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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 30 June 2008
If 'Tan Lines' wasn't what you you hoped it would be, then 'Shelter' is definitely the film for you. The gay surfer movie that people have wanted to see since 'Point Break', it's a classic love story, in a sunny California setting.

Zach (Trevor Wright) is the 22 year old protagonist; he missed out on an art college scholarship, and is stuck working in a diner in a dead-end town. He spends his free time doing street art, surfing, and looking after his (stunning) 5 year old nephew, Cody. This family obligation has been foisted upon him by circumstances: his older sister, Cody's mother, has a string of self-destructive relationships and addictions. Though constrained by this obligation, Zach is like a father to Cody and puts that bond above his own aspirations.

Enter the man who will change Zach's life: Shaun (Brad Rowe) - the confidently gay, older brother of Zach's best friend. Shaun understands Zach in a way that no one else has done, seeing through his tough-guy front. The two men instantly connect, and spend time surfing and taking care of Cody. One drunken night leads to a kiss between them...internal conflict and raw emotions ensue, as Zach wrestles with his desires, while trying to accommodate his familial duties and the limitations of his own self-image.

If this plot-line sounds vaguely unoriginal, it is. All the expected story arcs are present, from the initial shock and brooding self-analysis, to the supportive ex-girlfriend. Added to which are the expected polemics: rich v. poor; urban concrete v. beach and waves; ties of family obligation v. the lure of romantic love. In fact, there is nothing unpredictable about 'Shelter'. Nonetheless, all this is easily forgiven - because the story just 'works' so beautifully. It has it all: a handsome cast (who fill out their wetsuits nicely), sparkling chemistry between the protagonists, moody sunsets, the glittering ocean, moments of humour, and base human desires; all underscored by a poignant soundtrack.

Even the hardened 'not-another-coming-out-movie' cynic will find 'Shelter' an emotive, heart-warming, tear-jerker. A life-affirming, classic love story, with excellent, authentic performances from the cast, 'Shelter' will undoubtedly be a instant hit.

[Amended 02/09/2008]
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VINE VOICEon 2 August 2008
This is a great movie. It bypasses heart stopping action, mystery, murder and fantastical drama to spend its eighty four minutes building a simple and honest love story; and that's what it delivers. The story is generic; boy meets boy and consequently boy tries to come to terms with the ever complicating sexual feelings he is starting to discover are buried just beneath the surface, while fearful of the judgements of the people around him.

Of course it is a coming-out story that has been told a multitude of times, but Shelter has something more. The soundtrack is great and compliments the chilled out atmosphere of the film, the actors are convincing and create characters with depth, worthy of investing emotions in, and the setting is a cool, visually appealing mixture of surf and sand. There is also a constant underlying artistic presence which comes from the main character, Zach, a talented street artist. His work is visually beautiful and used effectively as a device to express the character's feelings throughout the journey.

So Zach is reacquainted with Shaun, his best friend's older brother and an acknowledged homosexual...ensue all the beauty and drama of Zach's self discovery. The addition of a child, Zach's nephew Cody, and his unfavourable circumstances, is that extra element that really adds to the emotion of the movie as we see how Zach, Shaun, Cody's mother and her impatient boyfriend react to the boy's presence. It subtly questions the pertinence of sexuality as a deciding factor in the suitability of a parental figure as it pits an example of a loving, homosexual relationship against an example of a dysfunctional heterosexual one, with the young child drifting between the two.

The wait to find out if Zach will escape his destructive home life to the safety of his blossoming romance is not exactly edge of the seat stuff, but the performances and the emotions they conjure in the viewer are enough to make you hope that he will. This movie is the homogenous love story it appears to be, but it is an extremely accomplished version, which is beautiful and grounded whilst still heartbreakingly sad and definitely a rewarding watch.
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on 29 July 2008
This is a very good movie, telling a great basic and romantic love story. It just rings true and you know it if you ever really fell in love. The core of the story is very real, although the wrapping may be too sunny. Even for Southern California (and I lived there for 11 years). One whishes that life could be sometimes so beautiful. But one goes to the movies for that too. The cast is wonderful and Trevor Wright is that perfect dreamboy you can't look at him without loving him. One of those gay movies that deserves a wider audience and stays with you for a long time.
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on 3 December 2011
This movie is written, and acted very well. It is not one of your cookie cutter gay movies. It's a drama about a straight young man from the poor side of town , is stuck taking care of his nephew, due to an absent sister and other family members. The young man is a surfer and best friends with his rich friend from the other side of the tracks. When his best friend goes away to college, he uses his rich friends house to go surfing. One day he unexpectedly comes upon his best friends older brother, who has now returned home from Los Angeles. The older friends brother is out and gay. From there the story turns into this flirty coming of age story where both the straight guy and older brother's best friend start falling in love. This blu-ray has an excellent picture. I had the dvd and this is a vast improvement with analmost perfect picture quality. It has DTS-MA 5.1 English soundtrack which also is very clear dialogue and great for the music within the movie. This is a must have gay movie. No stereotypes, no flagrant sex or nudity. Just a well written and acted film about two young men falling in love and staying together, something that is very hard to find with any gay movie. 10 STARS!!!
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on 28 September 2008
As a gay man, I am have seen many, many gay films, most of which are to be honest, pretty awful. This however, is a splendid, unpatronising, uplifting and heartwarming film, that is set in the masculine world of surfing. There are no camp men, no limp wrists, no drag queens, no drugs, just a wonderful story about 2 ordinary men (1 of whom is having difficulty with his being gay) falling in love. The secondary characters are also great; the supportive brother and best friend, and the selfish, and on first glance homophobic sister all helping to make this a great gay film. I put this up there with Latter Days and Brokeback Mountain; definately one of my top gay films of all time. It's well acted, well cast, well written and well directed. It also has a great, chilled out soundtrack which is worthy of mention. Kudos to all involved. A true diamond in the rough.
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on 16 January 2009
This is a lovely film, quiet and well-acted and although quite unsurprising in it's story it is hugely charming and some characters sweetly break away from the expected stereotypical responses.
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on 27 August 2008
I've been waiting for this film to be released on DVD in the UK ever since it was recommended to me by friends in the US. I've watched it several times online and it's already become one of my favourites. It's a beautifully written universal story about choosing between the obligations of your family and following your heart, backed up by great acting, stunning scenery and a gorgeous soundtrack (Shane Mack is definitely a name to watch for the future). An instant classic.
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on 25 April 2011
I don't like the main review on Amazon, it makes the film sound trite and formulaic. So I'm adding this review a year or so since I bought Shelter with the advantage that I can say I've watched it a good few times since.

Shelter is - without being cloying and clichéd - an unashamedly romantic love story that is positive and life-affirming. On the face of it, it may give the impression of being a stereotypical gay romance but I don't think categorising it as such does it justice. Jonah Markowitz's script is intelligent and subtle, giving dimension to the story and it's characters where most films disappoint, especially I'm afraid to say, most gay films. His directing debut is surprisingly accomplished and gives an appreciable sense of place and time. The central characters of Zack and Shaun (beautifully acted by Trevor Wright and Brad Rowe) have a history to their attraction which gives their relationship and subsequent love affair a continuity and believability that the main review misses in its arch `they hit the surf and Shaun's mattress with equal enthusiasm', suggesting as it does, thoughtless promiscuous abandon.

Other characters - Gabe(Ross Thomas) his best friend and the `jock', Tori(Katie Walder) his beautiful school sweetheart and Jeanne(Tina Holmes) his wayward elder sister - could all have been awful one dimensional caricatures but Markowitz draws them with sympathy and empathy so they surprise you with their actions against type - but only in a `filmic' sense, because I was left thinking that actually, yes, most people are like that in real life and are not one dimensional - they can be kind and understanding, selfish and thoughtless, prejudiced or cruel, all wrapped up in one complicated person, and more often than not, their humanity ultimately comes through.

I should also mention the songs of Shane Mack on the soundtrack which was an inspired choice - I'd never heard him before and bought the soundtrack on the strength of his songs alone, although I'm not so keen on the `fillers'.

So that's me: hopelessly romantic, or at least, I can be, and so is Shelter, and although light-hearted, there is a lot of art apparent in the making of it and I don't think it will disappoint.
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on 25 November 2008
This has to be one of the very best gay films made. This film is an unpatronising, uplifting and positive film, which avoids all the pitfals of cliche gay romance films that always seem to end in the relationship break-up or one partner being killed or dying of Aids. It avoids drag queens, the seedy underworld of stereotypical clubbing or cruising, virtually no drugs and is just a wonderful story about a young man who happens to fall in love with his best friend's older brother. The love-story is coupled with the responsibility of bringing up a young child by his uncle, however both men take on this challenge in a child-centred way and the impression one gets is that the child will have nothing less than the best upbringing. The other characters are also portrayed in a positive light - the brother/best friend, selfish, and initially homophobic sister all contribute towards a great storyline which, at times runs a bit fast, but nonetheless make this one of the best gay films I have ever seen.

At times the american dialogue is a little difficult to follow for non-americans because of the speed of delivery, but it's really well acted, cast, written and directed. At times the over-use of the F-word gets a bit tiresome, but try to put this aside and enjoy the storyline for what it is.

I highly recommend this to anyone, gay or straight.
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on 29 February 2016
A raw, honest love story, with characters you care about, Shelter is that rare beast - a gay film with universal appeal. It's beautifully written, performed and paced and looks stunning. Some have complained that the ending is soapy. So what? Better that than the usual angst-ridden woe-is-me endings that mar many otherwise commendable gay films. The casting is perfect and the direction has just the right touch. Highly recommended.
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