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on 9 December 2016
Holds the Sigma 150-600 Sport quite comfortably and securely with the camera and battery grip attached - I'm attaching two photos.
Loving the fact that it opens from the back - now I wonder why not all photo backpacks work this way. Seems much more secure and easier to access.
Arrived very quickly, I've used it every day since.
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on 22 August 2015
Lowepro camera bags are good. Plenty of room for my current kit Canon 5D Mk III, Mk II body with Sigma 100-400mm fitted, 28 to 105mm, Sigma 70 to 200mm, 2 x convener, monopod, bits and bobs. Weight about 2Kg. with all my gear 26Ibs or 11.80Kg in old money.
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on 11 May 2017
This is for the Flipside 200, I am really pleased, it fits my Canon 70d with the 70-300L lens attached with the hood on, ready to pull out and shoot straight away, the top bag inside is still in there and empty for a little snack, the bottle holder will carry my water, side pocket for mobile phone. I did have to adjust the compartments to a few small ones inside the bag, the bottom on the left side holds my batteries and lens caps and remote control, the next holds the kit lens, for a woman, I wanted the smallest bag I could get away with, this suits me fine, the quality is really good as well :) just wanted to let people know who are in a similar position to myself that you can get a bigger lens inside with a little side room to spare for a few bits and bobs. Very happy.
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on 5 November 2015
Fits my Sony a77 with Sigma 500mm (f5) lens in comfortably with lots of other spaces although the tripod collar does push into the spine area if you don't adjust it to the side. The entry is actually through the side that is against your back, you can use the waists belt as a way to access the camera section without putting the bag down. This is by design and it does work although I don't fully trust it yet as it feels as though the whole bag is going to carry on flipping over but it doesn't, just make sure the waist belt is tight enough. The pocket on the front is large but not very segmented so much of my gear is a bit lumped in although there are separators and a velco pocket which is sized for an SD carry case or maybe a mobile phone.

I do prefer my SlingShot bag more but it won't hold my wildlife lens. The Flipside does a whole lens top to bottom whereas the Slingshot has a pocket that cuts the top 20% off the main compartment shortening the lens space.

It has some pockets on the outside but I don't really use them, they would be useful for a bottle of water perhaps but you wouldn't want to put anything expensive in them as a) they might fall out, b) might get wet, c) might get stolen. The tripod clip on the middle isn't great because if the back is full the shape of the bag becomes curved...which tripods aren't! There is a hidden pocket which comes out of the bottom and is for the tripod to rest in to stop it slipping out of the clip belt.

It's a quality bag but the design could be better for the accessories, on the whole though it does the job of transporting my wildlife lens whilst still attached to the camera and still loads of room, so much that you can over fill it and it can become very heavy!

Overall, glad I got it however I prefer the SlingShot design, but it does fit the 500mm!
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on 29 March 2016
Starting my adventure in the world of DSLR photography, I knew I needed a decent sized bag to carry my gear. I received a free bag with my camera when I bought it, but it wasn't particularly adequate for my needs, especially after I acquired my 70-200.

What can I say? This bag fits the bill perfectly. It has ample room for my gear, and space for much more. It's removable dividers are great, as I can now rearrange my bag in an order I like, and keep my camera and lenses tightly packed to prevent damage. The front pocket could be slightly bigger, but a slightly more expensive model (Flipside 500AW) would solve this problem, if you were willing to part with the extra £40 or so.

The flipped access is great, as I no longer need to worry about my gear being stolen. The option to keep the bag on and flip it around (using the very comfortable waist straps) really is a fantastic feature. 5 stars to Lower for innovation.

The tripod holder is a great little feature, especially when I take the bag on forest hikes, as it frees up my hands. The straps are also fantastic, as they are padded fantastically. I cannot feel the bag on my back, even when it is loaded with 1.5 - 2kg of gear. I cycled 21 miles with it on and hardly noticed it.

I probably wouldn't recommend this bag as a daypack to carry your gear and other necessities (food, drink etc) due to the lack of space for anything other than camera equipment, and I can see a potential issue in the future as I acquire more gear, as the rear access flap does not push all the way back, making it harder to reach the gear at the base of the bag. But right now, that isn't a problem.

I would recommend this bag to anyone who is looking for a bag that can all their gear comfortably and safely, with minimal fuss.
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on 10 September 2015
I got this after having watched several reviews on YouTube. The Flipside handling works perfect and the bag holds my somewhat heavy Manfrotto 290'seriers Tripod quite easy as well. There are some good pockets for your keys, remote, batteries, SDcard, flashlight etc.
Also there is room enough for my camera, my lenses, an ekstra sweater & gloves and a thermos too.
I use my bicycle a lot when I am out shooting and it's perfect for that as well! This is a good buy. The bag is obviously made for the purpose of outdoor use.
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on 7 June 2012
I'm actually not a fan of Backpacks! I use mine to transport my gear to an appointment or destination only! If I am wandering about shooting as I go, the Beltpack/waistpack option is the way to go. Hence the review of the Inverse 200AW elsewhere.

Having previously used the smaller Lowepro 300 Flipsdide bag (excellent), I really felt the need for some more space. I saw the 400 at the Focus on Imaging show last year, spending six months or so thinking about the upgrade. It was worth it.

For location shooting and studio appointments, I can get the gear I need into this one bag. Usually I take a pro dslr, 24-105mm, 70-300mm, 50mm or a mixture, but usually only two lenses. Add a big flashgun and a full set of Lee filters, and the bag is now heavy and bulky! But, and for me it's a big but, this bag once secured to you loses the weight quickly and is easy to move around to gain access to your gear. The flipside design is unique and very secure. The outer pocket houses brushes, wipes, remote release and a light rain jacket! Has more space than it appears to have. I have to have a really good reason take more than two lenses though... I use the spare space for a snack item or other stuff to make this bag my ONLY bag!

The tripod facility is very useful indeed. My personal opinion is that this should be a small to medium size (travel/compact etc.) so as to not become a nuisance! With no less than three securing points (optional on one of them), the tripod remains firmly in place. If the third securing point is used (top of the bag), then access to the outer pocket is restricted. This is a minor point though to be fair.

With elasticated pockets on the side for carrying liquids (500ml water no problem), it quickly becomes more than just a camera bag. This is where Lowepro always seem to shine! I like to set off for a serious shoot either professionally or not, and not be distracted by having to carry extra bags or need to break my photography to go shopping...

The harness system is comfortable and very adjustable. Fully loaded the bag is a little cumbersome, but that's not the fault of the bag! I wouldn't like to try it with Lowepro's six to eight lens capacity! Besides, why would anyone need that many lenses on one shoot? The Vertex and other ranges are better designed for that kind of loading.

Security is always a consideration, and this is where the Flipside series is unique. The access is through the back, so when being worn, access is virtually impossible! The outer pocket on the back is vulnerable possibly, but the solution to that is not put valuables in there... Without a tripod the back becomes just a backpack. The logo is not subtle, so I often black this out with a permanent marker to deter knowledgable thieves... I don't begrudge Lowepro their branding, but I do like anominity if I seek it... Just a thought.

Unlike many, when Lowepro say it will accommodate a pro size body it usually does! This is no exception. A Canon 5D Mk2 with a grip, or a Canon 1 series will fit with ease. This is also true of the smaller Flipside 300.

In summary, a great bag that is of reasonable proportions and includes an all weather cover (not with tripod in place). I paid £62 on Amazon in January 2012 and that was a complete bargain for the spec. of this great bag. This is a keeper! Like many other photographers finding the right bag is a chore at best! This is right bag for my needs. I would recommend this product without hesitation. Lowepro quality and great design...
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on 20 May 2017
I was fed up carrying my kit in two bags and I often would forget which bag items were in. So, to alleviate this, I decided to take the plunge and go for this quality bag which is expensive, I know, but am I glad I did...
Excellent quality and perfectly designed for the job. Cannot fault it one bit. Comfortable to wear with a all my gear over all kind of terrain (My hobby is landscape photography). Highly recommend this bag.
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on 27 April 2017
Superb quality rucksack well balance and comfortable great for carrying all your equipment around all day, it is a quite large so not ideal if taking to concerts/football ect so use I use an amazom basics gadget bag on these occasions. It is very well padded to protect your valuable equipment and secure as you have to swivel it round on your waste for access. The front storage is ample for carrying accessories and a jacket or jumper. Well thought out and well made bag, highly recommend.
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on 3 July 2015
I've had my Lowepro Flipside 300 Photo Backpack for over 6 years now. Although not a professional photographer, I do use photography, video and sound recording to make artwork. I can easily fit a DSLR, wide lens, zoom lens, sound recorder, lapel and contact mics, an iPod and accessories inside. There is a bottle holder on one outer side and a useful zip pocket with sections useful for SD cards, USBs and pens inside.

There are soft movable velcro partitions within the main area, so you can configure it in many different ways. If I pack the bag well I can cover the contents with a 13 inch 2009 Macbook Pro and zip it up without stressing the zip or stitching.

I cannot speak highly enough of this wonderful pack. It's been to the USA, France, Spain, Estonia, China and South East Asia, plus around the UK. The zip placement is a very neat design trick. You can only open the whole pack once it's off your back, the zips are placed on the strap rather than front side. It hasn't lost any shape or discoloured in 6 years, the firm (but not hard) structure under the outer material isn't heavy and does add confidence in it's protection. I've always carried it as hand luggage and also haven't dropped it so can't comment on its safety when out of my hands.

If for some reason I lost it, I'd have no hesitation in replacing it immediately!
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