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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 23 March 2012
First, about the DVD - it's a low budget copy, mono soundtrack with no extras to note. This spoils somewhat the overall enjoyment of the film.
Second, about the film - it's a quick paced farce set on a train and in two fixed locations. Now if this sounds uninspiring it shouldn't be. It is really quite a funny film. Though slightly silly at times it keeps you following who is who as the plot untwines.
Finally, a note about the actors - Michael Caine and Roger Moore are great in their roles, making a good duo and supporting actors plays their part well too.
Though not a well known film and probably never destined to be a classic, it is a welcome breath of fresh air from serious films because it is first and foremost entertaining. I like it, but there again I like Marmite too - it's probably one of those kind of films. I suggest you buy it if you like the actors but avoid it if not.
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on 7 July 2012
Wonderful bit of classic British comedy.

Quality wise, this dvd isn't one of the best. I wouldn't say it is so bad that it looks like a VHS copy, but quality isn't as good as some other DVDs from the same period. Sadly I don;t believe Bullseye! has the kind of following that would make it worth any type of remastering. That said it's a classic film, the quality does not in any way detract from the enjoyment of the movie and I am more than happy with the purchase at the current price.

I just wanted to add, in regards to some copies not being English, the copy I received from Amazon was English.
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on 12 November 2008
This review does only refer to the DVD not the film!

DON'T BUY THIS DVD! Every 15 year old VHS from any filthy video store is exceeding the quality of this DVD. No Original aspect ratio, no picture transfer to the 21st century- no nothig. They just used the old VHS and copied it on DVD- home-made would be better! The title is appearing is some obscure language- maybe they couldn't find another VHS- that way one must be happy to at least have an english audio track. Every penny invested in this DVD is to much!

This publication is nothing but an impudence!
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on 17 July 2015
I remembered this getting hammered by the critics when it came out bck in 1990. But being a kid and a Roger Moore James Bond fan always wanted to see it and now having seen it as somewhat later on and as an adult....I've seen much worse, put it that way. It's a cheesy film but It has some entertaining moments. It's no way as bad a Michael Caine film Jaws:The Revenge or Roger Moore in his pink panther movie agh!!
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on 31 August 2009
Alas, I think Bullseye! is too underrated for it ever to gain the sort of quality release it deserves. This is the best we're going to get so I'm happy enough to live with it.

As for the film itself.... yes, it's cheesy and the plot jumps about all over the place, but I think it has always been taken far too seriously by its critics. It's old fashioned good fun and has some hilarious moments within; the interplay between the two lead characters being of particular note. But, as a previous reviewer has stated, there is something more to it than just the comedy - it evokes the era particularly well and it features some particularly inspired use of location shoots.

In summary, it is never going to become a classic, but it's better than its reputation might suggest - you'll either love it or hate it.
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on 28 August 2014
Very underrated British comedy.
I first saw this movie back in the 90's and fell in love with it.
It has a crazy story about two con men and two scientists who just happen to look the same a cheep energy source. Once that bit is out of the way it's turns in to a funny as hell movie, one line comes to mind "hey fella buy you a drink". I won't go on about the movie to much but trust me it is very funny and will keep you laughing every time you go back and watch it.
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on 16 December 2008
Taking the point of the other reviewer about the poor quality of the picture at times means I had to dock a star. However, on all other fronts this hits the target and scores a Bullseye!

I first learnt about this movie, and didn't even know it's name, whilst celebrating my 5th anniversary with my wife aboard The Watercress Belle on The Watercress Line. Our steward was telling us of a time when The British Pullman Orient Express visited the line along with Roger Moore and Michael Caine. Returning home and a quick Google gave me the title. I put this on my Wish List and my wife snapped it up for my birthday.

Having just watched it we both agreed it was a very (late) 80's style movie but was actually very funny, well scripted and acted. With our love of The Watercress Line and The British Pullman Orient Express we were very happy that both played quite a big part in the film. We have also visited other locations in the film (Hever Castle and Penshurst Place) and it was quite atmospheric to step back in time and see the streets of London from 1990 with RTs and RMs abundant (no Bendy Bus Citaros back then). The plot was convoluted at times - mostly as to which character each of the leads was playing at the time! - but just about follow-able. The acting was high standard and not just from the two main stars, Sally Kirkland also puts in a strong performance as the "glamour" with her character's daughter also giving the film a glam feel. Okay it's not Titanic or Pirates Of The Caribbean but if you love British films and have a nostalgia need this might be just what you need. It certainly hit the target for my wife and I!

Michael Winner seemed to inherit a role as one of the worst movie makers around and, as mentioned already, this isn't Oscar material but it IS a jolly romp and a great film if the locations used are familiar. Script - pretty good and funny, acting - the leads and main characters give their all, locations - fabulous, pacing - fast and furious (typical farce speed) and only the picture quality is, at times, dubious so 4 out of 5. As a final note I accepted the picture quality and didn't find it ruined my personal enjoyment of the movie one bit, so on that level I would have given it 5 but I cannot deny the picture quality isn't as crisp and clear as maybe some would expect these days.
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on 8 July 2011
Was just curious about this film because I'd never heard of it. 2 well known actors. Best not to expect much from the film and you wont be disappointed then!
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on 30 September 2014
It is funny to watch Roger Moore and Michael Caine together in this rather funny film. It's rather sad that they didn't got the oportunity to work together in some more pictures.
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on 4 August 2014
I ordered, it came promptly. Happy
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