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Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 7 February 2017
This game has such great reviews, and being a huge RPG and Square Enix fan I thought I'd give it a go.

Unfortunately I was extremely disappointed with this game,

The story is very poor and lacks detail
Next to no character development
A lot of characters, although only 1 is playable

Overall very let down by Square Enix with this one
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on 1 January 2010
This is a very good quick and straight forward RPG with lots of extras for those who like sub-quests. Synthesizing weapons and items is a great feature. Can easily be completed in and around 20 hours but there is also lots to do after completion with the clear data. Well worth it if you find it cheap.
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on 4 June 2017
I felt the first half of this game was great, however the plot lost focus and too many new characters were introduced. The protagonist had decent character development and voice acting but that doesn't really save the 2nd disc.
The boss fights are ridiculously easy.
the music is gorgeous.

Personally if you'd like an action based jrpg I'd recommend the first Nier game or star ocean till the end of time which are more fun to play and feature better characters and script writing.
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on 10 September 2008
Capell.. a happy go lucky minstrel who is wrongly imprisoned by a mysterious group called The Order of the Chains for being mistaken as the leader of the liberation force. Eventually you are freed by a beautiful maiden who also mistakens you for her leader! Yes, this maiden is part of the Liberation Force and from here on your journey begins...

The first few hours.. you will find the gameplay frustrating (it doesn't quite play as you would expect) and there are some problematic camera angles and framerate inconsistencies. You will get quite a lot of pop-up instruction screens explaining 'this and that' which is a little too much to take in at first..

After this ordeal the game improves as the story develops Capell is eventually rescued by the Liberation Force (a team of people who set out to free the moon that's been enslaved by a dark cult) and lands with these characters each with their personalities and emotions will have an effect on Capell as his interactions with them will affect him throughout his adventure.

Capell controls a sword which you can swing and make combos. As you gain experience you will learn new battle skills and string these to your basic sword slashes. You only are able to control Capell throughout the entire game even though there are like 15+ characters that join you throughout.

You can invite these characters to party up with you which will allow allied attacks via the CONNECT system (this will require fast thinking during frantic fights) and becomes very useful later on in certain situations that force you to think quickly plus you will also need to micro manage these characters! FAILURE on some of these situations may lead to a game over so be warned!!!

You will also control party tactics.. ie make your party fight seperate monsters, attack together, wait, save mana etc.. One of the party tactics called COMBO will allow you the ability to chain massive combos which are pretty tricky to pull off but can rack in lots of bonus experience. Practise makes perfect!

Whats strange about this game is you cannot block attacks (this IS the frustrating part), later on if you are lucky you will be able to find items that will increase your chance to auto block enemy attacks. Because of this system you will need to use hit and run tactics when needed.

There is however a parry counter attack you perform called DEFLECT DRIVE using the LT button (This requires precision timing, something for the experts) which stuns enemies briefly and allowing you to run or unleash a combo attack. Some enemy attack are impossible to parry so be careful!

Since Capell is restricted to a sword (and a flute being a minstrel, this has its uses later on) he will have to rely on the computer controlled characters for help in healing or any other skill that Capell lacks.. The computer AI is very good, it can go pear shaped 5% of the time.

Be warned the menu system will not pause the game so while you are searching through your inventory you can be attacked, IU runs in real time "infinitely", It can be paused tho.. Its only safe to access the menu when you find a safe spot or in town. This does become difficult when in battles and party members have fallen and you need to find healing items!

The monsters here randomly drop items and you will spend a lot of time "farming" a certain monster for a rare item drop.. These items are needed for ITEM CREATION: enchanting, writing, cooking, alchemy, weapon and armour making. All these skills need levelling up. Make regular saves as not everything you create will be a success! Failure will cause loses on rare items you spent many hours hunting for!!

Story and characters, there isn't much new here, you probably have seen it before. However in IU it's done well and the character development and humour is charming, personalities are endearing as they bond throughout their journey.. Sadly not all characters are fleshed out.

Graphically, characters have a unique anime look. Some scenery looks gorgeous, some look average. The world you live in has huge areas to explore, almost like Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion size! The towns and villages you encounter.. the graphics.. well they look ok. The camera again it gets a little out of control during tight spots. You can use a "lock on" to an enemy when you need to run around like crazy to gain your wits.

I really do like the music here. Its big orchestral pieces sound wonderful and there are smaller music pieces to enjoy. Voice acting; some good and some bad. Strangely the characters in battle seem to cry out names for their special attacks every time special attacks are performed, can grate on you.

Infinite Undiscovery compared to other RPGs may seem shorter than expected.. It is meant to be replayed again and again so maybe you will discover things on replay you may have missed first time..If you play IU on EASY then it will be short.. Monsters are very easy to kill and you can dash from A to Z with hardly any need to level up.

Overall I am really enjoying this game. It started off really badly and there is quite a lot to dislike, but it gets better the more time you put into it. It's not for everyone. You can play this quickly by simply running from A to Z and when completed dismiss it as a waste of time, or put hours and weeks into it and delve deep into it's world. It is a little rough in places but as you become accustomed to it you will discover a good game.

Once you beat the (Normal, Hard, Infinite difficulties) game and the end credits roll save your game and when you restart you can warp back to Kolton and there will be a new dungeon for you to explore! Be warned this is very hard and there are no save points once you go inside!!!
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on 18 November 2015
As a Japnese rpg fan, who bought an xbox 360 specifically to play the few exclusives that are available for it such as Blue Dragon and Lost Oddysey, this was a natural option. This game was developed by Tri-ace, who developed for ps1 and 2 Valkyria Profile and it captures the charm of those games in terms of music and aesthetics. An advantage of this game though is the instant transition to battle, which are real time and not restricted to an arena-like location. There are many characters to use, which is a bonus in case you don't like to use some of them. The music is good and the graphics is good for its time. The story doesn't seem too different or revolutionary, but if you are a fan of the genre, you will probably find it engaging. Overall, I highly recommend this game for xbox 360 Jrpg fans!
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on 11 September 2008
I would write a really lengthy review...but basically all the points that i would made have already been summed up in previous reviews. I really enjoyed the game. The gameplay is really good (after you get used to it, as there is a lot to take in at first) except for some points like its difficult to use potions in combat as you will have to search through the menu...which doesn't pause the game and there is no quick menu or buttons to assign items to. But after time you will get used to this as i found that my AI controlled characters took care of all the healing and all i needed to do was throw the occasion MP restore potion, but due to this fact its sometimes a good idea to use hit and run tactics with the player controlled character incase it all does go wrong. But overall combat is nice and fluid.

I like the plot as it has a good mix of twists, comedy and tragedy. The only problem being some characters aren't really looked into much as you get them pretty late in the game. I completed the game in about 20 hours, and some of the characters i never got till about 16-17 hours in. So I do wish the game was a little longer. The voice acting is a little naff for one or two characters and some characters keep talking when their lips are no longer moving...this could be because all the characters are part-time ventriloquists, but that would just be speculation.

I know this review sounds negative, but its easier to list dislikes with this game than likes as there so many things i like. Its well worth a go if your into RPGs like me...if not...then you wont be reading my review probably.
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on 3 May 2009
27 hours of gameplay can't be bad for your money. 27 hours of fun engaging gameplay is brilliant for your money, and that being without the side quests and a highly likely replay through make this game exceptional for your money - but it's not for everyone. Any loyal RPG player will know of the team behind this game: Tri-Ace, who also make the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile series of games, and any loyal RPG player will know full well to get this game because Tri-Ace are among one of the best for the genre with their innovative and unique style of play.

This game follows the story of Capell who is wrongly put into prison mistaken for the, extreme lookalike liberator of the land Lord Sigmund. The Order of Chains have shackled the moon to the earth with large chains causing ferocious problems to occur worldwide, and Sigmund and his not-so merry band of cronys are traveling the world to destroy each of the chains and liberate the moon. When Capell is broken from prison, again mistaken for the hero of the people by one of Sigmund's comrades, he is hurled into a conflict that will ultimately decide the fate of the world.

It's not the most original of games - the characters are cliched but loveable, and there are quite a number of them. Throughout the game you get up to 20 characters that join your party, each with their own combat style, skills and armour type (making equipment an extensive and expensive job). The voice acting, on the whole is acceptable... with it slowly getting better and better as the game progresses. The lip-synching on the other hand is not so acceptable, and the humour is pushed out of the situation when a voice is talking enthusiastically from a closed mouth, only to start moving once the speach has ended. Then there is the mysteriously absent voice acting is certain scenarios where you have to read it from the bottom of the screen - thankfully this isn't very often at all. As far as all this goes, it's nothing major - if anything just a little annoying for a game of this generation.

The battle system is the real joy in this game. You can have up to four people in your team at any one time, and you can have up to three different teams at one time in certain period's of the game - which is a nice addition because all of your characters get used. The battles are done in real time, with no battle map appearing, it's all done on the same field you move on. For anyone who has played the Star Ocean series, the battle system will feel familiar. You can move freely and you hack and slash your way through the enemies with the A and B buttons (each of the buttons correspondging to different types of attack). As you level up you gain more powerful skills that can be equipped to the same buttons so that when you hold them down you get a nice little swing of the sword/bow/axe/whatever it is the character is using. You get healed automatically by the healer in your team but if you are in desperate need you can press the Y button to get the healer to heal you straight away which is nice and easy, quick and effective and doesn't slow down the battles at all. There's no menu's that come up, unless you bring up the menu yourself (which isn't recommended in battle) and it all flows really nicely. The EXP, money and items quickly stock up and you'll find yourself leveling up in no time with little need to do any grinding unless you want to.

Each of your character have their own skills outside of battle as well, such as cooking, enchanting, blacksmithing, etc, and these can all be used to create really strong items and equipment that can't be bought from the shops. But if you're not into all that, you can just go to the shops in each of the towns as you progress through the game and stock up on items that way, but it is more expensive, plus going out and looking for different accessories to create your next item can be really good fun and help you gain levels outside of the main plot, not to mention finding some of the more obscure side quests that may have passed you by.

There is no world map in this game making the game feel huge. You travel from place to place on foot in real time, battling as you go, with plenty of cutscenes to keep the story progressing. The characters also talk when your moving around to keep the game flowing a little bit more, and the backstories of each of the characters slowly seep through in the game making you emotionally attatached.

There are uplifting moments in the game, and some heart-breaking, some shocking and some absolutely stunning. Far from a perfect game, but "really good" nonetheless, and enough to keep you going until Star ocean and Final Fantasy come out. If you want a game with deep characters and an engaging storyline then I recommend this game highly, but I asolutely most definitely don't recommend it to people who don't like RPG's, or even people new to RPG's, wait and try something else. This is a game for the purists, a game for the veterans, and a hugely enjoyable game at the core with a big heart if you have the patience to find it.
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on 30 May 2013
Nothing particularly wrong with this game, but it has no real stand out features. Usual poor script and annoying children that seem to occupy all JRPGs.

Anyone who wants a decent JRPG, without all the usual clichés, should look at Nier or Eternal Sonata
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on 13 May 2012
I have played my fair share of RPG games in the past, all the way back to Secret of Mana, so I have a rough idea of what makes a good game; and not. On face value, this game looks great, but two things REALLY lets it down ... the controls and the camera angle. The controls are really over complex, and "linking" team mates could have been done in a MUCH better way. Why "link" other team mates anyway, why not just switch from one to another? Forget about doing it in more complex fights, because you just end up dead. Just put them on combo or assist. The other MAJOR flaw is the camera angle, and not being able to zoom out. Nothing worst than having 10 mobs attacking you in a cramped area, and the camera zoomed in to the back of your head. The combat isn't great either, especially with the same 10 mobs hitting you down to the ground. No way to roll out the way or avoid attacks, you just have to basically run away.
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on 4 September 2008
As probably one of the first people to play the game, (as my preorder got sent a day early again) I can say that overall this is a solid game. Infinite Undiscovery plays out in a very similar way to FFIX apart from the fact it is single player. The story is very good although most of the characters get introduced very early on in the game. The graphics on the other hand are not so great. Granted that this is a 360 game and not a PS3 game the graphics look almost as good as Lost Odyssey however if it had been on the PS3 the graphics would have probably been better. Also so of the lip synching is not brilliant with some of the characters in the cutscene's speaking without their mouths moving.
Despite all of this it is a very goos game especially if you liked Star Ocean: Till The End of Time (PS2). Worth buying all in all
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