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on 8 August 2008
200Mbps over the mains is now a stable standard it seems. These things are very simple to install - I've got 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs. Network speed is typically around 150Mbps so plenty for streaming HD video. In common with other devices of this type, you can't connect them to a surge protector but they do have their own surge protection circuitry in-built. They are fine to use with double/triple plug adapters though or extension cables (you might need some if connecting to a socket near the floor - note where the ethernet connection is). Anyway - great value, I wouldn't bother spending £50 more for a brand name - these are just fine.
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on 11 August 2008
I was a little dubious about these plugs when I first saw them. 200MBPS connection for less than half of what big brands cost. However I opened the very nondescript white packaging, plugged them in to the wall, installed supplied Ethernet cables from the home-plugs to router and computer and they just worked. Nothing else required. The supplied Ethernet cables are about 1 meter long.

There is a software disk in the both, this contains a utility to password protect the plugs and also shows the connection speed. I have tried several plugs in my house and get between 150 and 195 mbps depending on distance. Be aware though that most router have a 100mbps switch which will limit the connection speed for the network. Definitely faster and more stable than wireless.

I only marked this down due to the size of the plugs, they are not small, probably twice the size of a large mobile phone charger. They also run a little warm and are not pretty, but definitely do the job for a good price.
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on 7 August 2017
When I give a mark of '3' it means that the item(s) does the job at a reasonable price. OK service and I would buy again.
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on 4 July 2011
Oh Dear! These Home Plugs work fine when they work, but as others have found my plug went BANG! after 16 months.A bit annoying as they are not dead cheap.
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on 18 March 2011
I have already purchased a pair of these and wanted a second pair. They work out the box and have never failed. 5 star without a doubt.

UPDATE - November 2012 - Failed... Oddly both of them now don't work.
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on 24 November 2008
I was in two minds whether to get these, as they aren't a major brand. However, I was so glad I did as they are fantastic. I wanted to use them to link an XBOX360 to a Vista Media Center, to stream live TV, music, videos & DVDs.

Setting them up really was as simple as plugging them into the wall and plugging the supplied network cable into the XBOX & Media Center. I installed the software and was amazed to see I was getting 175mbps between the two devices!

A word of warning though - don't plug them in to adapters/power strips, the throughput goes down dramatically.

I would definitely recommend these to anybody looking to link two devices together without having the hassle of wireless, or trying to run ethernet cables through walls and floors!
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VINE VOICEon 21 January 2009
I wasn't entirely convinced that networking over the mains would work in our house as we have three panels of power breakers protecting circuits in different parts of the house and some reports I have read in the past suggested that this would prevent networking over the mains from working. However, given that the wi-fi signal from a single BT home-hub system isn't strong enough to give good connectivity even halfway across the house, I thought I would give the Max Value 200Mbps Home Plugs a try as a last resort. As it turns out, this was a good move. Although we don't get 200Mbps from them, we do get in the region of 130Mbps, which is more than 10 times what the wi-fi managed previously. Basic installation was trivial - literally plug and play. Setting up security was done by guesswork as the printed instructions are so bad. I did this from an XP machine, so don't know whether it works on Vista. Inevitably, it was only after getting the security set up that I realised that better instructions about how to do this appear on the supplied CD.

You need to be aware that these units should not be plugged into blocks with surge protection, should not be near "noisy" devices etc, but also that they come supplied with very short network cables. Luckily, I have spare cables that are of decent length, otherwise I could never have reached my router from the plug units, but if you haven't got spare cables be prepared to buy some.

So, other than the short cables, I am very pleased with these units. They do what they say and have solved our home-networking without the expense of laying cables across the house.
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on 5 December 2008
Our house is 60 - 70 years old and the wiring is copper (although thick it's old) and this product works a charm. I have a virgin cable modem hooked into one of these plugs in our down stairs living room and then in our upstairs study I've connected the second plug into an extension lead, which is then connected to my router. The connection has been a 100% reliable so far and unlike wireless it has been working from the moment I plugged them in, no setup and no disconnects and none of the hassle of wireless. I 100% recommend these.

As for choosing this over alternative and higher priced brands such as devolo, all these home plugs have been built to the same specification so the only difference is the outer shell design and the software they provide (which I didn't even use), and maybe a few other minor details ... why pay more?
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on 8 February 2009
Max Value 200Mbps Home Plug, Double Unit Pack

I bought the powerline adapter to provide internet access for a PC and an X-Box 360. The router is downstairs and the PC and X-box are upstairs. Like many of the reviewers I was amazed at how easy the unit was to set up. Literally plug one LAN cable from the router in the powerline adapter and plug it in to the mains. Do the same thing with the other adapater at the PC end and you have got yourself a fast and stable LAN connection. Unfortunately, like some other reviewers, one of the adapaters died after two weeks. The units may be cheap but the build quality would appear to be suspect. I have returned the units to Amazon and bought the much more expensive Netgear equivalent. I hope this is more reliable !
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on 10 July 2009
I have a wi-fi router plugged into the BT mastersocket in the loft and a garden office at the bottom of the garden. The wi-fi doesn't reach to the office so I've tried a wi-fi extender and bigger aerials but I didn't get a reliable signal (I think there are other aspects of the house which mean that wi-fi signals are absorbed).

Anyway, I decided to try this Home Plug and it works. Problem solved (almost completely).

The router is plugged into a four-gang extension. At first I tried plugging the Home Plug into that, but I didn't get a connection. So in the end I had to run an ethernet cable to the nearest mains socket, and then I could get a really good signal all around the house. The home office has a consumer protection unit in it as well as being effectively a long extension, plugged into a socket in the house. So there's lots of attenuation and I only get around 40mbps instead of the 200mbps they advertise, but it does work.

I use a Mac so can't use the supplied monitoring software, but nevertheless the Home Plugs work a treat (you don't need to install anything, just plug them in).

Occasionally I seem to have to switch it off and switch it back on to make it re-sync, but otherwise good.
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