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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 21 December 2003
It goes without saying that many, MANY people ended up loathing this movie. While it can be easily understood why so many people would not take a liking to this film, I must admit that I really enjoyed "Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights." Of course, it's in no way a masterpiece or ingenious, but it's not trying to be.
The story revolves around a character by the name of Davey Stone; a man who HATES the holidays. He's an alcoholic troublemaker who is vulgar and barbaric in his ways. After causing mischief one too many times, Davey's facing jail time. That is, until a lovable (and furry) basketball referee, Whitey, decides to take him under his care and supervision, and see if he can get Davey to fly straight. Seems to be a simple and straight-forward task, although Davey isn't one to change his stripes at command. In the end, the movie revolves around how one can lose his Holiday cheer... or how he can end up getting it back.
As I said in the beginning, I completely understand why so many people would hate this movie. I have no problem admitting that I loved the movie to a certain degree. While I know it's no cinematic masterpiece, I also understand that it's not trying to be. I took the movie for what it was and ended up enjoying it very much. I laughed numerous times (Whitey and his sister are priceless) and even enjoyed the music in the movie as well. Sandler is great when it comes to writing songs.
Parents, be warned: This is not your traditional family holiday movie. "Adam Sander's Eight Crazy Nights" is vulgar and even disgusting at times. It has heart, or at least I believe it does, but parents make the understandable mistake of thinking that since this is a cartoon that it can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages. If you have no problems with your kids watching previous Sandler flicks, then chances are you won't have too much of a problem with this one.
Take caution when you decide to view "Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights." It's not extremely popular and the overall reaction to this movie appears to be negative. I, on the other hand, enjoyed it and have no problem fessing up to it. If you're a fan of Sandler's past hijinx, then you should definitely check this one out (although, don't expect it to be as good as his other movies). While it's not the most popular movie in the world, I really enjoyed this animated flick.
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on 18 February 2005
By lord...this movie is a legend when im not humming the songs i'm annoying my friends with impressions of whitey and elanor..This movie I reckon is one of Sandlers best (up there with the wedding singer and Punch-drunk love) I'ts filled with great dialouge catchy songs and although i must admit the animation isnt great but its hardly going to be finding Nemo quality....a pure classic in my opinion a great one for all the jewish kids out there....
"Thats the saddest thing i ever heowd"---Elanor
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on 15 December 2003
Having seen this film in Canada last year it is a wonderful surprise to see it on release in the UK. It is up there with the best of the cartoon films and there are very few parts where it is not suitable to be laughing. The rain deer are brilliant, infact the whole film is great. A definite must see for cartoon comedy lovers.
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on 8 December 2003
This animated musical really suprised me! I found it super funny. There were plenty of one-liners included in the songs, which Adam Sandler sang through-out the film. I would recommend this animation to all ages, it's a breath of fresh air, im and certainly planning on buying it for xmas!
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on 23 October 2013
Not too long to go until Christmas so it's about time you thought about what Christmas films you plan to watch this year; `Santa Claus: The Movie', `A Muppets Christmas Carol'. There are plenty to choose from, but one that may have slipped you notice back in 2002 was the Adam Sandler cartoon `Eight Crazy Nights'. As a Jewish man this film is more of a Hanukah film, but it covers all the season festivities of December.

If you can think back to 2002, this was an era that Sandler was still pretty funny, so don't dismiss `Crazy Nights' immediately. There is a lot wrong with the film; the animation is not fantastic, it's a little vulgar in places and it is full of Americanisms that may not translate to the UK. However, it also has that secret Sandler ingredient that made so many of his earlier films fun to watch - heart. There is a warmth to the tale that is borderline cheesy, but works as a seasonal movie, I for one enjoy the way that it leaves you feeling warm (and a little gooey) after watching it.

As well as having the prerequisite holiday cheer, the film is also genuinely funny in places. You get some Sandler written songs that are surprisingly fun. It has to be said that if you do not like the comedian, you are not going to like this comedy; it is Sandler through and through. However, I am a fan of his and understand that he is not that great, but as a different, slightly rude, holiday movie `Eight Crazy Nights' makes for a fun alternative to `Bad Santa'.

DVD is the only option for the film and covers the so-so animation admirably. The extras are non-existent in the version I saw, but the Adam Sandler video for the Hanukah song is great fun.
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on 3 February 2015
I wanted to see how bad this film were for my self but I am not reviewing the film but more of the person or shop I bought it from. Very good on delivery nicely wrapped up to my surprise. felt like a birthday or christmas present. will be buying again if I see something I want. ten out of ten
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on 7 December 2003
An excellent film. full of yule tide laughs and a heart warming story of a scrooge like character (Sandler) getting teamed up with a 3 foot basketball coach. Sandler does most of the voices. An animated comedy not to be missed. I will certainly be one of the first people to buy this film.
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on 18 July 2006
Quite funny in parts with some clever musical numbers but is not really suitable for it's 12 rating. Perhaps the Board of Certification saw it was a cartoon and forgot about the profanity and sexual references. An animation for adults that is worth a look but with vastly greater alternatives.
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on 6 May 2011
In Adam Sandler's only animated film to date, he actually does a good job of it. Its funny and its completely different to the rest of animated comedies currently out. Its a bit like the Simpsons and to a degree Family Guy. It can be a bit Cheesy but is still a good film!!!
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on 30 November 2010
First caught this on Sky movies a few years ago....
If you like Adam Sandler, you'll like this movie.

Very silly, but assured to make you laugh with all the crazy songs and pooping reindeers and such.

Bought time i bought this for the festive season!
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