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Customer reviews

2.5 out of 5 stars
2.5 out of 5 stars
Saints Row 2 (PC DVD)
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£7.97+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 17 February 2010
Saints Row will always be compared to Grand Theft Auto. Most of us that will review this game will have tried GTA at some point.

There have been a lot of complaints about this game being a poor port from console. It is very true, My PC will run GTA 4 with everyting at highest very well. Not so for Saints Row. Driving at high speeds will result in some sort of stutter lasting a split second, thus hurling my character at 100 mph into fixed objects when the game recovers again. That is my main gripe.

Another small pain is with HDR turned on the screen textures change from outdoor to indoor drastically.

Overall it does look a lot cheaper in comparisson to GTA. Let that not influence playing the game though as the game has plenty to do, much more than GTA in my opinion. The games saving grace.

Being able to choose sex and extensive character customisation gives this game bonus points.

It is not a very difficult game, again chase missions were made difficult by the stutter I suffered.

I wish demo's were still made so people could test how systems cope with newer games before being fustrated by poor peformance. But that would be too sensible and reduce profits, vampires!
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on 10 September 2010
Saints row 2, is a good game but people are right about the performance of the game on pc, so if you buy this game get the patch as it improves the frame rate and the overall performance.

The gameplay
saints row 2 is very good as you can do what ever you want, and unlike gta 4 u don't have to complete the game to enjoy it in full. The story is good and fun to play through, with lots of activities on the side to complete, when you want a change or just want to ride a burning quadbike (it's called trail blazing, consult the saints row wiki for details). the vehicles are realistic and offer different styles of driving whever its a quick bike or a slow 18 wheeler, also almost ever vehicle can be modded to you liking. the city has a good range of areas from slums to sleek office buildings, the difference is that the city breaths. the weapons are realistic, with a few funny weapons (flamethrower and the minigun). overall saints row 2 is a good game, but do get the patch as it improves the game.
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on 30 January 2010
First off I suppose I should say; this is a port. From the way that the character won't attack the way the mouse is facing to the fact that you have to access your inventory using a controller, makes this a little obvious. I own a PC not an XBox. Half an hours more programming might have improved this!;)
With that major gripe out of the way, this game is good... customizing cars is fun, not just fun but fun with hilarious results. Customizing wardrobes is fun. Running around in a city that doesn't feel clinically dead is fun and it will make you stop and say 'Wow' once in a while. The gameplay is addictive. I switched the game off in torment when not able to finish a level only to find myself back on it fifteen minutes later...
In summary its good. There's alot of game and enough to keep the gamer entertained for a long time. If you like 3rd person shooters you'll like this. If the coding had been fixed, this game could have been great!
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on 23 June 2009
I've been playing Saints Row 2 on PC for over a week now and while I normally wait to see a bit more of a game before publishing a review, feel I must post a counter-point to some of the more negative write-ups.

First things first, yes the graphics are not that good - somewhere around the level of GTA Vice City and that's why SR2 gets 4 stars and not 5. Things can also get a bit laggy at times. However I'm a firm subscriber to the school of opinion that gameplay is equally as important if not more so than graphics - lots of Amiga or early PC games were more fun than many of their contemporaries.

However the gameplay is really good. SR2 is inevitably compared to GTA IV (which I also own). However whereas GTA IV is dour, gritty and often downright grim, from the outset SR2 doesn't take itself too seriously. The fun starts in the opening scenes where you can fully customise the main character to your personal preferences. The first few main missions should be played to get things going but after that the game is essentially a huge sandbox with the side activities proving to be just as fun as the main story. Highlights (for me) so far:

Paramedic Mission - You actually have to work on the accident victims, not just load them in the ambulance.

Toxic Avenger - What other game lets you spray raw sewage around the city.

Insurance Fraud - Totally hilarious when you get a combo going and are knocked 200 feet in the air to collect cash.

The game takes great delight in poking fun at GTA. One of the very early missions you play is robbing a casino run by a rival gang. During the briefing, one of the side character goes through a detailed plan almost identical to the Caligulas Palace heist mission in GTA: SA. However at the end of the presentation, the main protaganist proclaims, "Stuff that. Let's just go in through the front door and kill everyone." Classic.

Actually "Stuff it" is spoken as something else, be under no illusion this is very much an adult game and the 18 rating means what it says.

Unlike GTA, SR2 allows you to save casual progress as you go along and main story missions have frequent checkpoints. Even if you fail a mission, the game restarts you from a convenient location, not GTA's vast trek across the map.

Also unlike GTA IV, SR2 does not require you to install a plethora of ancilliary programmes in order to play the game. However it does use the "Steam" system to authenticate the install and to start the game and thus far I haven't tried to see if you can run in Steam's offline mode. Once installed you don't need to put the DVD in the drive.

Overall then, quite happy with SR2 and not the awful experience I was expecting from some of the reviews. Yes it's a console port and yes the graphics could be better but don't let that discourage you from playing on the PC.
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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 September 2013
I enjoyed the heck out of Saints Row 2. What's not to like about putting a gang together to go out and basically take over an entire city, thumping rival gangs into the dust, creating mayhem everywhere, thumbing your nose at authority as you laugh your way to the bank, and blowing holes in anyone who tries to stop you? The activities outside the larger missions only add to the fun. Even though the much more theatrical Saints Row the Third takes the gaming experience to a whole new level, I actually enjoyed Saints Row 2 more than its immediate sequel - largely because the world is a bit more open-ended here.

Waking up from a coma, it's up to you to rebuild the Saints empire that once ruled the city of Stilwater. The old gang has fallen apart, new gangs have staked their claims on the city, and you only have one former lieutenant to work with. Fortunately, that one man is Johnny Gat - if, that is, you can break him out of jail before he's executed for his past crimes. You need money, weapons, and - most of all - respect if you're going to put together a new gang of lieutenants and mindless thugs more than happy to do your bidding. You're going to have to lower yourself to perform various illegal jobs for others, but it's only a matter of time before you'll be ready to harass and ultimately show the Ronin, Sons of Samedi, and Brotherhood that you - and the Saints - are back.

There will be blood and lots of it, and you're basically free to explore the open world of Stilwater and perform all kinds of crazy jobs for cash while you work your way through all of the missions. All of the activities and diversions are great fun. How can you not have a blast disposing of aggressive fans while guarding celebrities, driving hookers around town, fighting it out against multiple opponents in Stilwater's own Fight Club, roughing up petty criminals while playing the role of a cop for the reality show FUZZ, committing massive insurance fraud by hurling yourself repeatedly into oncoming traffic, destroying private property with abandon, etc. My personal favorite is Septic Avenger, which has you riding around town spraying raw sewage on people and property to lower property values. The actual missions are even more fun, with greet cut scenes and plenty of surprises designed to bring your enemies to their knees. Those new Stilwater gang leaders have no idea what's coming courtesy of you and the Saints.

Of course, everything you do is complemented by a great soundtrack of tunes from different styles and eras, and that classic Saints Row humor never misses a beat. Throw in diverse weapons and vehicles for the snatching, all kinds of explosions and mayhem, and the fun of killing anyone you want whenever you want to do it, and we're talking tons of fun. I don't really understand the complaints some people have with the PC port. Sure, I was never able to control my vehicles as perfectly as I would have liked, but it's certainly not difficult to get everywhere you need to go with just a keyboard and mouse. The only reason I'm giving the game four stars instead of five is because it did lock up on me a few times - but even then, I never lost anything I had already done.
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on 23 August 2013
Saints row 2 is a very good game, I just finished the storyline and I've still got many more activities to do.
People have often complained that this game is a bad pc port, they're not lying, it is actually quite bad but I used a PS3 controller (xbox controller emulator) to play, and some issues were resolved. Yeah the controls have some issues but don't let that discourage you from buying the game that, in my opinion, is better than the £20.00 Saints Row 3 sequel.

Game: 10/10 - So much fun - co-op recommended.
Port: 7/10 - Bad PC port but still playable - GamePad recommended
Mod Support: 8/10 - I played with the mod "Gentlemen of the Row"

I would definitely recommend this game to everyone, especially fans of Saints Row 3.
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on 30 January 2009
The game is absolutely brilliant. It's like back to GTA:SA if you don't like GTA:IV. This game brings the fun back to the sandbox genre and it does it all really well.
It runs well on my PC. A little stutter when it loads up, but nothing to complain about. The pop-in is a little annoying. But it is so much fun you look past the little niggles.
If you liked the original or the older GTA's, you will love this.

It's a good price on here too!! :D
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on 30 May 2010
This game is a very poor port from its original console state. It runs extremely poorly on many people's computers, even at minimum settings when the computer greatly exceeds minimum requirements. The developers are not going to patch this. However, some computers can run this game fine - so do a good Google search and work out whether yours will.
NOTE: This issue alone is enough to completely RUIN the game so if in doubt, DO NOT BUY.

Review for if it works:
This is an amazingly fun game, and amused me from the very first time I hopped in a car and realised it scored me on how dangerously I was driving. This is one of the best non-story parts of the game - Almost everything you do is scored and encouraged, from car surfing, to getting thrown through your windsreen, to getting several headshots in quick succession.
There are also a myriad of "diversion" minigames, such as hijacking a fire truck and going round putting out fires, or holding up stores, or 'ho-ing' (censored by a full-screen brick wall).
I could go on to say the story mission are solid and enjoyable, or that the final missions are several hours of intense awesomeness, but I'm sure you get the idea.

TL;DR: Do not buy on computer, because it's broken and will not be patched. Buy on console instead.
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on 6 August 2010
This game is incredibly fun to play but is let down by so many issues that I have to give it a 1 star. I won't write paragraphs of detail, I will just say the game is instable, laggy and crashes often on my Windows 7 PC (which is far above the recommended specification). I also have to use a 3rd party program to avoid the game running in fast forward mode. It looks like the developers have dropped support for the PC version of Saints Row 2 which is a shame as the game had so much potential.
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on 17 August 2009
... Of course, I mean from the GTA series. Yeah, I agree, this game's a real hardware hog - but given my last machine (dual core 2.4GHz, 4 GB memory, 512MB 4670 graphics card) could only handle 20 FPS at minimum detail, GTA4 wasn't exactly a lightweight application.

However, once you got past that issue, I just played through the game on my new PC (3 GHz quad core, 8GB RAM, 1GB 4870 Graphics card), and I have to say, this game has the magic.

The vehicle physics isn't quite up to the standard of the GTA series. Generally the engine doesn't run as smoothly as San Andreas did (the peak of GTA evolution, and I'm talking about since the 2d games). The cutscenes have glitches in them (mostly hand-held items consistantly not doing what they should - though maybe thats an xp64 issue?). But somehow, this game has something that draws you in, in the way that GTA4 doesn't.

I think it's more to do with the design and plot. Somehow, it all starts quite funny (though with lots of adult language); the characters are quite humourous, the situations a little daft. But slowly, it changes, metamorphoses into something really dark. Cold. If you play the game, the "house party", "eulogy" and "requiem" cut scenes as a group (oh, and other ones, like "choices", "end game" separately) don't belong in a game, they belong in a Hong Kong gangster movie. Gatt, the cynical, gang-hoodlum mass murderer suddlenly becomes a truly sharp, cold, psychotic with a two-word sentence "get up". It happens that fast.

Other than that, what's to say ? Lots of missions, some of them quite "different"; lots of other stuff to do between missions, car mods ala San Andreas, and the only game I've seen where you get a bonus for a "windscreen cannon". A lot in this game, and I reckon it cost me about 50p per hour of entertainment.

Only gave it four stars rather than 5 because of the machine requirements.
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