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on 23 June 2008
This is a great game - which is a little surprising since it is not considered one of the heavyweight titles for the PS3. The game looks great and the controls are wonderfully intuitve. The actual gameplay is well thought out and allows for some surprising tactical depth (especially when you unlock all the minions). The storyline is fun and it is the essence of having fun that underpins this game. The dialogogue is generally funny without appearing to try to hard and some of the set pieces make you grin (if not laugh out loud). Being evil is great fun and your minions are fantastic characters.

The only issue I have is that i think an evil overlrd would be lounging in his dark tower (possibly stroking a white cat) whilst his minions would scour the land doing the dirty work, whilst the game suggests that the Overlord is more like a heavily armoured errand boy trying to fulfill the "quests". The quests often also seem quite "good" rather than evil, and it seems that you are the lesser evil compared to the other evil characters - for instance, surely zombies would be on my side?!

However, this doesn't stop the game being fun and addictive to play and there are lots opportunities for acts of tyranny and general mayhem- it is certainly the best action RPG i have played in a long while.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 July 2008
I was surprised by this one, as I was looking out for good role-playing-type games and after Oblivion, everything else seemed sorely lacking for PS3!

I saw no pre-publicity and even now there don't seem to be any copies in the shops and when I first heard of it, Amazon had sold out!

Recently I have been disappointed by a few PS3 games, but this is one that really surpassed all my expectations and I have found it to be great fun and totally addictive!!

The humour is wry and dry - very much like Dungeon Keeper and the voice characterisation of the minions is fantastic - my partner keeps talking in minion-speak now.

There is great attention to detail - so like the point where you meet some baddies playing golf and when your minions beat them, you see them all trying out their golf shots with golf clubs!!

There are many great 3D Logic puzzles and there are often different ways to solve them using combinations of the different types of minions. The controls can be difficult to get used to - but once you have mastered them, then it's great fun to sweep them around, picking up treasure and destroying all in their path.

The minions are the stars and genuinely seem to have real character and emotions - you start to feel sorry for them when they get killed or lost! ;-)

The difficulty level is set to be hard, but to keep you trying - very well-paced.

I must say that I have only used single-player - but this has been excellent and I have had no problems.

Definitely one of the best PS3 games around at the moment for people who want more than a first person shoot-em-up!!
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VINE VOICEon 21 June 2008
This game is basicly pikmin from the gamecube,a more violent and funny version but the same game,which is a good thing,so if you ever played that you know the basics of this game,its also got abit of dungeon keeper thrown in and tiny bit of fable,its great fun from the start and just keeps getting better,could have done with better camera control system,but it isnt a problem.Great game overall with lots of hours of gameplay,which is lacking in alot of next gen games
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on 5 September 2008
Where do I begin I really dont know this has to be one of the most fun games since COD4. Infact since getting this game COD4 has become a dust collector which is difficult to imagine.
So how good is this game? Its absolutly stunning!!! I havent had this much fun for a looong time and as games go it offers everything I could possibly want. I was in the middle of writing a review yesterday but gave up half way as there was too much to tell you but i'm giving it a second go.
Whats so good about it? Everything!! Its got mature humour which is trouser-wettingly funny its got stunning levels with some pretty difficult puzzles and challenges. Most games out now have 'challenges' which reqire you to simply look at it and do it. These are more "look, think, work out how the hell... figure out how to do ... then struggle to do it". Only old ps1 games and some ps2 games had REAL puzzles but these ps3 puzzles are childsplay. ARGH I have too much to tell you so i'll do it this way.

1)Lee evans, billy conolly and bill baily style humour.
2)Great voice overs which never bore you.
3)Complete levels 'your way' not the way your supposed to.
4)Do levels in your own time, you recieve quests but you can save them for later and explore.
5)Be good or evil its totally your choice and your actions reflect what spells you get etc.
6)Customize your Dark Tower to look more sinister or more 'homely'.
7)Make your own armour and weapons and add different effects to them - what they are is up to you.
8)High replayability. Play through as good, play through as evil, play through as you feel you need and let the game decide if your good or evil.
9)Extra difficulty and challange for a new game style to boost that fun factor.
10)Multiplayer CoOp or VS. We did VS last night and having 40 minions hanging from your arms, legs, feet, hands, head, neck, groin, chest, back and just about any other place is pure comedy. Battle your way out of your apponents onslaught while attempting to attack him back or destroy his castle.
11) ... ... y'know what just buy the game im serious this game extacy.

1)Very poor quality on terrain and objects. Looks alot like when Uncharted Drakes Fortune hasnt loaded the level yet (and it looks pretty plain and boring).
2)Low visual distance. Things like grass only come into view at about 10 feet but important things are in great distances. Not a major flaw but does remind you of old ps2 games.
3)Camera. There is now camera movement you need to keep pressing L1 to 'snap' the camera back behind you.

Minor flaws with the game which to be pefectly honest, CON#1 you hardly care about when your having this much fun and flaw #2 is barely a worry and #3 you get used to very quickly I promise.

This game is supreme its more fun than 'zorbing' and I highly recommened this game.
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on 10 May 2009
Now here's something that doesn't happen very often, a game where you are the bad guy. First explored (to my knowledge) by Destroy All Humans, and that was fun, in a madcap sandbox fun kind of way. But it's now fallen to the swords 'n' shields to repeat the same kind of success and levels of fun.
And thankfully, Overlord manages to do this.

Once you've finished the first few quests you recieve, the game really kicks in, with admitantly slightly clunky controls, (Having to hold L1 before you can rotate the camera gets annoying), but this is balanced out by the Minions. Minions are goblin like creatures, who do all of your tasks for you. Why should you, the big evil one have to do anything?
However, the minions are not without their faults. Brown ones are good in combat, but thats about it. Red ones don't have the best throw range and get annhilated in combat. Green ones are only really good if you can get them behind an enemy, and Blue ones are just pathetic. They can't do combat as they are weak, and they get annihilated in combat aswell. But I personally find that the gameplay issues are sort of balanced out by the humour scattered through out the game.

Overall, this game is a very good example of something new and different, but it is not without it's issues. I recommend this more to players of MMORPG's, as this game is a grindtastic sandwhich, with so many quests to do and for very little purpose. Also, the 'Good/Evil' idea needs more balance to it. You can be nice to people, or murder them. I'm just saying a bit of middle ground is nice.
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on 24 May 2009
Ok so when I first read a couple of reviews on Overlord: Raising Hell I didn't think it would be much of anything special, but my girlfriend wanted a 2 player game for us to play together so I got it. However let me warn you now it's not a co-op game despite what we thought.
Once we got past that little disappointment started the campaign and after a couple of hours we were still playing. While the game itself starts a little slowly (you have no minions to start with and have to do a couple of missions before you get the good ones), the game itself has great graphics, amusing dialogue, decent storyline and the controls are easy to pick up. One of the most fun aspects of this game is being able to send a horde of maybe 25-30 minions to go and attack a couple of villagers or herd of sheep and watching them swarm all over them (there's also a strategic element to how you use and where you place your minions in battle), this leads into the other fun aspect of the game which is you can choose to be either a good or an evil overlord which also affects how your villagers react to you. So the reply value with Overlord isn't bad either.

Although I have to say the 2 really annoying aspects of this game which can get you frustrated with are the camera angle which can sometimes just jump around and that controlling the minions, if you need them to do something precise (as is the case on a couple of missions), can be inaccurate and the moment you let go of the joystick they come back automatically.

Despite these glitches, Overlord is very entertaining (especially for those who want to play the bad guy for once) and well worth buying.
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on 23 September 2009
Overlord: Raising Hell is generally quite good. The idea of using minions to do most of the fighting can be really fun and the puzzles, especially the ones from the extra Abyss levels, are often quite challenging. However, if you run out of minions, you have to go back to previous areas and kill sheep and other small irritating creatures. This can be really annoying and is usually the reason I stop playing. I definately recommend this game if you are looking for a game which is fun but not too challenging, and if you don't mind repetativeness
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on 12 August 2009
After playing this game it does bring back nostalgic memories of dungeon keeper on the PC where you had to make a dungeon, get creatures to join you and achieve aims. With this game I did find it a bit slow going, and I almost slit my wrists trying to find the blue goblins >_< But once you get things going, start improving your castle and get some cash coming in, this is a very good game. Previous reviews have said that the camera can be annoying but I disagree, you can press L1 to instantly move it to look forwards and the controls of your overlord and the goblins is smooth flowing. The left joystick controls the overlord, the right controls you goblin hoarde, simples. :P
The goblins are funny in the way when they find a piece of armour or weaponry they will grab it and hold it aloft laughing victoriously.
This game grows on you and you have a choice of weapon to use, you can forge new armour/weapons.

I recommend that you buy this game, it is very good value and it will make you smile as you play listening to the goblins and you can also find spells along the way to help your minions or cause death to your foes.
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on 28 August 2008
Like the other reviewers , I had low expectations for this game, but its hilarious and totally additive. No other computer game has had me laughing out load. Okay the humour is infantile, but it works well.

The graphics and control system are not on a par with MGS4 etc, but what you get is a good old fashioned fun game that is totally addictive. I've not finished it yet , it seems massive having wrapped all the previous versions for other platforms and adding new content.

The minions are hilarious and endearing , the only gripe I might have is that you can't really get a good view of what they're wearing. They steal clothes from their victims.

So if you want endless fun buy overlord .
P.S.it isn't stocked in the stores !
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on 9 June 2008
I managed to play this on the XBOX and wasnt expecting much - but oh was I wrong! Simple controls, great game play and overall, a lot of fun. Its a lot of fun to play Overlord.

It offers something different with hints of RPG and controlling the crazy minions is a blast! I recommend it highly
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