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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 March 2009
i am 8 years old and i got this game before christmas. this game is lots of fun and i am still finding stuff you can do on mum says its the best value for money ever ,has kept us intrested and game play encorages us to help each other .but i need some one older to supervise me when on line. All the family from 7 years to grown up enjoy this game .i like to find different outfits hidden in the game and change my sack boys clothes i also like to decorate my pod ,at the moment its covered in flowers.
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on 9 October 2008
I've never written a review on amazon, but after playing this game during the beta i felt compelled to tell people just how brilliant this game is.

First off you have the story mode, in this its like the normal single player type of game, its ingenius and fun to play, for the first time my girlfriend played with me and she hates game but loved this, its simple and just a great laugh, first customising your sackboy/girl and then playing the levels together, its cute, friendly and everyone can play.
The story mode could be sold on its own as its probably better than most games out but its probably less than half of what makes LBP Great.

After playing through most levels you can start creating your own, now i've played many games you can edit levels and i've been left confused mostly and stopped after 5 minutes, but steven fry's tutorials last around 30 minutes and after this your pretty much sorted! i created my own level after an hour or so which my girlfriend played and told me it was too hard and there wasn't enough colours a "womans touch" she said and even she wants to make one. After you've created the level you can publish it online and get other people to rate it and see what they think.

All in all this game is superb the story mode alone deserves a 10/10 but with the online mode which lets you play other peoples levels whenever you want and you don't even need to play them online so no lag or random online people slapping you it makes an endless supply of content!

I was worried it would be quite simple games as its basically a platformer but this was squashed after i saw people making large complex systems, rockets, cars, traps, calcuators, protecting a box, sonic, boss battles, Mario, metal gear solid and grand theft auto levels it'll be hard to get bored!

I hadn't preordered this game but now i have, this game is perfect for anyone girls guys kids adults, you need this game, if any parents are reading this looking for ideas this is the game! its recieving perfect scores all round and is the only game that seems not for the Wii and that isn't a shooter!

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on 4 November 2008
I have just finished an eight hour stint on this game having got it at 11am this morning and the wait was most definately worth while.

The Story mode is fun, tricky, hair pullingly insane at times but instantly fun, the tutorials are intuitive and not tedious then the fun begins good style in two major areas.

Firstly online, the scores that your friends achieve when they are playing the Story mode flash up prompting you to try to beat them, it draws the competitiveness out of you, then when you want something different invite a friend or three to join you in your pod and decorate it and smack each other about a bit, then go do the same story levels as a foresome.

The next part of this game that is incredible is the level creater. Already there are quality levels popping up online and this tool is both easy to use and powerful. A tutorial teaches you about each element and also unlocks materials and objects to use.

Already this game has me hooked, and when the majority of my friends list joins the fun tomorrow I'm expecting a Little Big bit of fun.

If you own a PS3 this is a must buy game!!!

If you don't own a PS3, buy one, and then buy this!!!
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on 8 November 2008
After all the hype, I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting when this game arrived on my doormat, but I was eager to find out...

Basically, this is a platform game.
The game opened and I started out by being given a Sackboy, which is not made of sack at all but is knitted. I had one or two items to dress him (her, in my case) in, and add hair etc. to personalise her. She looked quite cute when I'd finished, and I was amused to discover that I could use the controller to make her smile, pout, look round (by moving the controller itself round), and move her arms.

Then on to the game. Firstly,Stephen Fry narrated a series of platform tutorials which showed my Sackgirl how to walk, run, jump, pull and push things, and grab hold of things so that she could swing herself to different levels. I didn't want to do these tutorials but I had no choice: can't play the game until they're done! As I completed each one, the next one unlocked and taught me the next set of skills. I realised eventually that I needed these skills to get anywhere with the game...

The platforms were great to look at: very realistically 'constructed' out of wood and material and sponge and cogs and wheels and all kinds of interelated items. It felt a bit like being inside a big toy shop. My Sackgirl had to negotiate her way through all kinds of obstacles, without getting squashed or vapourised in the process. Along the way, my Sackgirl collected items hidden around the platform - items of clothing, hair etc., stickers (which you can actually stick onto surfaces, resizing and re-orientating so that the sticker fits exactly...) Little Sackgirl jumped, ran, pushed, pulled, swung and flew (using an airpack - neat!).

All the while I was thinking 'Yes, but when will I get to the GAME?'

And finally the penny dropped - this WAS the game! The game is all about investigating platforms (in-game platforms and online platforms) and finding all the things hidden there so that I can then build my own platform and hide things on it for other people to find when I join other players online!!!!!

This is considerably more fun than it sounds! No, really, it is...

I am surprised that this is a platform - it would have been a lot more fun if I could have investigated a more 3D world, but I guess that may one day come. My Sackgirl can move left and right, and a little forward and backwards, but it is in the manner of Sonic...

Sackgirl feels a bit awkward at times: she doesn't always do what I expected her to do - a bit floaty or heavy in her responses and so I got squished a few times because she didn't get out of the way fast enough. But I am now eager to build my own platform and get out there and see what other people have created. A great way to pass a few hours, and children and adults alike will love it! I can see it being a storm over Christmas!!

I gave it 5 stars for 'Fun, and 4 stars for overall rating because of the Sackgirl's frustrating movements at times (although I guess I'll get used to them...)
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VINE VOICEon 3 May 2009
I'm not going to go into too much detail in this review as there's already 193 others on here, so I'm just going to add to the praise as this game is fantastic.

Growing up with 2D platformers like Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, this game is perfect for me as it really captures the feel and style of all of those classic games and adds a new and refreshing touch to it, thanks to the gorgeous HD graphics and excellent soundtrack, and is just pure platforming fun.

Being able to design your own levels exactly how you want them too is a great feature offering hours of extra enjoyment alongside the main story mode and being able to play other people's levels over PSN means that this game is literally endless.

Overall this is an essential purchase for the PS3 and is without a doubt the best 2D platform game since the 16-bit days!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 June 2013
Everyone else loves this game more than I do.

Don't get me wrong, I do not hate it, but it seems like my partner, his two kids, and a lot of my friends, love this game a lot more than I do.

I never intended to get LittleBigPlanet, from the videos and screen shots I had seen I pretty much dismissed it as a kids game. However a male friend a few years older than me kept pestering me to get it so I could play the levels he had made. Eventually I caved.

I was very impressed with the look of the game, and loved the narration by Stephen Fry. I played my friend's levels and gave the obligatory hearts (they were good levels though!) and we played online together a fair bit in the story mode and in levels people had made. But after the initial fun, I got bored. The story was not exciting enough to keep me interested, it was just a device to move from one level to another, and the level creator did not interest me at all, I'm just not that creative I prefer to be entertained rather than work on providing entertainment. I wish I were more creative, but I'm just not... oh well.

On the other hand, my partner loves this game. He has totally embraced the creative side of the game, and has spent many hours making age and ability appropriate levels for his two children. They are 7 and 8, but have actually been playing LBP since a lot younger due to him making them suitable levels. We also play together sometimes just for a laugh, but I do not play the game for long sessions as it does not really interest me in the same way it does other people.

PROS: If you are a creative sort, the sky is the limit, there is so much you can do with this game, it is amazing. You can also gear the levels you make towards different ages and abilities, which makes it great if you have young kids. Also you can play the levels other people have made online, alone or with up to three friends/randoms. Lots of customisation. Looks adorable. Has Stephen Fry in it.

CONS: I found the story mode repetitive. Could just be me though. You may find you overdose on cuteness.

In closing, this is a fantastic game if you like building your own levels. It's amazing and very well done, it's just not my favourite. Sorry, Sackboy fans.
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on 26 September 2008
LittleBigPlanet enters you into a world of creativeness, fun, cuteness, impressiveness and community from the minute you launch the game.

Everything starts off from your Pod (fully customizable btw). Here you'll be able to view the outer planets in the game world which will will take you to various sections where you can play create and share.

You can visit the "me" planet to check out your stats, friends, levels and more. You can visit the "community" planet to play through the story mode, other levels and user-created levels that they have made and published and then you can visit the "create" planet where you can select craters to start brand new levels.

Playing through the story mode will help you get to grips with the controls and features of the game which are surprisingly easy and will also help you learn how things can be created in LBP. The story mode consists of pre-existing levels for you to practice in and along the way you will never feel lost or confused as the voice of actor Stephen Fry will be there to show you anything you need to know by talking over an in-game video showing you how to do something.

Within levels such as these you will find out pretty soon on that in LBP you will be able to collect a huge array of items from stickers to vehicle parts, textures to vehicle parts, the list goes on and on. These are cleverly hidden within levels as objectives but once you find anything in a level you earn it and it is imported into your Popit forever.

The Popit is your toolbox in LBP which gives you access to everything you will need to create your levels, customize your character, save items you have made and collected and use them anywhere in the world... there is a massive amount of content within the Popit. It's incredibly easy to browse through and use and you can also customize it's colour to suit you.

In create mode is when you'll need your Popit the most. Creating a level in LBP is astonishingly easy considering the actual complexity and size of levels that are achievable. Alot of this is down to Stepehen Fry's narrated tutorial videos which are available at any time. If you want to make a simple wooden box and paint it red then you'll be able to find out how just as easily as you'll be able to find out how you can make a huge mechanical toy full of motors, moving body parts, hazardous surfaces and even it's own brain! In LBP you'll be able to play for as long as you like creating the simplest of things or creating really intricate contraptions which will be playable in your levels.

Building objects just isn't the only thing you can do to bring your levels to life, in LBP you will find voice effects, music, themes, templates, prizes, scoreboards and much much more to make your levels fun and exciting.

Basically in LBP the limits are almost endless. If you want to jump into LBP anywhere within the game with your friends, you can do just that, visit and play levels together, go and make a level together, even hit each other if you like, you can do just about anything. The co-op works really well too. Some levels can need two players to access certain areas, lifting and pulling items can be made easier and so on. But most importantly it's a whole lot of fun. If you want to jump on a skateboard together and take a photo of yourselves smiling then you can!

There really is far too much going on within this game to explain it all in a review but I hope this may have helped some people who are unsure about what you can actually do within the game to understand it a bit more. This is a game you will LOVE, your children will ADORE, even your granny might pick up and start playing. On the other hand if you have a creative talent then enjoy having your own virtual toolbox to create the most fun and crazy things and share it with the world.

Stephen Fry does a fantastic job at narrating the game and is genuinely funny at times, it was a perfect choice to have him involved. For the price of the game you're getting an exceptional amount of entertainment within one box. Little Big Planet have the ability to change the way we game. The community aspects bring people together and being able to comment on people's levels, leave feedback and favourite them feels like the gaming version of YouTube or Myspace. The graphics are out of this world and the game as a whole is a truly epic technical feat.

The game really doesn't have one thing wrong with it, if I had to find a fault I would say it is that good that you can be on it for hours and realise that you haven't got anything else done! It is THAT addictive! A perfect game that could change the way we play. 10/10

Oh and for those of you wondering how I managed to play the game early, I am in the Beta. I also believe this is an early build of the game yet it feels like a totally finished product, the fact that the full release is going to be even better is beyong belief!
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on 29 September 2008
This game is amazing. I have been playing the beta recently and I can say with confidence that this game is brilliant and a must buy. Creating your own levels can be really addictive if you are creative, if you are not that creative there will be an infinite amount of levels for you to play as everyone else will come up with surprising and funny content. The game also comes with brilliant tutorials narrated by Stephen Fry which are very informative while being entertaining.

In addition to all this, the developers have created an awesome off-line story mode that can be played with up to four players on one screen making this an essential party game too. (Apparently it has over 50 levels to complete.)

If you have a PS3 you must buy this game.
If you don't have a PS3 then buy one for this game.
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VINE VOICEon 23 May 2009
I have to confess, even with the sickening, slobbering praise this game was generating before release, I really wasn't too sure what to expect, or if I'd even like it, so I was a little nervous when I first slid the disk into my PS3.

Within moments of the installation, I was captivated by the music, the visuals and Stephen Fry's playful narration. It really was a joy playing through the settings and following the little tutorial segments, and our hero Sackboy was just so adorable and beautifully rendered that it was impossible not to love him.

The gameplay is pretty much what you'd expect from any platform game, but the superbly polished visuals and your ability to interact more with the environment are a magnificent departure from days of yore and I found myself playing with the happy slack-jawed joy of childhood.

The much vaunted facility to design and upload your own levels is something I haven't taken advantage of. If I'm honest, I'm not sure I ever will, but for those with the time, inclination and creative talent, I'm sure it's something that can reap rewards.

Overall, LittleBigPlanet is a fun and refreshing take on what might otherwise be thought of as a rather stale retro-gaming style, and I'd recommend it to anyone who refuses to let go of the child inside.
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on 15 February 2009
In a market place full of stereotypical gaming fodder this little gem is nothing short of the Holy Grail of gaming! Inovative, intuative, asthetically beautiful and a mind boggling amount of fun to play. Its simplicity is its strength because be quite sure of this, this is nothing more than a platformer. Be equally sure that this is also the most accomplished game of its generation and genre.
More impressively I've come to this conclusion after only a few hours play! I've yet to even experience the 'create & share' aspects of this wonderful game. The possiblities are endless.
The gameplay itself is immediately accessable and easy to get to grips with. Run, jump, push, pull and grab pretty much sum it all up. It's the creativity with which these simple actions are employed that make it such fun to play. There is always more to each level than initially meets the eye and the learning curve is just right (for this 39yr old anyway!). The running commentary and tuition from Stephen Fry compliment the feeling of the game and are pitched at just the right level too.
Then of course there is the ability to customise and control your Sackboy/girl's appearance and actions with some amusing results. I could write pages about this game but ultimately you just need to go and buy it. You will not regret it! Superb!
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