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on 21 January 2018
CD is great and the outer packaging is perfectly fine. Arrived within the specified time. However, the booklet inside was a Bob Marley Greatest Hits on and not the one for the Alkaline Trio CD I actually purchased...maybe check before you send them off?
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on 25 October 2014
Great album, it has fast, punchy songs, slow melodic songs, catchy songs and songs you grow to love. In short, buy it and you won't regret it.
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on 4 May 2016
Great album! I'm in love with it.
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on 16 February 2015
Haven't had a good listen yet
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on 7 February 2009
This album was really good and i would recommend it to anyone who loves rock/alternative music. A big thumbs up.
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on 30 October 2012
item arrived in time and in perfect condition, no scratch and with my gift note on the package. I've given it to my boyfriend exactly the day of his graduation...he was so happy, and me too!
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on 5 April 2009
Alkaline Trio have come a long way since the raw power of 1998 debut Goddamnit. With hindsight fourth album Good Mourning was a watershed for many early fans of the Trio, who still await a 'return to form' and that raw punk sound.

But, from the positive reaction to the new songs on the recent UK tour, many more of us feel that once again Matt, Dan and Derek have delivered an album with more than a few melodic punk masterpieces.

The album opens strongly with the immediately satisfying Calling All Skeletons followed by single Help Me. In Vein is slightly darker, but maintains the strong start. It is arguably the stand out track on the album. I Found Away grabs your attention once more after the pedestrian Over and Out. Do You Wanna Know? and Live Young, Die Fast slow the pace down once again, but the catchy Love Love, Kiss Kiss will probably divide opinion. Lost and Rendered rattles by before Ruin It and Into the Night provide a memorable and uplifting finish.

If there is a problem with Agony and Irony it's in its pacing. It opens with three songs that have been, or could be, singles. At the very least they are likely to be live favourites for many years to come. Unfortunately Track 4 Over and Out, which is by no means a bad song, pales in comparison. But, it's the extended 'slow section' after I Found Away where many fans of the 'old punk days' may give up on Agony and Irony. This would be a shame, because the album closes with two particularly strong tracks.

So, whilst not without its faults, Agony and Irony has much to offer and enjoy. It also provides an accessible introduction to those who have not yet discovered the delights of Alkaline Trio.
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on 22 June 2008
My god, what the hell happened? Is this the same band that produced classics like 'Radio' and 'Bleeder'? Surely this isn't the band that made us bleed our brains out with great songs like Private Eye, Continenal & Back To Hell?

Alkaline Trio have been moving in an increasingly rock-pop direction since their split E.P. with Hot Water Music, but Agony And Irony really takes the broken biscuit. The album opens reasonably, Calling All Skeletons, possibly the most ridiculously named Alkaline Trio song ever, not being the best opener they have managed (That goes to Good Mourning), but carries through fine. It's from here that the album just goes downhill.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing 'wrong' with the songs as such. They are all well-written and i'm sure all fitting the nicely put together criteria for the record company. Neat little ticks in boxes under "contains gothic referances" and "Catchy, you know, like Mercy Me". I've had this album for 14 days prior to release and it doesn't get much better with repeated listens. It's just too damn soft. Skiba's lyrics seem to have crossed that line from "Tongue in cheek yet defined and cynical" to "down right silly". Dan's songwriting in the past has always provided us with the more intermite tunes. I'm sure more than one playing of "If you had a bad time" has resulted after a broken relationship. Unfortunatly Dan's material seems to have been meddled with constantly by some outside force. "Let's put some stuttered chords in 'In Vein'" and "Let's add a dance-beat to 'I Found Away'" - A DANCE BEAT?! Leave the bold guys songs alone!

All in all this album comes off sounding like All American Rejects or even Fall Out Boy. And that makes me sad. Alkaline Trio debates were always able to include phrases like "yeah they sound emo, but they aren't". This album really weakens that arguement. Quite simply, it sounds like record company produced fodder for 14 year olds to rub themselves against now they're bored of kelly Clarkson. If that gets them listening to 'Maybe I'll Catch Fire' then all the better for it. But i doubt it.
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on 20 August 2008
Having been a fan of the Trio for the past 7 years, I have followed their steady change of direction from the raw and explosive sounds of "Goddamnit" to the smoother and polished finish of "Crimson" with increasing admiration and eagerly anticipated the release of new material. It was quite apparent that this album was never going to return to the early days of crashing drums and jackhammer guitars, but every Trio album has it's own highlights and this one is no exception. On the previous records, it's usually been a 50/50 mix of Skiba/Andriano songs which have been the main contenders, but this album sees a change in direction in favour of Andriano. Several of the Skiba songs are almost halfhearted and tired sounding, and I wonder if Matt Skiba is now writing the kind of songs he expects us to listen to rather than what he actually feels he wants to write about. I can't help but think he's holding something back in his songwriting, with the exceptions being the wonderful opener "Calling all Skeletons" ,and "I Found Away". Dan Andriano's songs on the other hand are exceptional, with the 4 of them contributing much more than Skiba's 7. "In Vein" is the album's masterpiece, with Andriano matching clever lyrics with quirky, haunting and edgy music which makes full use of Derek Grant's understated drumming style. The emotional depth of Andriano's songs on this album are comparable to classics such as "Message from Kathlene" ,"Crawl" and "Maybe I'll Catch Fire", revealing so much of himself in each song that it's hard not to class Skiba's songs as runners up in every category. "Love Love Kiss Kiss" strikes a chord for anyone who's ever been single for any length of time, with Andriano spitting out the words of the chorus with such venom that you can't help but smile in sympathy . With these songs making such an impact, this album comes across as something of a rollercoaster, but with mostly highs and the occasional low, it's still one enjoyable ride that keeps enticing you to come back for more... enjoy!
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on 9 October 2010
Listened to this once and hated it. Put it on in the car in desperation and realised that I'd made some early pre-judgements. 'Calling all skeletons' really grows, 'In vein' is a classic as is 'Do you wanna know'. Plenty of other classic tracks such as track 10 which holds personal significance. Alkaline are so diverse and have developed so much. Live they are awesome, and the back catalogue is pretty impressive. You will read reviews depending on when you got into them. I was originally exposed to 'Crimson' and love 'Good mourning' and 'From here to Infirmary'. All things in consideration I think that they are one of the most solid bands around. Yes, the new album is different and more poppy than anything they have produced thus far but with A3 you just can't go wrong. This is a fabulous album and will grow on you like a disease where you won't want to listen to anything else. It's also a strong album to come back to!!
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