights away I didn't have to top the air up at all and I was very comfortable.
I love the cable free rechargeable pump solution. Very quick and easy to inflate. You just lock it in place and it starts inflating automatically.
You do need to make sure you charge the pump fully before you go away, but there is a car charger supplied which will allow you to run it whilst plugged in. Please not that you cant run it when its plugged into the mains, only the car. I've not tried running it from the car yet as I haven't had the need to. The pump has held charge well.
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on 29 September 2016
I'm finished with these kind of airbeds. I've been through 3 of them in three months and they keep deflating.
I am a careful camper - I treat them well, keep them safe but they just keep springing leaks and I keep waking up on the cold, hard ground.
I'm going back to the thin, air-mat types.
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on 14 August 2016
The pump technology on this bed is pretty clever and can inflate the bed in seconds. Unfortunately, the bed arrived already with a puncture in it, in an awkward area on a seam on the flock side. This was despite me asking the supplier for some sort of reaassurance given some of the other reviewers had experienced the same problem. The supplier said the bed was warranted and could be returned if defective. Returning things though, especially of this weight, is expensive, particularly as I live overseas. I don't understand why the manufacturer doesn't quality check these beds before they leave the factory.
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on 7 September 2015
These products are really hit and miss. Bought the item new and went camping the day after. After fully inflating, one side remained inflated, the other did not. This is not ideal when you are camping and i ended up sleeping on the floor. So one side was super comfortable the other was not. This is supposed to be a premium / branded product and I expect better. I would not recommend this product unless you thoroughly test it before taking it on a camping trip or like to "gamble" with your sleep.
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on 21 July 2017
Have used this bed for camping for quite a few years, and although it tends to leak, a quick top up with the pump works. It inflates and deflates really quickly and folding it up is really easy. Its the most comfortable air bed I have used. I have never had any problems with the pump if you follow the instructions.
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on 14 September 2017
Very pleased with this purchase. It has been used a fair bit and inflates very quickly and doesn't seem to deflate over night. However, have not had it for very long to really judge. So far so very good.
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on 5 January 2013
Delivery timing was superb, was surprised that you had to charge the pump for 24 hours before you could use it and couldn't use it whilst it was plugged in and charging. When pump battery gets low after this, it takes 12 hours to recharge, which means you will have to plan at least a day in advance needing the mattress in case the pump is low on juice. Apart from that, the product is superb, not as comfortable as a real mattress, but fine for temporary use, inflates very quickly, deflates even quicker and is very easy to store in the bag provided.
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