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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 May 2008
Quite good French film set in Romania which explores certain primal fears, one of which is being terrorised in your own home by unseen assailants.
Personally I like to vary the kind of films I watch, this is a horror that sets out to disturb and shock in a subtle psychologically creepy way and is not a gore laden slasher (which I like also) There are only really two actors in the entire film so much of the demands for successfully imparting tension and fear to the audience lies on their emotions and reactions which they impart quite effectively.
Some of the other reviews I have read for this are way out quite frankly and question whether the reviewers in question have watched this. 'Them' is a relatively lean 74 mins and gets going quite quickly. With a film such as this with the emphasis being on a couple living in a foreign country in an isolated house some scene setting and building of atmosphere is needed; I don't feel this film should be penalised for not having a decapitation within the first 5 mins, it's not that type of film.

Some of the extras on this film are good. I remember very well the BBC broadcast relating to one of the extras on the disc regarding the time of Ceausceau; it was interesting to read the 'Awful Truth' transcript in regards to this.
Regarding the veracity of this event, I have a good memory for news events and do not recall this one, the names of the victims do not provide any results in a rudimentary internet searh and most tellingly the press conference in the extras was poorly done, not at all realistic and in English. It would have been far better to leave that one off.
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on 30 June 2007
The tagline: "You'll never feel safe in your own home again" couldn't be more true after you have watched this film. It is effective in making you feel as if you're in the home of the couple and enduring this nightmare with them as "Them" decide to turn one quiet peaceful night into a terrifying nightmare for these unfortunate people.

You'll find no fancy CGI effects or familiar faces in this film which is what helps make it work. It's real horror and not some fake monster coming to get you in the night but a true terrifying real event that could happen to anyone of us - even more chilling. And this movie is based on real events. The actual event only becoming clear at the very end and when you find out just what "They" are it's truly disturbing.

Warning *contains spoilers* The very first scene is the most frightening of the film and one of the scariest I have ever seen in my life. This movie is directed to scare you and to scare people in the way we are scared in real life, not in the movie style of being forced to scream by some loud bang. "Them" appear to be ghosts and for maybe two thirds of the movie I thought that was what they were. If you're reading this, that may have spoilt it for you because if you think that, as I did, it's all the more chilling when you realise they aren't ghosts. They're people and they really are sick in the way they love to torment and frighten their victims. But they're just kids. It's creepy to think such young kids could be so disturbed to want to do this to people. And in life they did. Horrible.

You'll love this movie if you love ghost films and horrors that build suspense and put you on the edge of your seat. I really cannot fault this film. It frightened me, even terrified me in parts. That's what an horror film should do. This film and Wolf Creek are the only two films in a long time to have successfully scared me and I call them true horrors and extremely underrated. A must see film, be prepared for "Them" now!
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on 21 April 2008
I dont think that us reviewers should be overselling this movie,pat oursleves overly on the back for being such connoisseur's of cinema that we found this while the rest of the world wonders what it is and why we would watch a subtitled movie,but what i will say is that this film has some good sustained menace and avoids the blood in favour of 'psycho' like tension but not as good of course.
Them is a french movie set in romania,a young couple who live there seem to be happy as can be,but there lives are set to be challenged by a group of evil,it isnt revealed who they are until late in the film and then it is quite a surprise.
I think the film works in a way because there is no motivation for the attacks at all,none,so this could happen to us,a random day,a random act from people who bear no grudge but wish to destroy,films like that prey on the mind longer than a jason vorhees movie as he is a ghoul that doesnt exist and cant.
The film is 74 minutes long and does its best to keep it exciting and tense and achieves that for the main,some scenes are a little dull but that is to perhaps have us as a viewer falling into a lull of happiness as well,perhaps,anyway this is a good wee film and will appeal to fans of dog soldiers for sure.
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on 12 October 2007
Wow! I was realy impressed by this film. Don't let the fact that it's in a foreign language with subtitles deter you from watching it because it doesn't spoil it. If anything it may even add to the effect.

In the current dispair of modern horror we're constantly delivered a bunch of annoying teens with no sense of self-preservation and a weak plot. This film has no special effects, no gimmicks and is pure and simple old fashioned classic horror. It's terrifying!
A young (mid/late twenties) couple are plagued by unknown intruders in their new house. They can hear their noises and sense their presence but are unable to see their perpetrators which adds to the tension. Like in 'Signs' it scares you not being able to actually see their attackers but at the end you're left feeling cheated by this utterly pathetic synthetic alien suit. However, in this film, when you discover what has been persuing the victims you are left feeling cold with a chill down your spine.
I would definitely recommend this film, it has everything you want from a true horror. Although it's more heavy on frights than blood and gore, but better for it in todays obsession for gore ridden nasties. This is genuinely scary!
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on 29 June 2007
I saw this in the cinema and just don't understand what Benji's talking about, i think THEM is a classic, beautifully crafted, relentless, shocking and utterly niilistic. My nerves were jangling for days afterwards, i honestly can't remember the last time a horror film got under my skin in that way. A genuine classic in my opinion - just supremely better than most formula horror films, a real gut punch of a movie
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on 24 July 2007
Having read most of the negative reviews on amazon I felt I had to write one having watched this last night.

Some reviews have said this movie is predictable and all been done before.
Fair enough. But what horror these days is new?

Ok, so they are stuck in a large house under siege from something and door knobs turn and floorboards creak.
My point is it's the way it's shot
and executed so brilliantly. Yes, I've seen this stuff before but not done
so well. There are subtitles. Big deal. It didn't stop me enjoying it.
The tension just didn't stop and it's more what you hear that sets this
apart from all others. Footsteps in the distance, wierd sounds,whispering voices and fleeting glimpses of figures.
Your imagination just runs riot and goes into overdrive.
That for me is when a film is more powerful than heads getting cut off
or the other usual slasher film which this is not.

I wouldn't even class this as a horror, but more a thriller with just the
right amount of horror to tense things up. It's also well directed with
good use of the camera to see things the two main characters see. So
ok although this has kind all been done before - but to my knowledge
like films like Fright, never so well.

The films running time is 74 mins. Perfect timing. They could have padded
it out to the usual 2 hours but at 74 mins it's kept tight and keeps you
watching. I really expected some hanging conclusion and was quite satisfied and surprised at still guessing right up to the end.

I wouldn't be surprised if a Hollywood remake is on the cards.
I don't think it'll ever better this.
Have no regrets buying this. Can't wait to show it to my mates.

One last thing is you have to watch it in the dark for the best results.
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on 1 August 2007
The tension and suspense in this film are great and you can see bits of it have been inspired by The Blair Witch, Hostel, Texas and a few other horrors. Trouble with this film is the ending. Very disappointing indeed. It just made me wonder how this couple were so useless...
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VINE VOICEon 22 June 2007
'Them' is an interesting thriller which expertly maintains it's tension until the end. It's unusually short - just over 70 minutes, and without knowing that, the abruptness of the ending might take you by surprise. It's a gore free zone, which is unusual, but doesn't detract from the storyline at all. If I have any criticism of the film, it's that it could easily have been longer. I don't think it needs a 'bigger finish', but I think that once the gang are revealed as being children ranging in ages between 10 and 15 years old, it would have been very interesting to have at least one long scene where we are taken into their social group, to get an idea of how they think. At the very end, where we see them running for a bus, it's chilling to see them as just normal kids, and I think that effect could have been heightened by deeper knowledge of them. Overall, very good but left me wanting more.
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on 15 September 2011
Having watched a lot of the utter rubbish that has come out of Hollywood over the years in poor attempts at the horror genre I have become a big lover of the foreign horror film. In particular I have always admired the Japanese horror film, not to be pretentious, they are just more original and cleverer.

This is the first time I have seen the French take a stab (pardon the pun) at horror and I have found myself saying to people something I never thought i'd say. "Even better than a Japanese horror".

I have seen negative reviews of this film which have truly baffled me. For me it was utter perfection (although, if I did have any criticism it's that the opening sequence wasn't really particularly relevant to the rest of the plot, or at least didn't transition into it very well). The reason this film works so well is because it is believable and simple. No massive special effects or gore or bizarre looking monsters. The characters behave as you imagine real people might and that creates a genuine tension that the audience can associate with.

Anyone that reviews this film in a negative light can only justify doing so if they absolutely rip the arms and legs off of anything that has ever come out of Hollywood in this genre in my own personal opinion. And at under £[] on Amazon, you can't really lose can you?
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on 20 January 2012
This film is essentially an 83 minute long scene of supsense; a VERY effective one at that. And brave in the sense that it involves almost no gore whatsoever - I'm quickly discovering the best horror films never do. But it is tense, with good shocks, and is relentlessly unnerving. Yet not without flaws; the score can be offputting, and actually detracts from the tension at some points, in my opinion a this would be better without one at all, and with such a massive build up, there's bound to be a 'is that it' conclusion (however to be fair, that's effective in it's own right here as the films message). But overall, it's a very effective horror film, and it deserves to be watched.
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