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This MP3 player made by Sandisk is tiny and beautiful! The silver/mirrored finish is better in real life than it appears in the picture and the screen just seems to disappear into the mirrored front which looks really rather cool! The player is made of plastic, but as plastic goes, it isn't bad at all. It feels quite sturdy not creaky and fragile as some plastic gadgets do.
The fact that this little beauty has a screen at all is quite astonishing, and jolly useful it is too! Unlike its rival from Apple, you can select which tune you want to listen to, rather than having to wait for it to come round. The screen itself uses two colours, blue and yellow and is very crisp and easy to read despite its small size.
The player supports a wide range of file types, including MP3, WMA (with DRM 10 so you can use subscription services like Napster to Go) and Audible Books. There is also an FM radio which is surprising clear (especially when you let the wire from the headphones dangle down) which you can also record from in WAV format. It's surprisingly easy to get music on to the player as well - drag and drop worked well, as did Windows Media Player and the Napster Client. Audible Manager also worked a dream. Couldn't have been easier.
This player is clever - if you are listening to a book from Audible, or a podcast, then leave it, listen to some music, and return to it later, the player remembers where you'd got to - no messing with having to set bookmarks. You can also give your music a star rating, and set up one playlist (known as the Go-List) on the player itself as well as importing playlists from Windows Media Player. Podcasts and Audible books are easy to find with their own sub menus and the music is well-organised too into album, artist, all tracks etc (as long as your ID3 tags are correct of course since this is what the player uses to sort things out for you.)
Navigation is via the round control on the front for moving through menus and selecting songs etc. The smaller round button, known as the Home key always takes you back to the main menu. On one side the on/off/hold switch can be found, with volume on the other side. The player connects to a PC via an ordinary USB cable which means that although it doesn't come packaged with a mains charger, if you've got one lying around (I use the one from my old Motorola Razr which works just fine) you are able to charge away from your PC. Battery life is very good, and there is an accurate measure of how much power remains within the system menu.
I use my player for podcasts, audio books and music and the sound quality is great for all three. The headphones which come with it are fairly comfortable and sound ok, although you will always be told that it is a good idea to get better ones if you can. Even with the Sansa phones, the detail I've heard from my MP3s has really impressed me, with good bass, and excellent detail and clarity across the whole range. Much better than my old Creative player.
I do really love this player and have heard a rumour that Sansa will bring out an 8GB version soon. I know I'm going to want one! On product development by the way, one of the things you should do straight away when you've got the player home is to charge it, then upgrade the Firmware, an easy operation using the software which automates the process from Sandisk's website. When you've done that, you'll get OGG support which is a file format beloved of audiophiles!
This may be the sort of player you think you are going to pick up just for the gym or walking, but once you've got it and you hear how great it sounds, and how easy it is to use, you'll find that you leave your bulkier player at home unless you need it to watch videos. For that reason, I'd advise you to get the biggest capacity 'Clip' you can afford. You won't regret it!
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on 18 March 2017
love them
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on 22 November 2008
It is an amazing piece of hardware - so small and yet so easy to use. The display is clear, the sound great and the controls so intuitive. My complaint comes when I try to load my MP3 collection.
Connecting to the PC is easy and windows quickly displays a set of folders on the player - they are not real folders. You can only put albums and tracks into the "Music" folder - what happens to them after that is a mystery.
Perhaps the device is aimed at those who download music tracks from the net. To these automatic sorting into "artist" "genre" etc might have some intrinsic value. For me I want the folders that I load into the player to stay as I organised them. In this player the folder names get listed as "unknown". The tracks in my folders seem to be scattered in various folders. Most annoying is the way it handles my MP3 "learn French" lessons. It lists lessons 1 to 9 in one place,18 to 20 in another and the remaining ten lessons at random throughout the pseudo folders it provides.
Previously I owned an ATMT player, bought from Amazon. No such problems with that player - if only the battery had lasted longer!
This player is an example of the modern meddling approach to software design -"We'll give them what we want - not what they want". For God's sake let me organise my files how I like!
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on 8 November 2009
People should know that my Sansa Clip, which I've owned for over a year, accidentally fell into a basin of water last week. I thought it was a goner, but I pulled it out and quickly cloth dried it - it has not suffered any damage at all. Not to the headphone jack, or the charger, or the battery, or the computer chip... nothing, it functions as though this hadn't even happened.
Just thought I'd share. This is quite possibly a miracle device, it is by far the most robust MP3 player I have ever seen.
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on 22 February 2009
A fantastic little mp3. What makes it great is:

1. Price - compared to competitors like apple's shuffle or creative zen stone it is much cheaper. That's because Sandisk make their own memory chips - in fact they are one of the leading makers and their memory devices are the fastest on the market.

2. Audio performance is superb on two counts, a. it can power my sennheised HD-590 headphones, these are basically the big type of hi-fi headphones that cover your ears. The output from any music player needs to be high to make these headphones sound good and in some cases you need a headphone amp, but with the sansa you can take it to the top with no distortion and its plenty loud! b. it also comes with a customisable graphic equaliser so you you can set the sound to your preference, which is really needed with MP3 files or some tape transfers as roling off the treble helps to get rid of the hiss.

3. FM Radio, I've had personal radio previosly and not been impressed but this gives good stereo reception. You set it to scan and it will go of and preset the stations, which are stored using the freq as the name. Only gripe here is that you cannot rename the stations, to something like radio 1 (but then most peeps know the freq of their fav stations anyway) and nor be able to store the presets for different areas of the country.

4. This will also do voice recording (wav) and record from the radio too.

5. The screen is a nice crisp OLED one, which seems to disappear when it turns off - just leaves a nice mirror finish - check your make up girls, or check that person behind you lol

6. Upgradeable firmware means that Sandisk are always improving the sansa, through this method they have been able to make the device support ogg vorbis and flac files!

7. The actual unit is no bigger than a small matchbox, but yet still has good readable screen, unlike the creative zen stone which has a really small screen and the Ipod Shuffle has no screen whatsoever! The unit has nice size buttons which means though its very small its still useable.

8. The capacity of 4gb, is plenty of music, for me about a week or so. With this much capacity it really makes using a big ipod redundant, as you can quickly drag and drop what you want to listen for the day or week. My music collection is growing at a faster rate than I can listen to, so no iPod is going to be able to store all my music anyway. What then happen if you loose your Ipod - your double bummed for loosing such an expensive device and all your music is gone, which is not easily replaceable! The sansa will only store a copy of your music from your laptop, so you don't loose anything and the cost of one is so cheap that if you do loose your sansa its no big deal.

Overall it has the wow factor! Everyone who has seen it has found the device amazing as its so small yet so usable and looks fantastic.

One note of warning and this applies to all MP3 players, they all use something called ID3 tags, stored int he mp3 file, which is used to navigate artists, albums etc. Make sure these are properly filled out with artist, album and genre names. If you do then navigation of the files is much easier. If not, you get files spread out like in 'various' folders etc. This is not the fault of any device, they can only go by what you give it - garbage in, garbage out!
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on 8 October 2008
I didn't want to spend too much, and this fits the bill exactly. I listen to podcasts and music, and it works brilliantly. It remembers where I left off last time - apart from when you connect it to the pc - at which point I need to select the podcast again...not a big deal. The battery takes 4-5 hours to charge fully the first time, but it lasts for a long time (had it 2 months, use it 30 mins/day, only charged it twice - and that was done by leaving it connected to the pc overnight after I copied some new stuff onto it).

Sandisk support tells me that the "battery for your player is non-replaceable rechargeable", and that "When it no longer holds a charge, we can assist you in troubleshooting the issue and if it no longer charges, then, we can process a replacement for the player"

The product has quality, and good support
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on 20 May 2009
2 stars? 1 for its clip on ability, 1 for its quick start.

Minus 1 because you cannot read the display in sunlight, minus 1 for its short battery life, minus 1 because it can only be charged from a USB outlet.

I bought this item based on previous reviews and was a little disappointed.


Very quick to start up - either radio or music.
Very easy to navigate through the menu.
Fantastic that you can clip it anywhere.
Decent volume.
Small, light and easy to slip in a pocket when its not being used.


Has a shiny surface which, although it looks good, means you cannot see any of the display, whatsoever, if there is any sunshine.

The battery life is very very short despite what others say. I also bought the 8 gig and that is just the same. Very short battery life. My back up is a AAA MP3, which I have used. I use it while travelling to and from home/work, which takes me 4 hours return. By the time I get home in the evening it needs a recharge.

It can only be charged from a laptop or PC or any item that has a USB outlet. Useless if you are travelling on holiday to the States (9 hrs) and you dont want to take your laptop.


Great buy if you want it for shortish journeys in the depth of winter. Find something else if you want it for long journeys or if you want to take it abroad.
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on 24 August 2009
I can't believe no one else has had problems with the headphone jack. The Sansa Clip is exactly what I need when I'm on the move, except it cuts out when I'm on the move.
I have bought four Sansa Clips, two models (black 2gb and silver 4gb) from three suppliers (including this one) and tried them with three sets of headphones, including the ones they come with. With each one, the headphones only connect if they are part pulled out of the socket and every time I move the sound cuts off. When connected to speakers the sound isn't anywhere near as good as my beloved Monolith MP3 player, but that's fine because I wanted something for on the move.
Great clip rendered redundant by some kind of faulty connection. I can't believe it's only me. I haven't had this problem with any other MP3 but my wrists/arms are too small for the usual arm bands and I really wanted that clip!
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on 11 April 2010
I've has one of these little beauties (the 4gb version) for a few months now and I'm absolutely chuffed to bits with it.
As small as a small matchbox and light enough to stay attached to your earphones (and ears!) should you be clumsy enough to drop it.
Sound reproduction is excellent and it has plenty of features (shuffle, repeat, playlists, all the usual suspects).
A word of warning though for those of you (like me) who like their music loud; the latest firmware updates have brought in the new EU regulations on volume limits for MP3s and therefore reduce the maximum volume DRAMATICALLY! It was so bad that I carried out a system restore to factory settings and this sorted the problem. If you do like a decent volume level you might want to consider foregoing these updates, my player certainly hasn't suffered for the lack of them!
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on 4 January 2011
I wasn't expecting much when I bought this MP3 player; I was trying to save money, and thought it would be the latest in a string of poor quality cheap MP3 players that I had purchased. I am glad to say I was proved wrong!

- Cheap! This MP3 player is fantastically priced compared to its more illustrious rivals.
- Decent storage capacity - I got the 8 gig one, which gives you enough music for everyday usage. In a way it's an advantage, as it makes you more choosey about what you put on there.
- Easy to use - The menu system is intuitive, quick to navigate through and all round easy to use. The one complaint I would have is to switch from shuffle to standard play you have to scroll all the way back to the 'Music' screen which can be annoying, but it is hardly a big issue.
- Good sound quality - with a decent pair of headphones this easily rivals the best MP3 players on the market in terms of sound quality.
- Great screen - The vibrant blue and yellow text colours show up amazingly well on the screen in all light conditions, including bright sunlight.
- Size - This MP3 player really is very small, even compared to the newest ones on the market. I wouldn't really want it to be any smaller, as it frequently gets lost in my pockets as it is!
- Build quality - Despite being bashed around a fair bit, my Sansa Clip is still working perfectly (after about 2 years).
- Battery Life - I don't think I've ever really had this MP3 player run out of battery on me...it can last for a good few hours, even at max volume.

- Maximum Volume - The maximum volume is a bit low, which I guess saves on battery power, but can be annoying in loud areas. Buying some decent noise-cancelling headphones would counteract this.
- Menu Scrolling - The circular button makes a clicking noise when scrolling through the menus; in a quiet room it can be intrusive.
- FM Radio - The radio is kinda useless, but I didn't buy it for that and wasn't even aware it had a radio initially!

So overall, I would heartily recommend this MP3 player to anyone...it offers many of the advantages of an Apple product without the hefty price tag!
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