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on 7 July 2010
Choosing a bike rack was traumatic - no shops seemed willing / had in stock racks to test on my car and over the phone most people were pessimistic about putting a bike rack on a Peugeot 207 because of the spoiler. However, I spoke to Mount Blanc directly who were very helpful and explained that because the 207 'spoiler' is metal not plastic, and follows the contour of the car roof I would have no problems with this rack. I was still dubious until the day it arrived (v quick service, shame about the broken box - had to request more screws to be sent as they'd fallen out of the massive hole in the box!). However, now I've got it up and running and done a couple of trips I'm really pleased with this bike rack. It feels reassuringly sturdy and unlike a lot of racks, there are bars attaching it to the car instead of straps which gives it rigidity which would seem to be a good thing! There is a clever adjustment system for different vehicles (just make sure you buy the correct fitting kit, sold separately) and quick-release so once it's set up it's easy to take on and off. The downside is it has to be pretty much dismantled for storage and I do wonder if it is a bit of a beast for my needs of carrying just my one aluminium framed mountain bike. Better to be safe than sorry I suppose, and I definitely feed safe with this bike rack!
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on 6 September 2011
Firstly, zoom into this pic, it clearly says "Halfords" on it!!!!!!!!

I thought this was decent until a massive failure of the device cost me a bike, the problem is that the rubber thing that the bikes sit on can just slide off the bar it's on, this meant that whilst driving along the motorway a bike "fell off!" the bars even though the bars were at a good angle, the clips failed because of the load put on them, and my mates bike was sent off down the motorway!, I gave him my bike as a replacement, mine only just survived only being held on by one bar. If you value your bikes do one of 2 things.

1, Adapt the bars so the the rubber mounts cannot just slide off, or
2, Don't bother buying it in the first place.

I now need to buy a new bike, and a new bike carrier, It won't be this one! Please zoom in to to the pic and see yourself, the bar that bike holders are on just have a black end, there's nothing to stop them just sliding off!
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on 12 October 2010
Did alot of research before buying this at a great price on Amazon (Halfords also sell this rack under their own brand and are alot more expensive).
Contacted Mont Blanc when fitting for first time and they e-mailed an instalation link to a video which solved the problem. Extremely helpful and good customer care.
Please check though with the mounting bars because if there are no bars that are made for your vehicle it means that this product is not suitable for your car. I thought this would fit our second car but it didn't.
Easy to fit and very sturdy which means that your bikes do not damage the car (like some cheaper ones do).
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on 14 January 2013
I have a pretty tiny car (Ford KA!) but I needed to transport my bike on a 300 mile trip from my parents place to where I currently live. I have fit my bike inside the car before, having removed the quick-release front wheel, but as I also had quite a bit of stuff to transport in the car this wasn't an option for this trip. Having done a few web searches I found two other KA owners who had successfully used this bike rack, so I decided to give it a go.

First of all, in agreement with the one star reviewer, yes this rack is actually the exact same product as the Halford Exodus (previously called 'Advanced') High Mount Rack, currently selling for £99.99. I was actually going to buy the Halfords one as that comes with 4 fitting kits, whereas you have to buy the appropriate fitting kit separately for the Mont Blanc H3 rack. However, I was lucky enough to get the Mont Blanc one when it dipped in price for 24 hours to only £41! The fitting kit (Kit 2 for the KA) was only an extra £10, so I saved myself £50 on the Halfords price!

Back to the rack itself... it did take a little longer than the suggested '15 mins' to set it up, but once on the car and tightened it was extremely solid and secure. The bars which hold the bike were too wide apart for my women's hybrid frame, but I simply put one bar behind the seat post instead. I did remove the wheels (as they're quick release) and put them in the car, since it was windy and snowy the day I drove 300 miles, and with the wheels on it's also quite a bit wider than the KA! But I was extremely impressed with the rack. I only stopped twice on my long drive and the bike frame hadn't moved an inch during the journey, despite the small snow blizzard at one point! And the clamps haven't damaged the paintwork - and I only used the clear sticky plastic that is provided.

It you can get this when the price dips you will get yourself a great bargain. I can't vouch for other makes of car, but for the KA, which is notoriously difficult to get a stable rear rack for (due to the boot curvature) this is brilliant.

I may only use it a handful of times, but it was far cheaper than another 600 mile round trip to fetch my bike another time!
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on 12 August 2011
I'll start off with a slight gripe... I bought the H3 Carrier to fit a VW Polo, which it does. I then bought the fixing kit that was designed for my particular Polo, and that fits too, but only if you ignore the manufacturer's settings and work it out for yourself! The carrier is adjustable in three main places so you have to find out which of the settings (A to G, 1 to 4, and X to Z) are needed for your particular car. After adjusting the H3 to Mont Blanc's stated settings I tried and tried in vain to fit it to my Polo - I even called Mont Blanc themselves to ask for advice - but it would not fit. After a little trial and error I have worked out which of the three setting combinations actually works for my car and I haven't looked back since.
So, that aside, what about the H3 itself?
Well, it's excellent. Truly excellent. The mont Blanc quality is clear to see; it is far superior to the cheaper Halfords or similar units, which I have used in the past and never felt fully confident when doing so. Since buying the H3 I've driven over 400 miles in single trips, down country lanes and on motorways, in all kinds of weather, and never once had to worry about my bikes being safe. It's absolutely solid and, in my opinion, worth every penny. Highly recommended.
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on 13 April 2011
The carrier once fitted, is good, although, if you go by the manufacturers instructions and you own a MK3 Fiesta, beware! We fitted this carrier to the rear of my XR2i with the correct fitting kit and once in place it was so loose it fell off! In fact, it took a while to get it set up to fit the car properly and feel sold and not move when pulled. I think the mechanisms that hook under your tailgate could have been supplied with some padding too as the clear plastic you are supposed to stick to your car isn't really adequate.

All in all it's a good carrier, however I must warn people that with bike frames changing to have a dip in the cross-bar, I have a GT small man's mountain bike and it doesn't totally fit securely, however, I am going to try and remedy this by getting some longer velcro straps.
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on 30 September 2011
After reviewing the websites and the reviews of other bike rack manufacturers, I choose the Mont Blanc H3 bike rack as their reviews were quite good and they had helpful videos to show how to assemble the rack which looked useful. This was despite the rack being more expensive than other brands. I was disappointed when the rack turned up that the silver galvanised arm that connects to the car doesn't come with the kit, this was a separate purchase. In the images of the bike rack it is certainly not clear that they do not come with it and this does push the price up. Assembling the the rack was OK and I have used it 3 times so far and no marks left on the car which I was pleased about, but a plastic locking bracket did break the first time I had the bike on it which was disappointing.
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on 10 March 2012
Mounting of the carrier is pretty much straightforward. It can be attached very firmly to the car and feels reassuringly solid. We have 2 bicycles (1 man and 1 woman type) and both were easily fixed. 2 existing straps will prevent bicycles from sliding off, but since they are not elastic, i suggest to take one or two more elastic straps and additionally fasten the bikes to the carrier. The reason is that with elastic ones, you can provide constant forced and keep the bikes firmly pressed to the carrier so they don't even shake a bit.
It is important to know that you need to find (on manufacturers website) exact fitting kit for your car and order it separately.

It is definitly worth the money and we are very happy with this purchase.
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on 20 July 2013
Have just fitted this rack to my Renault Megane Scenic. Because the fixings to the car are all metal (inducing separate fixing kit), it is very strong and sturdy on the car. I loaded 2 adult and one child's bike and it copes well.
My only small criticism is that the distance between the two main uprights could be fractionally less, as it is tight to get even my male adult bike over the rubber seats.
To fold it away flat only requires removing two easy bolts and releasing the levers.
The more i think about the safely aspect of putting 3 bikes hanging of the back of my car, the more I'm glad I invested in a good quality rack.
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on 2 September 2011
Badly packaged, The Bike rack had just been thrown into the box, no internal protection ,so when in transit the goods could easily bounce around inside the box. I found that the plastic protection sleeves for the pivot arms were damaged and scuffed. For the sake of some cheap and cheerful bubble wrap all of this could have protected quite easily been.
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