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LittleBigPlanet (PS3)
Price:£11.19+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 13 March 2017
My girls favourite game, you get the instructions read to you so you don't need to read the screen. Change outfits, play together WITHOUT a split screen. Can't fault this game. Really good.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 June 2013
Everyone else loves this game more than I do.

Don't get me wrong, I do not hate it, but it seems like my partner, his two kids, and a lot of my friends, love this game a lot more than I do.

I never intended to get LittleBigPlanet, from the videos and screen shots I had seen I pretty much dismissed it as a kids game. However a male friend a few years older than me kept pestering me to get it so I could play the levels he had made. Eventually I caved.

I was very impressed with the look of the game, and loved the narration by Stephen Fry. I played my friend's levels and gave the obligatory hearts (they were good levels though!) and we played online together a fair bit in the story mode and in levels people had made. But after the initial fun, I got bored. The story was not exciting enough to keep me interested, it was just a device to move from one level to another, and the level creator did not interest me at all, I'm just not that creative I prefer to be entertained rather than work on providing entertainment. I wish I were more creative, but I'm just not... oh well.

On the other hand, my partner loves this game. He has totally embraced the creative side of the game, and has spent many hours making age and ability appropriate levels for his two children. They are 7 and 8, but have actually been playing LBP since a lot younger due to him making them suitable levels. We also play together sometimes just for a laugh, but I do not play the game for long sessions as it does not really interest me in the same way it does other people.

PROS: If you are a creative sort, the sky is the limit, there is so much you can do with this game, it is amazing. You can also gear the levels you make towards different ages and abilities, which makes it great if you have young kids. Also you can play the levels other people have made online, alone or with up to three friends/randoms. Lots of customisation. Looks adorable. Has Stephen Fry in it.

CONS: I found the story mode repetitive. Could just be me though. You may find you overdose on cuteness.

In closing, this is a fantastic game if you like building your own levels. It's amazing and very well done, it's just not my favourite. Sorry, Sackboy fans.
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on 15 June 2017
Bought this game after giving up on it about 7 years ago because my sister couldn't beat the last couple of levels no matter how many hours we put into it. When it arrived we were super excited and played it the day after it arrived, and after getting used to the controls again, through blood, sweat and tears, I managed to beat the level we were stuck on and then we both beat the last level. Really happy with the purchase, it's a great game and it helped me tick off a piece of unfinished childhood.
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on 1 May 2014
This was such an amazing game when it first came out, and it's safe to say that it still is.
It's a cute, fun and cheeky game that's enjoyable for all ages, which is simple to play but at the same time has a slight difficulty to it (as do all platformers) but it's the many funky levels and fun things do to in the game that keeps you playing, not to mention the great narration by Stephen Fry.

Not only has it aged well there's still so much do it as it's one of those games that you can keep going back to because of its replayability (extra items to find and collect) - but mainly due to the level creator, which has so many possabilies to it and although I've recently purchased Little Big Planet 2 I doubt I'll be getting to that anytime soon.

Definitely a must in anyone's PlayStation 3 games collection.
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I bought this for my children and my comments here come from the perspective of observer rather than participant, but I have to say that this is a remarkable tour-de-force in contemporary video gaming and that it is most likely the best game a child could play on any of the primary platforms. What is unusual about it is that the whole family can be entertained and amused in much the same way as they might be watching a film together. It brings out the best in the high-definition technology and is at all times a wonder to watch. It's just as suitable for boys as girls, and probably appealing to all ages too. I think that if you have children and a PS3, you simply must have Little Big Planet, which alongside the likes of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue represents the very best that Sony can do. With all manner of on-line interactivity and creativity on offer it is the default choice for PS3 gamers, be they young and even not so young.

The game revolves around the player's control of a small character, known as a Sackboy or Sackgirl owing to their appearance, in a variety of platforming scenarios. Though the game features a set of pre-built levels for the player to explore, the game's customisable nature is equally important, from altering the player's character and personal space, to building entirely new objects and levels, and then sharing and playing them online as part of the LittleBigPlanet community.

The game's main interface is based around the player's "pod" and three planets, each of which is focused on the three areas of the game; "Play", "Create" and "Share". These are accessed using the "pod computer". The main Play planet is the "LittleBigPlanet". This is where users access the main story levels and also serves as the main gateway to user-created levels. The LittleBigPlanet features an interface into the PlayStation Store where users can access and purchase downloadable content. The Create planet, called "My Moon", is where players save and access levels they have created or copied. Each crater on the moon holds one level. The Share planet, or "Info Moon", is where players can access their friends list, gameplay statistics and their hearted levels and creators. The user can select a person on their friends list to view their published levels, hearted levels and hearted creators.

As my daughter has just reminded me, as I post this, "This is the absolute bestest game I have ever had!". Praise indeed.
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on 23 May 2009
I bought this game for my girlfriend and of course I had to give it a go..... This is one of the most inventive, orignial and lazy games I have played. Why lazy you ask? Well, the developers have added the option of designing your own levels to play, and with these you can post them over the internet so others can play them aswell. This means the game has a lot of longetivity without any input from developers, haha. But this said, the game is very good, the main character is adorable, you can change his facial expressions e.g. angry, happy, sad, you can change his clothes as you find them along levels or you can buy downloadable costumes off the PS store, the Street Fighter pack looks very funny, there are also some free downloadable ones there too to collect. This means you can customize the look of your character as you play the game, you can save the customes to allow for fast changing mid game aswell.
The graphics are very nice when viewed on a HD TV, and it has a sort of cutesi-animie look when you encounter characters in game who give you a challenge or at the help points which explain the game to you. The narrator is Stephen Fry who is excellent, he gives it humor and he talks you through how to make levels, change your character and progress in the game.
The feel of the game may appear a bit on the younger player side, but it is a fun way to relax and progress through levels trying to find all the hidden costumes or trying to find the key to access a bonus game level.
I recommend this game to all types of players, it is a good price and it is very fun and well worth the distraction.
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VINE VOICEon 11 January 2009
I wasn't sure about getting this at first as I didn't think this would be my cup of tea, but I am now very pleased I got it!
It is also about time that Sony had a new exclusive game that would appeal to a wide audience and at the same time be an excellent gaming experience.
Far enough PS3 exclusives may include Killzone, Metal Gear and Gran Turismo, but Little Big Planet is a fun family game, that everyone will enjoy. And looking at the family fun games availible on the Wii, it looks like the days of shooters are alomost up.
Any way back to the game.
The gameplay is excellent and from the start it captivates the mind as you are taken into a fantastic world where anything is possible. Me and my brother played the game together from switching it on, and we'd both never seen any thing like it.
The gameplay is platforming, nothing like the modern platformers like Ratchet and Clank, but more like the oldern day games such as Super Mario and even Tombi.
During gameplay you stumble upon lots of prizes that allow you to edit your sackboy and decourate the environment. There are many other things that you'l come across, but i'll let you see those for yourselves.
In addition to the levels that have already been provided you get access to the other levels designed by other players, some can be of a poor quality, but the rating system allowws you to pick out the best. You can create levels from anything imaginable. I played on 2 Ghostbuster levels designed by someone, that were quite like the films indeed.
This is probably the first game to incorperate the best aspcts of the PS3, with great use of the Sixas controller, which allows you to move ypur sack boys head and hips. Vibration is also used to great effect along with trophies, the eye toy and both online and offline multiplayer, which allows you to play levels with friends.
This is probably the best new idea to hit the PS3, as all of the other best sellers have usually been shooters or sequels. This is a completely original idea that will rival many of the games on the Wii.
A must have for all PS3 owners!
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on 16 December 2009
Little big planet is a great game it shows what the PS3 can really do. It has real life physics and excellent graphics which makes it realistic. This game is really funny if you go online with others its great fun and cute.


At first you will go through a tutorial explaining how and what its all about.

Another tutorial will explain how to make your own levels so people all over the world can play on your level and rate it.

Story Mode,

You will be popped into a box with windows looking at a knitted planet Earth you will select the missions for the story mode and once you finish it that's the end of the storymode but not the end of the fun.


Going online and playing with other people is what makes this game really good. You will either join a party or create and invite your own friends. You can search for levels or play on the highest rated levels made by people. You should never run out of levels to play on because people are making them all the time and there are millions to play on.

In summary this game is great fun and its cute aswell. Excellent real life graphics and physics. It's a must buy!
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on 5 January 2009
Firstly, I never would have bought this game were it not for the fact that Amazon had it on offer for £17 - seemed like a no-lose situation so I went for it!

You have to finish the first 3 Worlds before LBP's online world is accessible, but once you do it's fantastic and really adds longevity to the game.

The controls can be a little frustrating, especially jumping in and out of the 3 'depths' of screen - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't!!

I also think it's a bit cheeky of Sony to sell outfits for £1.60 a pop and extra levels for £4-5 but I guess you don't have to buy them unless you are a completist...!

I designed my first level after having the game for 5 days (check out JOT381 if you fancy a play!) and it took about 8 hours (most of which was tweaking for gameplay) but I am pleased with it. Some online levels are immensely impressive and must have taken DAYS to do, but it certainly gets easier with practice.

The game itself is an enjoyable platformer, but it's the creativity that really sells it to me. I heard all the hype before release and read the rave reviews, but I still wasn't prepared to chance £40 on something that cannot really be explained until you play it.

So, I thank you Amazon, even if my wife doesn't as it has made her a PS3 Widow!!! :)
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on 7 February 2009
I've never reviewed a game before, but like so many other people I felt I had to review LBP. At first I was fairly sceptical about all the hype (LBP looked so childish and pointless at first) but since playing it I would now say it's probably one of my top 5 favourite games ever: as soon as you start playing the story levels you get a sense of how quirky and imaginative the creators of this game are, but the real shock comes when you go online: some of the levels created by the LBP community are frankly incredible, there's an infinite amount of creativity and imagination out there, and although it takes an hour or so to get to grips with the level creator, it's well worth it. I didn't believe the whole 'create anything' idea at first (most level editors are fairly limited on most games) but LBP's level creator literally allows you almost limitless fun: there are loads of awesome spoof levels (classic films, games etc) or some that are just pure platforming, and once you get going, it's so easy to get completely immersed in creating a level.

Overall I would give LBP:

Gameplay 8.5/10 (controls and movement aren't quite perfect but still great)
Graphics 9/10 (all the different textures and materials look great in HD)
Longevity/Playability: 11/10 (this will keep you and your mates amused for hours, it's a game that can make you laugh hysterically at times).

I would stress that even if you are a FPS/action fan like me, everyone can enjoy LBP: even people I know who hate games have enjoyed playing this, and FarCry 2 and Call of Duty have taken a back seat since I bought LBP. And for the price, it's a must buy for anyone who wants to find a game that is just FUN, with no pretentions.
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