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on 23 January 2017
I use these when caravanning, particularly when reading at night both inside the caravan and when in the awning. They give just enough light to enable me to read, without disturbing anyone else in the caravan.
They have a fold out hoot that swivels, meaning you can hang them anywhere. They also have a magnetic back, ideal for fixing to suitable surfaces. They seem robust and able to withstand drops and knocks.
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on 30 July 2013
Having tried a multitude of portable LED lighting options this is by far the best product I've used to date. As an angler and bushcrafter I spend many nights outdoors, and kit that excels in such environs becomes invaluable for me. As is the case with this Rolson LED Lamp.
I first bought a couple of these at Tesco for my grandfather to use as night lights, and was very impressed with them. Now I have around 15-20 of them in use around the house, in the car, and packed into various kit bags for outdoor pursuits.

In all I've found these little gems to be very reliable and robust. The magnets are a decent strength, for example I've had one attached to the underside of my desk for a while now, without it coming off. Which has surprised me somewhat as all manner of 'little persons' tend to crash into it regularly. And it's very handy here for working in situ with my well hidden PC tower, USB hub, amplifier, etc.
I have two in the car and have used them several times in the dark whilst performing roadside repairs. We use them in our bathrooms during the evening/night. However they come into their own when used whilst camping and night fishing, so much so I've had extra loops sewn into my shelters to accommodate them.

One tip I'd like to pass on is for when you might store them for longer periods between use. I'd suggest you either remove the batteries, utilize the new plastic tags to maintain charge during storage, or purchase a spare battery case for a couple of £s to store your batteries separately.
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on 5 March 2016
2.5 years after buying these for a camping trip, I still haven't had to replace the batteries, they still light up like a Police helicopter's searchlight, and they still prove to be handy whenever the electric goes off, or when doing DIY stuff in dark corners. Can't recommend them highly enough really.

I also bought Rolson Tools 61760 Nine LED Torch Set at the same time. These too, have served me very well. Again, no batteries changed, no failures. Perfect.

Looking at the 1 star reviews, it appears quite a few people were sent non-genuine items. I can't imagine that "Rolson", as a seller would ship knock-off versions of their own products. My guess is that the negative reviews really belong under a different item.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 1 July 2013
I ordered five of these and they all have the Rolson name on the front.

I was a bit worried because I could not see a switch or button. Was the light supposed to be on all the time and use up all it's battery power ? You can't see the button in the pictures and it is not mentioned in the description but it is there on the edge not on the back.

The lights arrive with batteries insitu. Unlike the strip Rolson light which you slide the cover off the battery compartment with these you have to use a screwdriver to open the light up.

It has 2 small Phillips screw. The screws are not tiny. I used my sewing machine slot screw driver. Might be wise not to tighten the screw too much to save future problems.

This has to be done before you switch on as there is a slip of card between the contacts to keep the batteries unused. There is a sticky label on the side showing how to fit the batteries the right way up, but it is so tiny I could not make it out. I'll just have to take a good look each time before I take the batteries out.

With new batteries the light is very bright and would be fine for close by illumination but is no use for seeing ahead in the way a torch does.

I want to hang this outside the room I use at my daughters as on the way to the bathroom there is a step which always "surprises" me. I'll be able to switch it on and see the step those few strides away - the switch for the normal light is unfortunately above the step and not near the room I use.

There is a hook to hang the light by. I found after I had removed the paper from the battery contacts and screwed the light back together that the on/off button was at the bottom of the light when it hangs up. Not sure if the button is supposed to be there or at the top near the hanger.

At home I had the experience of both the hall and landing light bulbs failing at the same time. I need two hands to climb the stairs so hung the Rolson strip light from the neck of my t-shirt. The strip light is quite heavy but if that ever happens again I'll use one of these little ones.

The kitchen light switch is way across the room next to the back door. Useless if you want to go in the kitchen via the hall door and the hall light is out. I've hung one of these little gems under the stairs for use there but also I'll be able to pick it up and take it in the kitchen with me if necessary.

I'm a bit passed the camping stage now but I can see how bright this light would be in a tent but no use for finding the way to the conveniences if there are any.

I have a Daffodil 6v. - 27 LCD light over my laptop which is powered either by batteries or with the attached cable with USB fitting by my laptop or by being plugged into a USB plug into the mains.

Daffodil ULT300 Dual Powered USB Light - 28 Bulb Reading Lamp with Desk / Headboard Clamp and Flexible Gooseneck - Battery (4xAA Not Included) or USB Power - 3 Brightness Levels - PC and MAC Compatible

This little round gem with the new batteries is brighter than the Daffodil one lit by mains power.

By the way the Daffodil clip on light is sold by Amazon - it is too heavy to clip on the laptop itself.

So that is my five lights. 2 for me to use when visiting (I'll leave them there). One under the stairs and one in the Linen cupboard and one next to my laptop for use as and when.

With the handle nearly folded in and having the magnet fitted on the back really makes this little light a very useful emergency item. Perhaps one in a car boot for use in the garage or one in the glove compartment.

Lights inside cars are almost hopeless for searching through your change or getting your key out of your bag so you are not fishing about in the dark - you can have your key in your hand the right way up when you reach your door.

Quite brilliant.
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#1 HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWERon 5 June 2011
As I write 92% of people viewing this item buy it! Says it all really doesn't it? It's a 24 LED light that can be hung up via a hook on the back which you flick out as it sits flush within the back of the light. The hook can be positioned at any angle through 360 degrees so you can point the light anywhere at all from it's hanging position. There is also a strong magnet dead centre at the back so you have another option to fix it up. It takes 3 AAA batteries and is powerful enought to light up a room quite well. I've currently got it in my shed where it is perfect at night. It actually lights up about 30 feet square of garden very well at night. This could be used in the loft, shed, garage or anywhere light is required. I go walking/hiking and this could actually come in handy for some really dark tunnels, caves that you come across as it's so small and lightweight it could be attached to a bag, bike or anything! Great brilliantly priced product.
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on 1 February 2014
I have two of these - one in my under stair cupboard and another in my fireplace.

The one under the stairs is used as an ordinary light when I need to dig something out - works well and gives off a strong light.

The other one in the fireplace is acutally used to throw a spotlight onto a statue displayed in the fireplace - so for ornamental purposes. Again does a great job.

Price is very cheap (i paid £2.20). There is a magnet on the underside to actually sticks to the fireplace, otherwise you can use the hook.

I have also used it on the front of a bike in Burma when cycling at night - just to identify my bike to cars (no streetlights).

Loses a star because 3 AAA batteries are required so could get a bit expensive if used regualrly a lot.
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on 23 June 2015
Bought 3 of these and they have been fab. I've been camping for years and years and the best lamps I've bought. I alos bought the larger 72 led lamps which are fab for my big tent and bought these for each of the kids in thier small tents.Unlike other torch and lamp buys in the past these last really well with both rechargeables and standard batteries. The kids didn't manage to break them (normally a problem!) or indeed lose them! Magnets hold really well to metal (including the tent poles) and fold out hooks are great for hanging for loops in small tents. When I'm not camping these lamps stay in useful places ( under stairs cupboard near fuse box incase of power fail) and get used for all sorts of things. Most certainly recommend.
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on 14 January 2016
You can never be without lamps. During recent flooding and power cuts, I had to rely on candles which gave little light and caused a small fire in my home. Don't wait for emergencies to happen to you, buy in advance.
Cannot fault these lamps as they not only hook onto clothing giving, hands free, forward light to see your way but also have magnets that fix to fridge or car bonnet etc...
Bought one on local market for £4.99. Need say no more.
These are a powerful, convenient light that I would strongly recommend everyone should buy now and not wait for a blackout to affect you.
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on 9 May 2013
Wow! What a bright light from this little torch!

The lamp itself fits into the palm of your hand, and so it won't be hard to find space in travel bags to fit this little beamer in.
Comparing the light to that from another LED torch, this light actually shines a slightly less blue and harsh light, which gets a thumbs-up from me for that - sometimes other LED lights are just so harsh it hurts.

The carry hook feels substantial enough so that I don't have any immediate concerns that it will break on first use, but having said that, it is made of plastic so it won't stand up to any direct hard knocks to this hook arm.

All in all, a useful little gadget light - round, covered in soft-feel, bright LEDs with that bit more yellow softness to their light, has a magnet so it can be attached to anything a magnet will be attracted to (and I'm thinking metal gazeo poles here), and a hook arm to hang it in tents. It even comes complete with batteries - you only need to find a screwdriver to undo the backing, pull the protective tab out, and away you go (after replacing the battery case backing, of course).

Super. And for less than three pounds delivered, what more could you ask for?
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on 28 November 2013
I ordered two of these. They're for my glass display cabinets. I have a metal strip nailed to the top of my cabinets and because the magnets are of such a good quality, they easily just stay there, and can be slid across to different positions for optimal lighting. What puzzles me though is that one of them emits a white light, and the other one a blue light. It isn't really a problem, but prior notice of this by the manufacturer would have been appreciated.


- Incredibly bright for its size
- As I said, the magnet is strong, so I can vouch for that
- The battery life seems good enough
- Good build quality, and easy operation with a nice clicky on/off button


- You might find the light is slightly blue, but I haven't checked whether the brightness between the two "versions" is any different
- It's a bit heavy, which might affect a few other customers

Despite my 4/5 rating, I'm willing to say that there's nothing better on the market right now. Most alternatives are very much sub-par.
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